Ox Chinese Horoscope 2017

Prospects for the Ox in 2017

The Year of the Monkey (8 February 2016–27 January 2017) is invariably fast paced and some of its developments will have worried the Ox, who wishes to move forward in a measured fashion. However, despite the pressures, for the most part, he will have fared well.

There will be little let-up in activity in the closing months of the Monkey year. At work, Ox could face a growing workload with challenging objectives to meet as well as other matters to cope with. These can be exacting times, but the Ox is tenacious and can add to his reputation. September and November can be important months, including promotion or possible new openings.

There will also serve as an increasing number of social occasions towards the end of the year, including the chance to meet some people in the Ox has not seen for a while. In addition, a friend could impart some shocking news. By taking up his invitations, the Ox can enjoy many convivial times.

He will also be keen to make some definite purchases, and by taking a moment to consider his options, will be pleased with what he acquires.

Domestically, there will be several ideas he is keen to implement and it is essential, he talks these through with those around him. Discussion can lead to a lot of happening and shared activities result in satisfying outcomes. December will be particularly full month in numerous an Ox household, with travel possibilities and impromptu family occasions.
The Year of the Rooster starts on 28 January is able to be an encouraging one for the Ox. Like the Ox, the Rooster favours planning and consistency, and the Ox will find the Rooster year gives him the chance to put his strengths to more effective use. However, while various aspects are positive, the Rooster year also has its more cautionary elements, and in particular the Ox should be wary of taking people and situations at face value. Without care, there is a danger he could be misled. Extra alertness would be wise this year.

Another notable feature of the year is that the Ox will often feel the time, is right for change and will act on plans he has been considering for some time. These could include taking on fresh challenges at work, taking up a new interest or moving house. Once the Ox has an idea in mind, he is willing to go see through, and the Rooster year is very much one for action.

At work, many Oxen will have been giving some thought to their situation, especially in the light of recent advances. For those who are dissatisfied or think themselves in a rut, this is a year to take steps. Some may be tempted by a complete career change, but whatever the Ox decides to do, by keeping alert for openings and seeking advice, he could find a position that better suits his skills as well as offers potential for future growth. Oxen do not embark on change lightly, but work-wise this year favours progress.

For Oxen who decide to continue with their existing employer, again the Rooster year can bring significant opportunities. Innovative initiatives could need staffing or staff movements open up positions with greater responsibility. Here many of the Oxen’s proven skills will give them the opportunity to be taken their career to a new level. The Ox is quietly ambitious and the Rooster year will reward his commitment.

The prospects are also encouraging for Oxen currently seeking work. By expanding the scope of their search, quite a few could secure a position which provides a refreshing challenge. Although there will be a lot to be learned, the Rooster year can re-energize the career of many Oxen. April, June, September and October could see interesting possibilities, despite the fact that whenever the Ox sees an opening that appeals to him, he should pursue it.

However, while the aspects are encouraging, the Ox still is required to exercise care. During the year an issue with a colleague could concern him, and if he senses a probable difficulty, he needs to be wary and discreet and remain focused on what he has something to do. Similarly, if he has doubts over any matter, he should check the situation himself. By being vigilant, he can steer himself rounds many of the obstacles and niggling matters that may arise this year.

This need for care is also applicable to financial matters. When making major transactions or, entering into agreements. The Ox needs to check the costs and implications and seek professional advice if necessary. If he lends to another person, again he needs to be careful. Verbal agreements in particular may lead to later difficulty. Oxen, take note and remain vigilant.

More positively, Ox’s personal interests can develop in encouraging ways this year. Some Oxen will take up new interests and welcome the challenge this brings, while for those who would want to meet others, a narrow interest group might prove ideal. In addition, some will be affordable to make lifestyle changes, perhaps starting an exercise discipline, improving their diet or allowing more time for recreation. This may not only help their lifestyle balance but also do them a lot of personal good.

The Rooster year can also give rise to some pleasing social occasions. May, June, August and September could be lively months, and Oxen who keep themselves to themselves will find it worth making the effort to go out more. Again, by broadening their lifestyle, they can enjoy good times and other benefits.

