Horse Chinese Horoscope 2017

Prospects for the Horse in 2017

Never one to make idle, the Horse generally fares well in the active Monkey year (8 February 2016–27 January 2017). In the closing months, he will set about his many activities with his customary verve and can look forward to some pleasing accomplishments. However, to be most effective he should avoid spreading his energies too widely.

At work, whether dealing with heavy workloads or challenging situations, many Horses can do their reputation a lot of good. In addition, some could be involved in a change of duties and will be keen to move to their new role. October and early November could bring important developments.

On a personal level, the Horse will find himself in demand, with an increasing number of social opportunities. Affairs of the heart are favourably aspects and Horses who are enjoying romance or who meet someone now will find this can add special meaning to the latter part of the year.

Domestically, too, there will be a lot to reflect upon and arrange. Where home purchases and gift-buying are concerned, the Horse can make some pleasing acquisitions, although when entering into agreements, he needs to check to check the small print. Horses, take note.

Overall, the Horse will have fitted a lot into the Monkey year and while there will have been pressures. His successes will have been richly deserved.

The Year of the Rooster begins on 28 January is able to be a challenging one for the Horse. Horses are independent-minded and like a certain freedom of action, while Rooster years favour structure. As a result, there will be instances where the Horse could feel hampered and some of his activities could prove problematic. However, by being aware of what is going on around him and adapting accordingly, he can still make steady progress.

At work, many Horses will have recently experienced changes in their role or will take on a new position as the Rooster year begins. For these Horses, this can be a very good year to establish themselves and learn about the different aspects of their industry. By immersing themselves in their situation, many will make this a more fulfilling time than might be the case. Working in close cooperation with colleagues and being an active member of any team will also help their reputation. All Horses, whether new to their position or established, should also take advantage of any training that is offered to them and keep up-to-date with advances in their field. This way, when opportunities arise, they will be better prepared to seize them.

The majority of Horses will remain with their present employer, but for those who are eager to move on, or seeking work. The Rooster year can have great significance. While finding a different position will not be easy, by widening their search and making plenty of enquiries (here their persistence can be telling), many of these Horses will secure a position which offers considerable change. Some adaptation will be required and the Rooster year can be demanding, but it will also give these Horses an excellent chance to prove themselves. What many take on this year can in fact be considered as the groundwork for future success. March, July, October and November could see encouraging developments.

Despite the fact that the Horse may enjoy a modest rise in income over the year, he will need in order to manage his finances carefully, particularly as he could have to repair or replace appliances as well as face additional expenses. As a result, he should keep a careful watch on spending and, where possible, make prompt provision for forthcoming expenses. Where large purchases are concerned, he also has to check the costs and implications. Without vigilance, problems can arise. Horses, take note and be thorough.

More positively, this is a good year for travel and the Horse should seek to make provision for a holiday as well as take advantage of any short breaks or weekends away. A change of scene can do him good and, with his thirst for adventure, often be fun too.

Regardless of the fact that he will have many demands on his time, recreational pursuits can also be a satisfying outlet for his ideas. If he feels that enrolling on a course, joining a local group or setting time aside for practice and study would be useful, he should so do. Focused effort can reward him well this year.

With his often demanding lifestyle, he should also give some consideration to his own well-being and, if he lacks regular exercise or his diet is poor, seek medical advice on ways to increase.

With his outgoing nature, the Horse enjoys company and will once again welcome opportunities to get out. However, while many will go well, petty jealousy, a disagreement or the awkward attitude of another person could be disappointing. There could be situations where the Horse feels let down this year. In tricky situations, he should proceed carefully, aim to address matters of concern and keep everything in perspective. And if certain friendships fall away, latest ones will surely replace it. Despite the cumbersome aspects, his social life can still bring some lively and enjoyable occasions, in May, June, August and October likely to see the most activity.

The Horse’s home life can be a very special part of his year. As the Rooster year starts, the Horse and his family members could find it helpful to discuss plans for the months ahead. Whether these are personal and family goals, individual hopes or home improvements, talking them through can result in a course of action. Rooster years favour planning and concerted effort. In addition, shared interests, individual successes and travel can all bring unique times. March and August are sentenced to see the most domestic activity. However, openness between family members is essential throughout the year, especially in view of the pressures and tribulations it may bring.

