Tiger Chinese Horoscope 2017

Prospects for the Tiger in 2017

The Year of the Monkey (8 February 2016–27 January 2017) will have been a mixed one for the Tiger and it may have seemed as if he was bringing into a lot of effort but doing not have the results he wanted. Although there will have been successes, there will also have been frustrations and the remaining months of the year will still be busy and demanding.

At work, many Tigers could face extra pressures, with situations not always helped by office politics or niggling delays. However, by doing his best, the Tiger can still achieve some impressive results. Late October and November could be particularly active and see some interesting possibilities arising.

The Tiger will be keen to make some large purchases at this time, including special gifts. By taking his time, he could be both lucky and pleased with what he buys. However, receipts and guarantees have to be kept safe and financial paperwork attended to with care.

On a personal level, the Tiger will be located in demand. In his domestic life, there will be various arrangements to discussion and activities to fit in. To prevent certain weeks becoming frenetic, ideally plans should be agreed in advance. Busy though his home life can be, the Tiger can look forward to numerous special times, in December and early January often lively.

There will also be many social opportunities, regardless of the fact that when in company of the Tiger will need to be attentive to the views of others. Without care, there is a danger of misunderstanding or embarrassing faux pas. Tigers, be warned.

While not an easy year, the Monkey year will have seen a lot happen and there will be much the Tiger can build on as the new year approaches.
The Year of the Rooster starts on 28 January and is a promising one for the Tiger. During it, he can make substantial progress, despite the fact that he does need to remain mindful of others. This is not the time to get out on a limb or be too independent. Tiger can have a rebellious streak and if he is to, fare well in the Rooster year. This has to be watched.

At work, however, the Tiger’s prospects are encouraging and the Rooster year can bring some good (and sometimes overdue) rewards, in particular for the Tigers who have struggled during the last year or feel they have not been making the progress they deserve. In many a workplace, the Tiger’s experience and in-house knowledge will lead to him taking on an increased role, while Tigers who work in a creative environment could see their input leading to some potentially exciting developments.

Tiger can help his position by working well with others and seizing any chances to raise his profile. Reliable connections can place him in a strong position when promotion opportunities arise or someone is required for more specialist tasks.

For Tigers who are impatient to move elsewhere, as well as those seeking work, advice from agencies and professional organizations could be helpful, along with talking to colleagues and friends. March, May, August and November could see some potentially important advances.

Development at work can lead to an increase in income and the fiscal position of many Tigers can improve over the year. However, while more money may flow into the Tiger’s account, without care it can all too easily flow out again. In particular, he should guard against impulse buying. Hasty purchases could be regretted later.

Travel is favourably expected this year and by planning ahead many Tigers can look forward to some often fascinating journeys. Some will appreciate the chance to visit family and friends living some distance away. With his adventurous nature, the Tiger is such as to make the most of travel opportunities in the year will bring.

Despite the fact that he will be retained busy, he should also make sure his interests do not get sidelined. The tigers have an inventive streak and the Rooster year encourages creativity. Once the Tiger sets to work on an idea or project, it can often develop in surprising (and pleasing) ways.

With his outgoing nature, the Tiger will also appreciate the social opportunities of the year and welcome the chance to react to others. Some can be especially supportive, regardless of the fact that to benefit the Tiger does need to be willing to exchange his thoughts. February, June, September and December could see the most communal activity, despite the fact that at most times of the year there will be people to see, things to do and events to enjoy.

For the unattached, there will also be excellent opportunities to meet others and romantic prospects are promising. In some instances, a meeting that takes place in fortuitous circumstances could become significant.

Domestically, the Rooster year will also see considerable activity, and flexibility and co-operation will be required. With work changes and increasing pressures likely, some weeks could be demanding, with everyone needing to rally round. Effective communication will be of high value.

In addition, to get the most of the year, the Tiger and his loved ones would find it advantageous to have some plans to work towards, perhaps home projects, a holiday, a forthcoming anniversary or a special event. Rooster years favour planning and co-operative effort.

