Gemini Love Horoscope 2017

Saturn, as we have mentioned, has been put into your 7th house of love for two years now, and he will remain there for almost the entire year ahead. Existing relationships are getting severely tested. There has been many a divorce or break up these past two years and even now. Flawed relationships are in danger. None of this should be reviewed punishment (though it can be stressful and feel like punishment). The cosmos want the best for you, and if a current relationship doesn’t meet the standard, it will go.

For singles the past two years have been a little different. The social life – dating and parties – has contracted. You haven’t been back out as much as usual. This too is not punishment. The cosmos like you to pay greater attention on quality rather than quantity. Quality dates, quality relationships, quality gatherings – though fewer – are preferable to hosts of mediocre things.

The love life began to amend last year, in September, as Jupiter, your love planet, moved into your 5th house. You ended up in a more romantic mood. You increased the dating and party going, but you most likely didn’t marry. This occurs in the year ahead as well. You’ll indulge in fun relationships, but marriage doesn’t seem on the cards. Marriage prospects will improve in 2018 and 2019 though – you’re just getting prepared for it now.

In love, you seem of two minds. One part is expected to be very sober, serious and traditional. You want stability and security, and favour older, more settled types of people. This is evident from Saturn in your 7th house. The other part of you just wants fun – pleasure. This division does not be too concerned with stability or security, just enjoyment. The feeling of love (even if it’s illusionary) is better than dull, steady routine. This division is spontaneous and will plunge into love quickly. The spare part, the conservative part, will take to it be a time to see whether it’s ‘safe’ to fall in love. It is difficult to meet both parts of your nature – they often argue. A person that satisfies one part might be abhorrent to the other, and vice versa. The best relationship will be with someone who satisfies both parts of your nature – but these people are difficult to find. Be patient.

On October 11, as your lovely planet moves into your 6th house, your love attitudes and needs also shift. Fun becomes less important and you are drawn to the person who serves your practical interests. This is why you feel loved and this is how you show it.

The workplace is a venue for romance. Job opportunities are coming, as we mentioned, but it is the social atmosphere and social opportunity that will determine which job you take. There can be office romances with co-workers. You’re also attracted to health professionals or people engaged in your health. A routine doctor’s visit can wind up being more critical than.

Saturn in your 7th house shows someone older in your life. Not an elderly person, but someone older and more settled than you. There appears to be a good sexual magnetism, but he or she also appears overly controlling.

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