Taurus Love Horoscope 2017

Both 2015 (the latter part) and 2016 were good love years. Many of you have married or entered into solemn kinds of relationships. Socially things have been quiet since last September, with no major developments in one way or another. This too serves as a signal. There is basic contentment here. This is a good illustration until October 10. But after that Jupiter enters into your 7th house of love and marriage – heating up and expanding the love life.

Those of you involved in an existing relationship might be taken in order to take it a step further and tie the knot. Those of you still unattached will start meeting ‘marriage material’ – people you would be married to. There will be numerous opportunities for meaningful relationships. The love life will bloom well into next year as well.

Pluto, the generic rules of sex, is your lovely planet. Jupiter, the actual ruler of sex in your chart will be in your 7th house. Need we have a clearer message? Sexual magnetism seems the most important thing to you. This is the only time allurement. Wealth doesn’t hurt, but seems secondary to that. Safe sex will cover many sins in a relationship or marriage, and problems here could threaten the relationship. If problems are raised in the marriage or relationship, this area is what will need fixing.

Love sex alone, no matter how proficient, is not enough just to make a marriage work. Even the best of sexual chemistries will be a life span of about a year. Then they go to have a bit jaded. Other compatibilities need to be there.

Pluto, your love planet, is in your 9th house of religion and philosophy and of Jupiter (the occupant of your 7th house) is the generic rules of these things. So, the Horoscope is meaning that you need a suitable philosophical compatibility. It doesn’t mean that you have to agree on every point, but it’s important that you share a similar outlook on life, the same religious values, the analogous feelings of what life is all about – its meaning and purpose.

There is an old saying: ‘people who pray together, stay together’. This is applied in your case. Problems in a relationship can be transported through in this way. It would be good to take exotic trips together or take classes together as a couple. The philosophical harmony – the harmony of the Higher Mental bodies – needs to be strengthened.

This strong 9th house connection in love shows extra things as well. Overseas countries are likely venues for romantic meetings. So happens to your place of worship or college. Religious or educational functions and gatherings bring romantic opportunity. People in your place of worship seem eager to make introductions.

Often with these kinds of aspects one falls on in love with the pastor, minister or professor. There is just an attraction for highly educated people – mentor types. You like people you can learn from.

If you are now working on your main or second marriage, there is love this year and marriage opportunity. If you are now working on your third marriage, your prospects improve after December 21. Ensuing year – 2018 – will bring marriage opportunities.

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