The Horse is a doer and always desirous to make the most of his situation. However, the Rooster year can be challenging for him. Some situations will be troubling, but by focusing on his situation and looking forward to building on his skills, he can prepare himself for the more substantial successes soon to come, especially in the following Dog year. This may be the easiest of years, but the determined Horse can gain skills and insights he can take forward. And he can also enjoy quality time with his loved ones as well as take pleasure in his interests and travels.

The Metal Horse

This will be a full year for the Metal Horse. Importantly, he will be able to build on recent achievements and make reasonable progress, but some developments could be problematic. While not a bad year, it will not continue to get straightforward.

One feature of the Metal Horse’s personality is his potent will. When he sets his mind to something, he is not one to change it. And while his resolve can often work in his favour, in the Rooster year he should avoid being intransigent. To make the most of definite situations and avoid some of the year’s trickier moments. He will have to be flexible. Metal Horses, take note.

At work on theMetal Horse could find himself having to adapt his role. Despite the fact that he may have misgivings about this, this is no longer a time to distance himself from what is going on or appear obtuse. In 2017, it will be a case of making the best use of the situations as they are.

And there will still be benefits to be undertaken had. Not only will many Metal Horses are given the opportunity to gain experience in another capacity, but they can also learn more about their line of work and so improve their prospects for later.

The majority of Metal Horses will remain with their present employer over the year, but for those who are discontented where they are, desirous to advance in other ways or seeking work, the Rooster year can have significant developments in store. In their quest, these Metal Horses should consider different ways of using their strengths. With some thought, and input from others, they could find themselves setting their career on a fresh path. In many cases, brighter prospects lie ahead, especially in the following Dog year. March, July and mid-September to early December could see key progresses.

To help their situation, all Metal Horses should take advantage of any training available to them as well as participate in their workplace. By being functioning they will benefit both their present situation and their future prospects.

Regardless of the fact that many Metal Horses will increase their income as well, this will be an expensive year. Some may be required to put down deposits and all will have existing commitments and be sharpened to make certain purchases. If plans have to be carried out, control will be required. This is no year to proceed on an ad hoe basis or succumb to too many unplanned purchases. Neither is it a time to be lax. Metal Horse should be meticulous with paperwork and if he takes on a new agreement, check the terms with care. Mistakes could prove costly and inconvenient.

While the Metal Horse will need to budget carefully, travel can bring him enormous pleasure and, even if not travelling too far in distance, he should seek to take a holiday during the year. If he needs to be able to combine his travelling with a singular event, he can make his time away all the more meaningful.

Personal interests can also reward him well. Various Metal Horses will feel on inspired form this year. They could also be encouraged by other enthusiasts or the possibilities of modern equipment. Metal Horse often has a deep interest in a particular area and this year he should allow himself the chance to enjoy and further his knowledge.

Socially, despite the fact that the Rooster year has its encouraging aspects, it also has its more cautionary ones. If the Metal Horse finds himself in a fraught situation or sees signs of impending difficulty, he needs to exercise care and ideally try to defuse the situation. Some issues could easily escalate and overshadow by the year. Metal Horse could also be troubled by a difference of opinion, a petty jealousy or a friend holding back in a moment of need. This is a year for awareness and, where necessary, an accommodating approach. Metal Horses, take note.

The Rooster year can, though, lead to some lively times and the Metal Horse will enjoy many of the year’s varied social occasions. For the unattached and those who may have had recent personal difficulties, someone special may appear at just the right time. Tricky though the Rooster year may be, it can bring pleasant surprises and in many ways has long-term significance. May, June, late July to early September and October could see the most communal activity.

Metal Horse’s home life will also be busy. Keen to make progress in improvements, he may throw himself into practical activities, and projects that are started early on in the year can often lead to others. Metal Horse may be kept occupied throughout the year, often sharing tasks with other people and enjoying himself in the process. Metal Horses who move will quickly make their new home their own.