Oxen who are enjoying romance or who find love this year will, in true Ox fashion, like to take this steadily. For some, a relationship started now can become a permanent one. The Rooster year does have long-term significance.

The Ox’s home life is also set to enjoy constructive advances. A small number of Oxen will move and enjoy settling into their new area. However, almost all Oxen will enjoy carrying out home improvements, with the Ox’s practical nature once again coming to the fore. Redecorating, rearranging rooms and replacing equipment will be on the agenda of many an Ox, despite the fact that, despite early planning, time scales may need to be kept elastic and some projects may prove more extensive (and costly) than anticipated.

The Ox will also delight in arranging some family occasions this year. July and September could be marked by some pleasing times, with the Ox often the driving force behind trips out and a possible holiday. Quality time with his loved ones will be an important part of his year.

Overall, the Year of the Rooster will be a full and satisfying one for the Ox. It is a period for carrying out plans and the Ox should look to promote his ideas both professionally and personally. Some attention to his lifestyle can be of benefit and he needs to remain remain his thorough self, especially with finances, and tread carefully during times of uncertainty. However, he can look forward to receiving receiving a variety of pleasing social occasions and a busy and satisfying domestic life. Generally, the Rooster year will suit him well, and with a commitment, he can make satisfactory progress.

The Metal Ox

The Metal Ox possesses great resolve and wishes to proceed in a measured manner. Never one to rush decisions, he is assiduous and an astute planner. And his approach can reward him well this year. He can look forward to receiving making fair headway and seeing many of his plans come to fruition.

His work in particular can benefit from explicit progresses. Some Metal Oxen will see ideas they have nurtured or projects they have worked on gaining momentum and their skills coming into their own. Impressive results can be secured this year and many Metal Oxen will feel more energized than they have for some time. As a result of current developments, many will be given the opportunity to take on greater responsibilities and further their career. This is a year when the Metal Ox can make his strengths really count.

There will, though, be some Metal Oxen who will feel they have accomplished all they can in their present capacity and who would welcome a fresh challenge. For these Metal Oxen, as well as those seeking work, the Rooster year can see encouraging advances. By making enquiries and talking to others, many could be alerted to new openings, including a different but attractive position. It will take a long time, but the Metal Ox’s tenacity will often enable him to secure the chance to prove himself in different ways. April, June and September to mid-November could be momentous months.

Regardless of the fact that the Metal Ox enjoys constructive relations with many of his colleagues, there could, though, be a possible rivalry, difference of opinion or personality clash this year. Should this arise, the Metal Ox should not let it distract him from what has to be done? If he can directly address and defuse the issue, so much the better. Throughout the Rooster year, he has to be alert to possible difficulties and keep them in perspective.

Another area which requires care is financed. When making large purchases or, entering into agreements. The Metal Ox needs to check the terms and implications and be chary of accepting all that he is told at face value. Without care, he could be misled. Similarly, if he lends to another person, it needs to be handled properly. This need for care also applies to financial paperwork. This is no year for risk.

In view of his hectic lifestyle, the Metal Ox may give some consideration to his well-being this year. Setting some time aside for himself and perhaps starting an appropriate exercise discipline will be useful.

Assorted Metal Oxen will also be keen to build on certain interests, perhaps making more of their ideas, developing their skills or attending gatherings. Both professionally and recreationally, the year offers considerable scope.

Where possible, the Metal Ox should also take advantage of any chances to travel. While he is an ardent planner, some trips could be arranged at short notice.

The Metal Ox likes to keep his social circle relatively small, and it will be some friends he has been recognized for many decades. During the year, a close friend could confront a problem and help of the Metal Ox is able to give may be of more consequence than he may realize. He, too, will welcome the support friends will offer and the chance to seek their opinion on ideas he is thinking.

For Metal Oxen who would welcome more company and/or romance, the Rooster year has excellent possibilities. However, to benefit, these Metal Oxen should be intended to go out more, including joining classes or activity groups in their area. As many will find, once affirmative action is taken, encouraging advances can quickly follow on. May, June, August and September will see particularly effective social opportunities.