There will be demanding times in countless a Tiger household this year, but gratifying and memorable ones too. June, August and September could be especially pleasurable.

Overall, the Rooster year offers unlimited scope for the enthusiastic Tiger. Both professionally and personally he will be proud to put his talents to more effective use. He has much to offer, but it is essential he also draws on the support of those around him and responds to advances. This ceases to be a time for going it alone. The year will, however, have many pleasing elements. Travel is favourably affected and there will be good times to share both domestically and socially. Though this will be a hectic year, it will encourage the Tiger to develop and utilize his strengths well.

The Metal Tiger

The Rooster likes to look ahead and plan and this is what the Metal Tiger would do well to do this year. By giving some thought to what he would be willing to see happen, he will not is able to channel his energies more effectively but also accomplish a surprising amount.

In his planning, he should discuss his ideas with those close to him. This way not only will he be better able to evaluate their reaction but his initial ideas can often broaden out as well as get underway. This is a year favouring concerted action. Projects could include neatening and refreshing certain rooms as well as adding modern comforts. As they are started, they will be inclined to mushroom and become more wide-ranging.

As well as practical improvements, the Metal Tiger can look forward to some special moments in his home life. Celebrations are possible, and whether these involve a wedding, birth, graduation or the career success of someone close, there will be reason for the Metal Tiger to feel justifiably proud. There will also be ways in which he can assist, either with arrangements or advice. In some instances, his expertise will be especially pertinent.

Another decisive factor will be the mutual support seen in many a Metal Tiger’s household. He himself will benefit from the guidance of others, particularly with some purchasing choices. Similarly, when problems arise (as they do in any year), it is vital they are fully aired and opinions sought. If particularly complex, it may be worth the Metal Tiger seeking professional guidance or contacting a helpline.

June, August and September could see pleasing domestic advances, despite the fact that there will be a lot to appreciate throughout the year.

Travel is also strongly indicated, and Metal Tigers who have family and friends living some distance away should take up any chances to visit them. Similarly, if able, Metal Tiger should plan a holiday over the year. By choosing his destination with care, he will need to be able to fit in a shocking amount as well as see new sights and enjoy new thrills.

For Metal Tigers of work, the Rooster year will be part of decision. While some of these Metal Tigers will continue to work towards promoting effective use of their experience, others could decide to reduce their commitments or retire. Such transitions may not initially be comfortable, but by making the best use of their opportunities (including any additional time now available), these Metal Tigers will quickly come to embrace what opens up for them. Metal Tiger has an enquiring nature and invariably new ideas and possibilities will occur to him.

This will especially be the case with his interests. While he will continue to enjoy the pursuits he has followed for many years, he may also decide to experiment with novel ways or teach himself a new skill. Metal Tigers enjoy challenge and mental stimulation, and this Rooster year will bring a variety of ideas and opportunities their approach. Metal Tiger may also be inspired by contact with other enthusiasts and could find it worth joining a local club, society or class.

He could also enjoy some good financial fortune, perhaps through receiving a bonus or gift or seeing the fruition of a policy. A lucky few may even enjoy a spirited win. However, while the aspects are favourable, the Metal Tiger will rarely be short of spending ideas. To get the best value from his purchases, he needs to take the time to check his requirements are being met and compare options and costs. The greater care, the better. He should also ensure he keeps paperwork safe and is thorough when completing forms. A loss or mistake could result in protracted correspondence. Metal Tigers, take note.

Socially, there will be quite a few convivial occasions for the Metal Tiger to look forward to over the year. In February, June, September and December seeing a lot of activity. While a lot will go well, should a difference of opinion arise or an issue concern the Metal Tiger, he will need to tread warily. Without care, something which starts in a minor way could become awkward. Also, if another person has reservations about one of his ideas, he should listen. There could be reasons for this which he may not have completely taken into account. Metal Tigers, take note and be mindful of others.

