Cancer Love Horoscope 2017

Pluto, as we said earlier, has been in your 7th house of love for many years now, are capable of being there for many more to come. Thus a cosmic detaining takes place in the love life (and the social life in general). This is seldom a pleasant experience. Anyone who has undergone a physical detox will show you how shocked they are to the kind of crud that was lurking in the body. The same is quite true socially. These negative habits, tendencies, impurities, false beliefs and concepts need to be purged in order for you to have the ideal marriage or love life. So it is best to cooperate with the process. All the love experiences that you’ve been having are purgative in nature. They bring up what doesn’t belong there so it can be taken from the social ‘ body’. There include those in your social circle who also don’t belong there. These two get purged.

Many a friendship or marriage has been declining the tubes in recent years. And even those that have survived have had countless dramas – surgery or near-death kinds of experiences. In some cases it was not ‘near death’ but actual. Either a spouse or friend, or both. Often a friendship or marriage gets tested not because of the actual relationship, but owing to the trials and tribulations the individuals are passing through.

Pluto is the ruler of your 5th house of fun and creativity. So perhaps – especially in the case of singles – you haven’t wanted anything too serious in the way of relationships. You only wanted love affairs – fun kinds of relationships. In the case of those of you who are married, infidelity could have been a major issue.

Your love planet, Saturn, has been in your 6th house of health and work for the past two years, are capable of being kept for almost all of the year ahead as well. Perhaps your job hasn’t been the most pleasurable, but there have been compensating benefits. It has helped your shared life. In many cases, there have been office romances with co-workers. In many cases, you have made new friends there. A lot of your socializing have happened at the work place.

This alignment also indicates an attraction towards doctors and health professionals, or with people involved in your health. For singles, a visit to the therapist can be much more than that.

The love planet in the 6th house is not the right test aspect for romance, however. It can give too critical an attitude. It provides a desire for perfection. There’s nothing wrong with this, but you need to go it in the right way. Don’t be like the doctor looking for pathology, analysing every little nuance and imperfection. Watch your mind on the good things. If there are imperfections they will arise in due course – very naturally – and that will be time to deal with them. Don’t just want to get as well proactive about this. Your very analytical attitude is itself the obstruction of romance. Avoid destructive criticism like the plague. Nothing is quicker to kill a relationship than this. Maintain the criticism constructive – and even here watches the timing of it.

Saturn will change signs at the end of the year. He will get out of Sagittarius (where he’s not very relaxing) into his own sign of Capricorn. This will improve the love life. Saturn is exalted in his own sign. Your social magnetism will be stronger and there will be a desire for meaningful, long-term commitment. You will smell like the effect of this more in 2018.

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