Metal Ox’s conjugal life will also see much activity. Existing arrangements may have to be altered and adjustments made, perhaps as another family member comes out of the household or work routines change. As ever, the Metal Ox will be earnest to do his best for all concerned. Shared times will also be an important part of the year and can be to the benefit of all. July and September could be active and pleasing months domestically and could bring travel opportunities as well.

In general, the Year of the Rooster will be a constructive one for the Metal Ox and will allow him to make more of his strengths. Both his work prospects and personal interests are favourably aspects and by setting about his objectives in his usual determined way. He can enjoy some deserved success. He will need to be prudent in financial matters and attentive to potential differences of opinion, particularly with a colleague. However, he is inherently care and throughout the year he will take pleasure in much that this interesting year makes possible.
Tip for the Year
Ask for your knowledge and experience well. They count for a great deal. Build on them and put yourself forward. That way, significant opportunities can think belongs to you.

The Water Ox

A hallmark of the Ox’s character is his determination and this is very evident in the Water Ox. When he sets his mind to a definite purpose, he works tirelessly to attain his aim. Over the years, he will have enjoyed many fine achievements and in the Rooster year he will continue to achieve progress as well as reap some often substantial rewards, particularly from contemporary efforts.

In his work, the aspects are particularly favourable. Having proved himself in diverse capacities and showed himself to be dependable. The Water Ox may well be invited to extend his duties and be excellently placed when promotion opportunities arise. This is quite a year to take advantage of his achievements and advance.

The majority of Water Oxen will make significant strides with their present employer, but for those who are seeking a move, the year can bring meaningful opportunities. By talking to their contacts (which can be significant) and keeping alert for openings, these Water Oxen can secure a position which takes their career to a new level.

Those seeking work should also actively make enquiries and be swift to keep track opportunities. Regardless of the fact that the job-seeking process is rarely easy, by having faith in themselves, many will find an opening which gives them a new challenge and a sense of purpose. April, June and September to mid-November could be crucial months for work progresses.

However, while the Water Ox can do his prospects a lot of safe, he could find office politics or the attitude of a colleague troubling. Care and discretion are advised. Also, the Water Ox should not let himself distract attention from his objectives. All year have their challenging aspects and this one will be no system exception. Water Oxen, take note.

Finance also requires care. During the year numerous Water Oxen will have additional accommodation costs as well as assume new commitments. In all cases, the Water Ox needs to check his obligations and question anything that is unclear. Money matters cannot be assigned to chance this year. Important paperwork also requires meticulous attention. The Water Ox may find it helpful to keep a set of accounts so he can keep better track of his position.

While the pressures on the Water Ox’s budget can be considerable, if possible he should make allowance for a possible holiday. Even if not travelling too far, he will discover that a change of scene can do him a lot of good and offer some interesting new experiences.

It is also vital that he does not let his interests and recreational pursuits fall away. These cannot only be an outlet for certain talents but also bring balance to his lifestyle, including giving him the chance of additional exercise or social contact.
The Water Ox will be selective in his socializing this year, but he should be denied himself the chance to enjoy occasions that appeal to him. In addition, he will appreciate having a look at his friends and sharing news as well as support. For Water Oxen who are feeling lonely and/or have had a lively personal upset, pursuing their interests can often lead to meeting someone new and potentially significant. May, June and August to early October could see the most communal activity.

Water Ox’s home life will be hectic, and with commitments, changing work patterns and close relations facing keynote decisions, the pressures may be considerable. Being conscientious, the Water Ox will be desirous to see everything go well. His disciplined way will help and he may well take pride in numerous family achievements over the year as well as offer valuable guidance (including to more senior relations). Shared family activities can be especially gratifying. July and September will be active months in numerous a Water Ox household, and for a few there could be prospects of a move. These can be harried and sometimes exciting times.

The Year of the Rooster is part of unlimited opportunity for the Water Ox. With his skills, resolve and experience, he can secure an important ongoing role and use his strengths to advantage. Care is needed in fiscal matters, and many demands on his time, he needs to focus on priorities and make sure his lifestyle stays in balance. Recreational pursuits and quality time with those who are special to him can help. Overall, an active and rewarding year.
Tip for the Year
Make more of your strengths, for that is where your greatest successes are likely to come from, especially work-wise. Seize any chances to widen your experience. Also, devote time to your loved ones and to enjoy the pleasures this fulfilling year will bring.