While the practical Metal Horse will be on inspired form, he could confront complex matters at home. Whether these affect his or his partner’s work position, domestic finances or another aspect of his marital life, it is important that any concerns are talked through. Domestically, it is a year for sharing, planning and valuing quality time together.

In general, the Year of the Rooster will be a tiring and demanding one for the Metal Horse. At work, he may be under pressure and uneasy about developments taking place. However, by being ready to adopt (rather than resist), he can benefit. He will have to be careful in money matters, and if a disagreement arises over the year, tries to defuse the situation and keep matters in perspective. However, while Rooster years have their trickier aspects, the Metal Horse can often successfully steer his way round these and demonstrate his skills in the process. And importantly, what he learns now can prepare him for future success.

Tip for the Year

Be prepared to adapt and make the most of the opportunities that come your way, especially if they further your skills and knowledge. Rooster years can leave an important legacy. Also, enjoy time with your loved ones and agree with your thoughts with them.

The Water Horse

Water Horse has an enquiring mind and over the Rooster year he will involve himself in various satisfying pursuits. In addition, he can look forward to some special times in the company of others, regardless of the fact that, as with all years, there will be difficulties to address. Some will call for deft handling.

Water Horses born in 1942 will have plans they will be particularly keen to apply. Whether these relate to home improvements, solving a marital problem, making a strategic purchase or something else they want to do or see, they should discuss their thoughts with others. It is also important they are not too rigid in their thinking. Sometimes discussion can result in better alternatives to and/or once they begin to look at the choices available they can find alternatives which better meet their needs. As with all Horses this year, flexibility and attention to detail are advised.

Water Horse will particularly delight in some acquisitions for his home. He will also take pleasure in the projects that he and other household members undertake, and combined effort can make a real difference this year. In addition, many Water Horses will enjoy some of the activities that are planned in advance. These could include family occasions, visits to relations and revisiting favourite areas or places of interest.

The Water Horse will also take great interest in the activities of family members. Bonds he shares with grandchildren and great-grandchildren are often exceptional. However, while there will be occasions of joy, there could also be concerns. A relation could come under intense pressure as major decisions are called for and the Water Horse could be worried over a dear friend as well. The support he feels competent to give may be of more value than he may realize. In turn, he should not keep any of his private anxieties hidden. If he speaks of these, he can be capable of being helped. Water Horses, take note and do be forthcoming.

In money matters, the Water Horse will have to be vigilant. Some activities will involve considerable outlay and he is required to keep a check on his position, including any obligations he takes on. If he gets any doubts, he should get matters clarified before proceeding. He should also deal with financial correspondence carefully. Mistakes or delayed responses could take some time to rectify. Water Horses, take note.

As well as bureaucratic problems, Rooster years can bring difficulties concerning the attitude of another person. Here the Water Horse will have an obligation to deal with the situation as best he can rather than ignore it. Again, he should remember that support and advice are available.

Overall, though, the Rooster year will be a satisfying one for the senior Water Horse, especially in the way his plans evolve, and he will find that acting in combination with others will lead to some beneficial outcomes.

For the Water Horse born in 2002, the Rooster year will be a hectic one. In his education, he will have much material to meet, and while he will have his preferred subjects, there will be some which lead to anxiety. Here, though, his derogatory attitude can make a difference. By rising to challenges and not closing his mind to actual subjects, he can make significant strides.

Young Water Horse should also make the most of the opportunities available to him. Whether involving himself in extra activities at school or taking advantage of additional tuition, including recreational pursuits, if he participates in what is happening around him, he will often get more pleasure and value from the year.

He will also enjoy fun times with his numerous friends. However, friendships do evolve and differences in outlook or altered circumstances could cause a possible rift this year. As well as the good times, there could be some painful ones. All are part of life’s productive learning experience.

Throughout the year the young Water Horse will, however, have the support of many of those around him and whenever he is disturbed he should speak to others rather than worry alone. Pleasingly, problems will often be short-lived and not detract from the pleasures and achievements of the year.

