Leo Love Horoscope 2017

As in the area of finance you’re coming off two strong romantic and social years. Many of you married or entered into amorous relationships and you seem satisfied with the status quo. You are not required to give this too much attention. A good signal. However, if love problems arise, lack of attention could be the root cause: you will have to start paying more attention.

Love is more or less stable this year. Singles will be inclined to stay single. Those who are married will be inclined to stay married.

Lunar Eclipse on August 7 occurs in your 7th house of love. This will test existing relationships. Dirty laundry – suppressed grievances – is exposed so that it can be corrected. If there are flaws in your relationship, this is when you find out about them. Good relationships survive eclipses and get even better, but flawed ones can dissolve.

An eclipse in the 7th house need not bring ‘bad’ things. It is converted into a change in the marital status. Often singles will decide to carry on this kind of eclipse – the decision can be achieved this year, although the actual wedding could happen later on.

Your love planet, Uranus, has been in your 9th house of religion and philosophy for many years now, since 2011. So sundry of the love trends that we’ve written about in past years are always in effect. Love opportunities happen in foreign countries and sometimes with foreigners. The more exotic they are the best damn thing you like them. Love opportunities also happen at your place of worship or at college or university. Singles are invited to participate in religious or educational functions. Fellow worshipers mean that introductions.

This is the type of transit where one falls on in love with the minister, priest, rabbi or imam – or the professor. There is just an attraction to mentor-type people. Learning is part of the romantic allure these days. Love is not only about love, but about education as well.

Love Planet in the 9th house also indicates how to help a troubled relationship. Coming out on a transcontinental trip, together – to some outlandish, faraway place – would be beneficial. Worshiping together as a couple would be very happy, as would take courses together as a pair.

Your love planet in hot fiery Aries exacerbates a natal trend. You’re a love-at-first-sight kind of person by nature, but these days even more so than usual. The trend is tantamount to jump into serious things much too quickly. The problem with the love planet in Aries is that while the initial passion is overwhelming. It is therefore difficult to maintain it over time. It is often petering out.

Uranus will be placed in the process of moving out of Aries next year. He will flirt, with the sign of Taurus in 2018, slipping in and out, before moving into Taurus for the long haul in 2019. This will bring significant changes to the love attitudes and needs. The good news is that love will become more stable and enduring – at least you will be trying to reach that. You won’t jump into things so fast. Singles will meet influential people of high status.

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