The Wood Ox

In recent years, the Wood Ox may have felt buffeted by events which had not always been under his control. Certain hopes may have felt elusive and circumstances frustrating. However, in the Rooster year, a lot will move in his favour and his previous efforts and patience will be granted. Virtually all areas of his life can enjoy positive advances.

Over the year, quite a rare Wood Oxen will be giving some thought to their accommodation. The hopes of many of those wanting to get on the property ladder and/or move elsewhere will now be realized and those who remain where they are will also be likely to make noticeable improvements to their home.

However, while a lot can be accomplished, where finance is concerned, the Wood Ox will have to be vigilant. Terms of monetary agreements should be checked and professional advice obtained. Also, should be the Wood Ox lend to another person or be tempted by a speculative venture. Care is needed. This ceases to be a year for risk or assumptions.

The Rooster year can, though, bring some personal highlights. For Wood Oxen with a partner, shared undertakings can be especially meaningful. Those who are parents will often delight in encouraging their children to master new feats and there will be some fantastic moments to share.

In view of the Wood Ox’s commitments, it is, though, important that he remains well organized and, if concerned by any matter, forthcoming. Some Wood Oxen have a tendency to keep their thoughts to themselves, but in this momentous year effective communication will be helpful in addressing issues and furthering plans. Wood Oxen who have a reputation for being ‘strong and silent’, do keep this in mind.

For Wood Oxen who are alone and have perhaps had some peculiar turbulence in their life of late, the Rooster year can again offer positive change. Developments can be helped by the Wood Ox’s own desire to move on and not let unsatisfactory situations linger. Wood Oxen who desire additional friends, romance or greater fulfilment in their life will find that interests they pursue (or start) over the year can have a decent social element. Affairs of the heart are favourably aspects and Wood Oxen who have been heavily involved in their work at the expense of their personal life should be aimed to address this. Actions taken now can make a real difference. May, June and mid-July to early October could be socially active months.

Wood Ox’s personal interests can also develop in inspiring ways and those who have ambitions to make more of a certain skill or special knowledge should look to take this forward, including promoting what they do.

All Wood Oxen should set aside time for recreation and ensure they take regular and appropriate exercise. With their often demanding lifestyle, they take time to unwind and enjoy themselves.

At work, many Wood Oxen will have added considerably to their experience in recent years, particularly with changes to their role. However, the Wood Ox is ambitious and knows he is capable of contributing far more. As a result, when openings arise in his present place of work or he sees a position offering growth elsewhere, he should put himself forward. Once he indicates his desire to progress, encouraging developments can often follow on. Some senior personnel may also assist. This is rather a year for the Wood Ox to build on his experience and move forward.

For Wood Oxen desirous to take their work in a different direction or seeking a position, again the Rooster year can open up fresh possibilities. By considering different ways in which they could utilize their skills, making enquiries and approaching employers and organizations, these Wood Oxen can gather useful information and be alerted to openings to pursue. Again, once the Wood Ox takes purposeful action, he will put in place advances that can be potentially significant. April, June and late August to early November could see encouraging developments, but throughout the year the Wood Ox should seize his opportunities.

Despite the fact that his work prospects are favourably aspects, he could, however, be troubled by the attitude of a colleague or find himself in a fraught situation. At such times, he should be designed to keep the matter in perspective and not let it distract him from his duties. Every year brings its challenges and it is by meeting and overcoming them that the Wood Ox can show his qualities and potential.

Overall, the Rooster year can be a constructive one for the determined Wood Ox. In his personal life, plans (including for his accommodation) can often be successfully advanced and there will be special times to share with his friends and loved ones. For Wood Oxen who are alone, new friendships and possible romance can add sparkle to their life. Personal interests, too, can improve in an inspiring manner. The Rooster year also offers considerable scope for the Wood Ox’s work prospects and will enable him to build on his experience and further his career. The accent this year is on growth and the Wood Ox can enjoy some well-deserved success.