For all Water Horses, whether born in 1942 or 2002, this will be a constructive year. It provides an opportunity to plan, take ideas forward and make the most of the present. As with all years, there will be difficulties to address, but these can be frequently overcome. This may be the easiest of years for the Water Horse, but he can accomplish a lot.

Tip for the Year

Be open-minded and receptive. By taking maximum advantage of what happens this year, you can take many of your ideas forward and enjoy some satisfying outcomes.

The Wood Horse

This will be an important year for the Wood Horse and as it starts he should give some thought to his hopes and objectives for it. something to strive for, he can make this a constructive time. However, while a lot can happen, throughout the year Wood Horse will need to be aware of what is happening around him and show some flexibility. He may be purposeful, but circumstances are apt to change and he is required to adapt accordingly.

At work, many Wood Horses will be content to be followed in their present role and focus on duties they know well. However, new procedures, management changes and other issues could all prove challenging. Some weeks will be particularly difficult, but the Wood Horse will be helped by his experience, and by keeping situations in opinion, he will be able to ride out the pressures and emerge much to his credit. When situations settle, there could also be the opportunity for him to undertake specific tasks, including perhaps mentoring junior colleagues.

There will, though, be some Wood Horses who are decided to look for something less stressful, more convenient and for hours that better suit their lifestyle. For these Wood Horses, as well as those currently seeking a position, the Rooster year can have momentous developments in store. Regardless of the fact that their quest will not be very easy, events can move in curious ways and chance plays a big part this year. Whenever Wood Horse scents an opportunity, he should be prompt to pursue it. What he takes on now could provide the opportunity he has been attempting for some time. A few Wood Horses may decide to go freelance, too, or start their own enterprise. Work-wise, this Rooster year is part of interesting possibilities. March, July, October and November could see significant advances.

For most of his activities in the Wood Horse will be well supported, regardless of the fact that he does need to be mindful of the views (and sensitivities) of his colleagues. If a disagreement does occur, he should not go to let it distract him from his duties. Rooster years can test the Wood Horse, but in the process highlight his numerous qualities.

Another area which will require care is financed. In view of the plans and purchases he is considering, the Wood Horse will need to keep a close watch on spending and make speedy provision for heavy outlays. Also, when attending to paperwork he will need to be thorough and check anything that is unclear. This is no year for risks or assumptions. If necessary, professional advice should be sought.

More positively, travel is favourably aspects and the Wood Horse should want to make provision for a holiday during the year. Development planning could see some exciting plans taking shape and long-held hopes being realized.

Despite the fact that busy, Wood Horse should also make sure recreational pursuits are not ignored. These can give him the chance to develop his ideas and use his talents in other ways, and he could become engrossed in a novel activity over the year. Here again he should be receptive to the year’s emerging possibilities.

In addition, he should give some consideration to his level of exercise and the quality of his diet. With advice, he could find positive changes making a tangible difference to how he feels.

With his amiable nature, the Wood Horse enjoys meeting others and will be tempted by countless social events this year. Some could prove unexpectedly significant, with friends offering helpful advice or information that is relevant to plans he is considering. May, June, August and October could be particularly enthusiastic months.

However, while much is set to go well, should be a trivial disagreement occur or the Wood Horse be concerned about the situation of another person, he should speak openly and, if appropriate, seek advice. Here instinct can be a helpful indicator.

Wood Horse’s home life will see interesting developments and it is important that there is effective communication when plans are being made. Whether making purchases, smartening up living areas, undertaking garden projects or making the most of what is happening locally, Wood Horse can enjoy seeing his projects take shape. Again, though, plans can be subject to change, especially as the Wood Horse becomes cognizant of better alternatives or has fresh ideas, and flexibility will be required.

There will also be family successes to celebrate and a loved one could enjoy, after much time and effort, a personal triumph. Short breaks and trips and a promising holiday will also do everyone good. March, August and December could see gratifying times in sundry a Wood Horse household.

