Virgo Love Horoscope 2017

Neptune, the most spiritual of all the planets, has been in your 7th house for some years now and he will be there for many more years to come. Neptune conforms to your 7th house but, he is also the ruler of that house – your love planet.

You continue to be idealistic about love, but these days a thousand times more so. Only the highest, most sublime love will satisfy you. Anything less (no matter how desirable from a worldly perspective) leaves you with vague feelings of dissatisfaction. To quote the well-known song: ‘Is that all there is?’

In the worldly reading of things, Neptune is considered to be the planet of scandals. This is good shorthand but not true. Neptune never is intended to create create scandals. He is the planet of revelation. He shines a light in the dark areas and so everything gets revealed – both the good and the bad. When this happens in the imperfect world, we are located in, scandals happen inevitably. Unpleasant revelations that people would rather keep secret. So a lot of revelation (and perhaps scandal) happens in your social and love life. This is basically sound – it is better to cope with reality than illusion – but it’s not always very pleasant.

Love has been stressful these past two years. Not all of it is your fault. Saturn has been made available for adverse aspect with Neptune for two years so there have been obstructions here. Marriage wasn’t likely (nor desirable). Perhaps there was excess fear in love – excess caution. Perhaps the contemporary love was passing through his or her own personal dramas and this complicated things. Infidelity could also have grown up to be a problem.

A Solar Eclipse on February 26 will further test love. It is a direct hit on your lovely planet and also occurs in your 7th house. So a lot of dirty laundry comes up for cleansing during that period. Long-repressed grievances have to be dealt with. A good relationship will survive, but the faulty ones can end.

There is another issue we see in love. Many of you sense a conflict between fundamental, committed love and the fun-and-games variety. Part of you wants commitment; part just wants a love affair. This issue will resolve itself by the end of the year as Saturn moves away from his stressful aspect to Neptune.

The South Node of the Moon (not a planet but an abstract point) is in your 7th house until April 29. It spends a good deal of time near your love planet. This provides a feeling of deficiency – back. So there could be feelings of ‘lack of love’ or ‘lack of romance’ even in the midst of a relationship. This is further testing love.

There is good news though. By the end of the year in the love life should improve. Saturn will stay away from his stressful alignment to Neptune and start to make harmonious aspects. The ongoing love interest should be doing a better job and this will improve things. You will be more able to disclose feelings of love.

In the course of a year, Neptune will receive various kinds of aspects from the short-term plants. This will produce short-term trends in love which are best dealt within the monthly reports.

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