Capricorn Self Horoscope 2017

Pluto, the planet of transformation has been in your own sign since 2008. The 1st house relates to the body and image. Saturn, the ruler of your Horoscope, has been put in your 12th house of spirituality for two years now, and as the ruler of your Horoscope rules your body and image. So we get a very strong message here. There is spiritual transformation taking place in your body. Many of you are involved in these kinds of projects in – transforming and re inventing the body. Some of you have tried cosmetic surgery to carry out this. (And many of you are still thinking about it.) Some of you have used diet as a wish to make this. Some are using technology. All with so-so success.

The important thing to realise is that, spiritually speaking, it is within your power and ability to utterly and totally transform your body. Many of you know this and have received teaching on this. The skinny weakling can become a muscleman. Obesity can become slim and trim. The elderly can regain youthfulness. You have the authority to shape your body exactly as you see fit. The body doesn’t have a will of its own. It has appetites, habits and momentums, to verify that – but no independent will. Sooner or later it must acquire the image that you create. It has no option in the matter.

Your job takes place in the appropriate image – your personal image of perfection. Also it is good to make positive affirmations – categorical statements about the body – according to your desire. If you want, for example, a flat stomach, you would visualize it flat and you would make the appropriate affirmation – i.e. I take stomach now. Repeat this daily and preferably a few times a day. When you start, there’s no need to be concerned about how this will happen. This is not in your business. It is the business of a Higher Intelligence which knows the body and its needs intimately. As you continue (and persistence is a very crucial element here), ways and means will now come to you in interesting ways. Perhaps you will start exercising. Often the food cravings will change, normally and naturally. You won’t feel that you’re depriving yourself of anything. You will just crave different kinds of foods – foods more suitable to the image you wish to manifest. If a certain therapy or supplement is needed, this too will now come to you quite naturally.

Don’t expect instant results overnight. This is a trap for many people. After a week or so, if nothing discernible happens, they give up and say ‘it doesn’t work’. The truth is, on a day-by-day basis, you won’t notice much. Nevertheless, over time, the consequences will be dramatic indeed. It is much like watching a plant or tree growth. Day to day nothing appears to be happening. However, various things are happening internally. Watch the plant in three weeks. Look at the tree in three months and you will see an important change. Take your time. Let things happen gradually. Persist. Over time, you will be amazed. After a year of persistent work, you won’t even recognize the body.

A year does not guarantee a long time. If you consider that the present condition of the body took many, many years (and in some cases thousands of years) to be what it is. One year of psychic work is nothing. It is actually miraculous.

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