In general, the Year of the Rooster can be a constructive one for the Metal Tiger. He can accomplish a great deal and are eligible and good times that follow on. He can also look forward to a certain amount of luck this year and circumstances will often assist in what he is designed to do. Travel, too, can bring considerable pleasure, as can family news and projects. It is a year to join forces with others rather than act too independently, but overall it is a good one for the Metal Tiger, with various plans developing in encouraging ways.

Tip for the Year

Take action. With your ideas and sense of purpose, together with the support you enjoy, a lot can be the case with you. Nonetheless, do not forget to consult others and pay attention to their views.

The Water Tiger

Water Tiger is thoughtful, forward looking and open-minded. And as the Rooster year starts, he will feel more energized than of late. For Water Tigers who have considered their recent advance lacklustre or who want to pursue certain ambitions. This is a year for concerted action.

For many Water Tigers, their aspirations will be work-related. Having proved themselves in their current capacity, these Water Tigers will be keen to take on new challenges. And this year circumstances can assist them. In some cases, senior colleagues will move on, creating ideal promotion opportunities, and in others more specialist positions will have to be filled. Over the year, many Water Tigers will have the chance to progress their career.

For those who feel prospects are limited where they are, as well as those seeking work, the Rooster year can present some interesting possibilities. However, Water Tiger will have to take the initiative, including making direct contact with prospective employers and seeking advice from professional organizations as well as talking to others. Whether by word of mouth or a more formal enquiry, he can, with persistence, find innovative ways forward. His drive and enthusiasm can be utilized to tell tell the effect this year. March, May, August and November will see encouraging developments.

In addition to further specialized knowledge, this is also a year favouring personal development. If there is a subject that intrigues the Water Tiger, a skill he wants to learn or a pursuit he is considering taking up, this is the ideal time to be doing.

Quite a rare Water Tigers will also reflect on their lifestyle. Those who lead a pressured existence may make a conscious decision to set more time aside for themselves and their family. Some may also consider taking more exercise, improving their diet and setting aside time for recreation. Numerous benefits can follow on from actions taken this year.

The encouraging aspects also extend to money matters. Assorted Water Tigers will enjoy a rise in income and possibly also receive something extra. However, Water Tiger will still need to manage his outgoings carefully and consider and cost his purchases rather than rush.

With this being an exceptional year for travel, he would be well advised to make provision for a holiday or aim to enjoy a few days away every so often. Visits to friends and relatives living some distance away could appeal.

The element of water strengthens a sign’s effectiveness as a communicator and this is particularly true of the Tiger. Water Tiger has a good way with words and is able to empathize with sundry people. Over the year of his skills will be in demand, with several friends seeking his advice over what could be complicated matters. Here the Water Tiger’s understanding can be meaningful and pertinent. February, June, September and December could see the most collective activity and give the Water Tiger the chance to extend his social circle.

However, while many will go well, no year is ever without its troubling moments and in this one the Water Tiger could become concerned by a friendship issue. This could result from a difference of opinion or someone’s changing attitude. When the Water Tiger detects a potential difficulty, he needs in order to tread carefully. Here his perceptive nature will be of great value.

Domestically, Water Tiger will often have ideas he wishes to pursue. Whether updating appliances, freshening up certain areas or, if he has a garden, adding new stock, he will relish implementing improvements. At times, his home will be abuzz with activity. He does, however, have to be realistic with time scales and focus on specific undertakings rather than over commit himself. With such a lot happening, there will inevitably be fraught moments, but with care and consideration these will be minimal and not overshadow the accomplishments and enjoyable family times of the year. June, August and September could see some pleasing domestic developments, including perhaps celebrations.

Overall, the Rooster year holds excellent prospects for the Water Tiger and invites him to make more of his strengths both professionally and personally. He will be in demand socially, while in his domestic life he can accomplish a great deal. Pressures and occasional gifts need to be watched, but with good use of his time and a decent lifestyle balance, he can gain a lot from this favourable year.

Tip for the Year

Involve others in your thinking and planning. With their input and goodwill, so much more can be yet before you. You have a great deal to offer this year and can achieve some good results that you can build on in the future.