Tip for the Year

Keep your lifestyle in balance and allow time to enjoy the rewards you work so hard for. Also, value your loved ones and close friends. They can benefit you in so many ways.

The Fire Ox

This year marks the beginning of a new decade in the Fire Ox’s life, and as he enters his twenties, he will have hopes and plans he is zealous to realize. And a lot will go in his favour, albeit in sometimes startling ways.
Regardless of the fact that the Fire Ox may have firm ideas about what he would be in love with, he should not regard these as set in stone. The Rooster year can bring surprises and there will be new possibilities to consider. To benefit, the Fire Ox needs to be open-minded and make the best use of situations as they arise.

His personal life will be especially busy. There will be fun times to be done had with his friends and as a result of a change in circumstances (and sometimes location). There will be the opportunity to extend his social circle as well.

For many Fire Oxen, affairs of the heart will add considerable excitement to the year, with a chance meeting proving significant. Some romances are really set to blossom this year, and if others flounder, latest ones will await. A lot will happen for a reason this year and will work out to the Fire Ox’s longer-term benefit.

Fire Oxen who prefer to keep themselves to themselves may be discriminatory in their socializing this year, but they should just try to miss out on the activities and social opportunities available to them. By participating, they will get much more from the year as well as add variety to their lifestyle. Reserved Fire Ox, take note and attempt to engage more this year. It will be well worth it. Late April to the end of June and August and September could see the most communal activity.

Throughout the year the Fire Ox can also derive considerable satisfaction from improving his personal interests, especially any that are creative. He could receive invaluable encouragement from joining other enthusiasts and, if appropriate, getting instruction and additional equipment. The Fire Ox has a curious streak to his nature and the Rooster year will provide him with new experiences to take advantage of.

For Fire Oxen in education this can be an illuminating year. As they study subjects in greater depth, many will enjoy extending their skills and knowledge. They will be challenged, but, as they recognize, this is the way to explore and prove to themselves (and others) what they can do. Any Fire Oxen who have doubts about their current course or subject will find that by seeking advice they could be alerted to suitable alternatives. This is no year to close their mind to other options.

For Fire Oxen of work, the Rooster year is again one for exploring possibilities. Once they have proved their reliability and mastered what is needed in their current position, these Fire Oxen should look to development, either where they are or elsewhere. Those who decide to switch the employer may find an entry into a different type of work with the potential for future progress.
Fire Oxen seeking work should also keep alert for openings. For some, taking a course could lead to a position or they could learn of an appealing type of work in another way. By being an active participant in the job-seeking process, they will display their initiative and may secure that all-important rang on the employment ladder. Considerable effort will be required,

Nonetheless, the Fire Ox’s tenaciousness will often win through. April, June and September to mid-November could see curious advances.

With socializing, personal interests and other commitments, the Fire Ox will need to keep a tight watch on his spending, however, and just try to remain within his budget. If entering into supplementary agreements, tempted by a speculative venture or lending to another person, he should also exercise caution. There is a risk he could be misled. He should also safeguard valuable property. A loss could be upsetting.

Regardless of the fact that his resources may be limited, the Fire Ox will have the opportunity to travel this year as well as attend some lively events. Last-minute offers or spur of the moment chances to go away could be a lot appreciated.

Various Fire Oxen will mark their twentieth birthday in fine style, with close friends and loved ones springing some surprises. Someone close may also take this opportunity to give the young Fire Ox advice. This may be astonishing, but the words will be spoken with his best interests in mind.

Throughout the year, it is important that the Fire Ox remembers he does have people ready to support him and their input is capable of making a difference to his contemporary undertakings. Fire Oxen, take note and do be receptive.

Overall, the Year of the Rooster will be an often extraordinary one for the Fire Ox. There will be challenges and doubts to overcome, but the Fire Ox knows he has it within him to achieve a great deal and his self-belief and resolve will take him forward. Both educationally and at work this can be an inspiring year. Fire Ox’s personal interests and social life can also bring him immense pleasure, with new friendships being formed and opportunities opening up. The Rooster year is rich in possibility and will offer the Fire Ox the chance to move ahead and, importantly, prove himself in innovative ways.

