Capricorn Love Horoscope 2017

This is not an especially strong romantic year. Your 7th house of love is empty (only short-term planets will move through there). Love is no longer a sharp focus this year. Of course, singles will date and go out, and there will be a state party and gatherings. But nothing special. A stable romantic year. Those who get married will stay married and singles will most likely remain single. The 7th empty house shows that you have considerable freedom in this area. There is nothing opposing romance, but nothing that helps it either. You seem contented with things as they are.

Your love planet, the Moon, is the fastest moving of all the planets. Where even the other fast-moving planets (the Sun, Mercury or Venus) to take a year to pass through all the sectors of the chart, the Moon does this every month! So love and love opportunities change every few days for you. It all depends on where the Moon is and the aspects she receives. These short-term trends are best covered in the monthly reports.

In general, your social magnetism will be stronger when the Moon is waxing (getting larger) than when she is waning (getting smaller). These periods start at the New Moon and culminate at the Full Moon.

Social status qua we’ve discussed applies to those in or currently working on the first, second or fourth marriages. Those working on the third marriage have excellent opportunities from October 11 onwards. These opportunities happen in spiritual-type settings – as the spiritual lecture, prayer meeting or meditation seminar – or at charitable events.

Romance is stable this year, but the collective life overall will be useful – especially after October 10. (We have already mentioned this.) This is where you make new friends, strengthen old ones and get more involved in group kinds of activities. Many prefer these kinds of relationships to the amorous kind. There are absolute freedom and no commitment.

A parent or parent figure is having a robust shared year. Very active. Very happy. If he or she is single, marriage can happen. Meetings happen at their place of worship, in foreign lands or in educational-type functions. Siblings and sibling figures in your life are having an active social life too – perhaps over-active. They seem successful here. Children or children figures are having a very lively social year from October 11 onwards. If they are of an appropriate age a genuine love relationship is likely – perhaps even marriage. Nonetheless, whatever their age, they are meeting new friends. Grandchildren of fitting age (if you ask them to) are having their marriages tested this year. This has continued for a few years now. A Solar Eclipse on February 26 will further test the marriage.

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