Overall, the Year of the Rooster will be a hectic one for the Wood Horse, but with care and his customary resolve, he will be pleased with how many of his activities promote. At work there will increase pressures but also good opportunities. Travel and personal interests can be pleasing and in his home and social life the Wood Horse will enjoy sharing activities and be driven by the support of those around him. However, he will have to be vigilant in money matters and should try to defuse an awkward situation that arises over the year. If applicable, he should also obtain further advice. There can be exacting times in the Rooster year, but problems are provided to be dealt with and their resolution can highlight the Wood Horse’s qualities. This will be a demanding year for him, but it will also serve as one of stimulating and potentially significant opportunities.

Tip for the Year

Be aware of what is happening around you and adapt accordingly. Also, spend quality time with your loved ones and enjoy your personal interests. With good lifestyle balance and the desire to make the most of your opportunities, you can make satisfactory gains despite the sometimes cumbersome conditions.

The Fire Horse

The Horse character and the fire element are a powerful mix and the Fire Horse is a dynamic personality. In the Rooster year, he will set about his activities with typical resolve and gain often important results. Nonetheless, there is a big ‘but’. Fire Horse a guaranteed independence and can also be dogmatic. During 2017 he is required to exercise care, remembering it is the Rooster that rules the year and calls the tune.

Almost all areas of the Fire Horse’s life will see considerable activity but his work in particular will be hefty, as there will be scope for him to continue his career.

For Fire Horses who work in larger organizations, there could be an opening in a separate department or location, or the opportunity to become involved in a specific project. The Rooster year will encourage the Fire Horse to make more of himself, but adjustment will be required, and for some, getting away from familiar roles.

Fire Horses seeking work should widen their search as well as keep themselves informed of developments in their area. The arrival of a different employer or expansion of an existing one could lead to further opportunities. March, July and mid-September to November could see key developments.

Throughout the year, the Fire Horse is also expected involve himself in his place of work. By liaising well with his colleagues and raising his profile, he can help both of his present situation and his future prospects. However, while the aspects are encouraging, there could be tough moments. Delays, systems failure or an awkward colleague could all be disturbing, and when faced with difficulties, the Fire Horse needs to remain focused and aim to resolve the problem as quickly as he can. Rooster years can be knotty, but it tends to be the surmounting of difficulties that reputations are made.

Progress at work will reward many Fire Horses financially, but Rooster years can be costly ones and the Fire Horse will need to keep a careful watch on his spending. To succumb to too many unplanned purchases could curtail other activities later on. Also, when making large purchases or entering into supplementary agreements he should check the terms and implications. This is no year for risk or rush.

With his enquiring nature, the Fire Horse enjoys a wide range of interests and could be trying to take up something new this year. This could be a continuation of an existing interest or something a friend is fervent about.

Travel is also favourably aspects and all Fire Horses should be intended to go away at some time during the year. There could also serve as a lot happening in their locality and if anything appeals to the Fire Horse, or is suggested by a loved one. He should follow up up.

He will also welcome the social opportunities of the year, including a unique occasion involving someone close to him. He may help with the arrangements and his imaginative input will be appreciated. In turn, he himself will value the support of his intimate friends when making decisions and should listen to their words. This is not the time to close his mind to what could be supportive advice. May, June, August and October could see considerable social activity. However, while a lot is placed it goes well, many Fire Horses could also find themselves involved in an irritating matter. At such times, Fire Horse should proceed tactfully and aim to defuse any tension. His judgement can serve him well.

His home life will see considerable activity. Here pooling ideas and combining talents can lead to satisfying outcomes, including home improvements that benefit all concerned. This is a year favouring collective effort. There will also be some domestic highlights, including celebrating achievements, travelling and enjoying some of the more spontaneous occasions that arise. The Rooster year is in a position to surprises. Throughout, Fire Horse’s attentiveness will be appreciated and add a great deal to his home life. March, August and December could be harried and special months.

At the end of the year, the Fire Horse may look back over the last 12 months and be astonished at all he has managed to do. The year may have demanded a lot of his skills and fortitude, and he will have needed to be mindful and nimble-footed, but he can emerge from it with some clever and often far-reaching gains to his credit.
Tip for the Year

Put in the effort and rise to the challenges – and opportunities – of the year. Situations may not always be straightforward, but in dealing with you can demonstrate your personal strengths and learn new skills. Your successes this year will be hard won but richly deserved.