Tip for the Year

Many of your activities and decisions now will shape what lies ahead for you. Use this year well. It can provide a significant platform for subsequent growth.

The Earth Ox

This will be a gratifying year for the Earth Ox, particularly as definite plans can now move forward. Rooster years favour organization and this suits the Earth Ox’s temperament well. A further benefit will be that circumstances will often help. The Earth Ox will have a lot in his favour this year and his efforts will be well rewarded.

Accommodation matters will feature prominently, with some Earth Oxen deciding to move to somewhere which better suits their needs. Despite the fact that this will involve a great upheaval, these Earth Oxen will be pleased with the benefits gained. All Earth Oxen, irrespective of whether they move or remain where they are, will be tiring themselves with home projects, and whether declutching, updating equipment or adding new comforts, they can accomplish a great deal. In addition, those who have gardens will again take pleasure in tending to their land, trying out novel stock and enjoying, the results.

The Earth Ox will also be glad of the input of family members in his numerous undertakings. Often others will have expertise which can be useful. And sharing tasks can generate a powerful synergy.

Regardless of the fact that the year will see much practical activity, there will also be numerous social occasions to look forward to. The Earth Ox will often be tempted by events happening locally. By building on these, he can enjoy some pleasant times. The Rooster year can be marked by some sprightly occasions.

Earth Oxen who are alone and perhaps feeling dispirited should aim to involve themselves in the activities that are available to them. By moving closer, they can inject new meaning into their life.

All Earth Oxen will also appreciate the chance to share news and interests with their friends. Many of these will arise out of long standing and the Earth Ox will value their opinions. Mid-April to the end of June and August and September are liable to see the most societal activity.

Many Earth Oxen will also be responsive to travel this year and by planning ahead could enjoy the chance to see places which have long appealed to them. There could be some spur of the moment trips to, perhaps due to late availability or a sudden invitation, and the Earth Ox should be intended to make the most of what arises.

As always, he will go get a keen interest in the activities of loving family members and will offer advice when decisions are in the offing. He could also be thrilled by the achievements of a relative and admire the effort they have brought into. Tenacity runs in the Earth Ox’s family. July and September could see pleasing domestic developments and the latter part of the year could also be marked by the culmination of key projects.

The Earth Ox has a happy knack of using his time well and the Rooster year will be not any exception. When not occupied with other matters, he will delight in his personal interests. There will be ideas to pursue. Different activities to try and sometimes equipment to master. The Earth Ox’s enquiring nature will be well satisfied this year.

Regardless of the fact that many Earth Oxen will prefer to concentrate on existing interests, those keen on a new challenge or striving to add a new element to their lifestyle would do well to investigate courses available in their area or contact social groups.

A priority of many Earth Oxen this year will be off to attend to their well-being. This could include making dietary modifications as well as starting suitable exercise programmes. With advice on the best way to make progress, the Earth Ox will often be pleased with the difference his new regime makes to his life.

Regardless of the fact that a lot can go well, the Rooster year does, however, have its more awkward elements. Fiscal matters in particular require careful attention. Official forms need close and prompt attention, and if anything is unclear, questions should be asked and advice obtained. This also applies to more major transactions. Earth Oxen who move should keep watch on costs and obligations. And it would be prudent for all Earth Oxen to be on their guard this year. there is a risk they could be misled or fall victim to a scam. Earth Oxen, take note and remain alert.

In general, though, the Year of the Rooster can be a gratifying one for the Earth Ox. Keen to carry out his plans, he will be busy himself in sundry activities, often with beneficial results. In his home, this can be a year for extensive improvements and even a promising move. With joint effort and good co-operation, many homes can now be realized. Personal interests can also prove satisfying, and the more the Earth Ox involves himself in what is happening around him. The more stimulating his year can be. He has to be cautious in money matters and avoid risk. However, determination and thoroughness are fundamental traits of the Earth Ox and they will often carry him through to a favourable outcome.

Tip for the Year

Pace yourself. Rushing or acting before you are inclined could bring anxiety and pressure. Also, draw on the readiness of others to assist and seek professional advice on important matters, especially those connected with finance. With appropriate support, you can take this a successful and personally satisfying year.

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