The Earth Horse

There is a Chinese proverb which the Earth Horse would point out this year: ‘Slow and steady wins the race.’ With thorough planning and steady effort, he can achieve a great deal and sow the seeds for later success. This may be the smoothest of years, but it can have far-reaching significance.

One key feature of the Rooster year is that it favours planning, and as it starts, the Earth Horse should reckon his objectives for the months ahead. By having some aims in mind, he will be more alert to opportunities as well as to timely developments. Serendipity can be a serviceable friend this year.

At work, many Earth Horses will decide to concentrate on their current role and the duties they know well. For those who have experienced a recent change, this is an ideal time to become increasingly established in their role and involve themselves in their workplace. With commitment, they can greatly enhance their fame.

However, while the aspects are encouraging, there will be challenging times as well. Problems, disagreements and thorny issues will make some weeks difficult and patience and resourcefulness will be required. Skills of various Earth Horses will be tested, but in the process they can gain experience they can build on in the future.

For Earth Horses who are not fulfilled where they are, as well as those seeking work, the Rooster year can mark an important stage in their career. By considering their strengths and how best they can be used, these Earth Horses can become aware of positions which would suit them well. Training and refresher courses could be required, but by keeping alert and pursuing openings that interest them, many of these Earth Horses will get that all-important foothold in a new company or industry. March, July and mid-September to early December could see encouraging developments.

Regardless of the fact that development made at work will bring an increase in income, financial matters require care this year. Spending needs to be watched and immediate provision made for upcoming expenses. With larger purchases, the Earth Horse should consider his options with care. The more time he allows, the more satisfactory his decisions will be. He needs to be meticulous when attending to paperwork and to keep receipts, guarantees and documents safe. Mislaying a document could be to his disadvantage. Earth Horses, take note.

More positively, with travel well expected, the Earth Horse should aim to take a holiday during the year. Short breaks and special events could also appeal to him. The initial summer could see fine travel possibilities.

Earth Horse should also set some time aside for his personal interests. These cannot only be good ways for him to relax – which is important given his demanding lifestyle – but also develop in different ways this year. For the inquisitive and keen Earth Horse, these can be inspiring times.

Some of the Earth Horse’s interests can also have a beneficial social element. Existing friends and work changes can also extend his contacts this year and he is set to impress many diverse people. May, June, August and October could see the most shared activity.

For unattached Earth Horses, a chance meeting can add excitement to their year, despite the fact that relationships should be built up steadily rather than rushed. The Rooster year can also set traps for the unwary. A faux pas, misunderstanding or lack of attentiveness on the Earth Horse’s part could result in tensions, and if he detects any awkward undercurrents in a relationship, he needs to proceed carefully. To neglect them could be to exacerbate them. Earth Horses, take note.

Earth Horse’s home life will see considerable decision-making taking place, perhaps involving his own or his partner’s work situation or the educational options open to younger relations. To help, Earth Horse should speak openly about his preferences and any reservations. With exceptional communication, important decisions can be taken much more easily.

Earth Horse will also be eager to move forward with certain home projects, and here again, if he shares his thoughts and allows time, a lot can happen. Domestically, this can be a gratifying year and one marked by notable personal achievements. March and August could be particularly lively months.

In general, the Year of the Rooster can be a constructive one for the Earth Horse. By concentrating on his objectives and adapting to circumstances, he can further his knowledge and help his future prospects. Personal interests, too, can develop well. Money matters require care, however, and the Earth Horse needs to be attentive in his relations with others. Uncharacteristic slips or lapses can undermine his position. However, travel, social occasions and an active home life can bring him considerable pleasure and be especially noteworthy in light of some of the year’s pressures. ‘Slow and steady wins the race’ and the Earth Horse will advance steadily this year and work towards the opportunities that lie ahead.

Tip for the Year

Take advantage of any training and/or extra chances to extend your skills. By getting involved in yourself, you will be opening up significant possibilities for the future. Also, keep your lifestyle in balance and preserve time for the things you enjoy. You deserve some ‘me time’ this year.

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