The Wood Tiger

Over the last few years, Wood Tiger will have learned a great deal and his patience and effort are about to be rewarded. This is quite a time for building and moving forward.

The Wood Tiger’s work situation is especially well appointed and there will be excellent opportunities for him to move his career forward. Senior colleagues may make recommendations, offer new responsibilities and provide references and there could also be a lot happening behind the scenes that work out to the Wood Tiger’s advantage.

While the majority of Wood Tigers will make development with their current employer, for those who feel their long-term prospects could be bettered by a move elsewhere, as well as those seeking work, the Rooster year can bring some nice possibilities. Contacts can be helpful here, as can the Wood Tiger’s reputation. Similarly, if there is a major type of work he wishes to make, he should approach companies and professional organizations directly. Initiative can open important doors this year. March, May, August and November could see key developments, but progress is possible throughout this encouraging year and when the Wood Tiger learns of an opening, he should act without delay.

Another factor in his favour is the excellent working relations he enjoys with those around him and over the year he should continue to meet others in his line of work. As has often been found, the more people you know, the greater your likelihood of learning about opportunities or knowing someone in a position to help you. And in the Rooster year it is the Wood Tiger’s contacts, reputation and personal qualities that will be expected to result in success.

Development at work will often lead to an increase in income and some Wood Tigers will also benefit from a gift or bonus payment. In view of this, Wood Tiger will be keen to go ahead with numerous plans and purchases, often related to his accommodation. However, he should not act hastily. Of waiting he could make savings or obtain something superior to his original choice.

Travel is strongly indicated this year and where feasible the Wood Tiger should make provision for a holiday or at least aim to enjoy a break. With his hectic lifestyle he does need a respite now and then and a change of scene can do him good.

Regardless of the fact that he will have many commitments, it is also imperative he does not allow his personal interests to get sidelined. Not only can these provide an outlet for certain talents but they can also have a social element and/or provide additional exercise. If there are specific skills the Wood Tiger would want to learn, he should take action. Aspects are encouraging and substantial benefits can be acquired.

The Rooster year will also see the Wood Tiger valuing his chances to meet up with his friends. Some will be especially advantageous, and by talking over his hopes and activities, the Wood Tiger could be given the exact information or support he needs. In 2017, he will have many people rooting for him and keen to help. As a result of his energetic lifestyle, he will also have an admirable chance to extend his social network. February, June, September and December could see the most communal opportunities.

For Wood Tigers who start the year alone or dispirited, perhaps having suffered a fresh disappointment. There can be heartening developments in store. By pursuing their interests, participating in groups and making use of what is expected to be available locally, they can make valuable new friendships. And where matters of the heart are concerned, a contemporary romance could develop in stimulating ways.

However, while many will go well, no year is without its problems and the Wood Tiger could have misgivings about a certain situation or find a trifling difference of opinion irritating. Whenever possible, he should speak of his concerns rather than keep them bottled up. Also, at busy times, he may come across as preoccupied and this may lead to awkward moments. Wood Tigers, take note. This is a great year for you, but be vigilant and attentive, especially when pressures are significant.

In his home life, Wood Tiger will again busy himself with many activities and will find that by combining his efforts with those of others, he can considerably enhance his home. He should also be disposed to offer advice and assistance, as other family members are liable to be involved in involved in decision-making this year. His partner may be in a work-related quandary and if he is a parent there could be educational choices to address. Senior relations too may be grateful for his help. The Wood Tiger’s thoughtfulness will, however, be appreciated, as will activities he may suggest, such as a holiday, local trips and other treats. June, August and September could see active and often unusual times in the Wood Tiger home.

Overall, the Year of the Rooster will be a constructive one for the Wood Tiger. At work, he has talents and experience to build on and be looking to further his position. He is placed at do well. Importantly, what is achieved this year can be a springboard for future development. He will also be encouraged by the moral support he enjoys. With a hectic lifestyle, he does need to preserve some time to enjoy with family and friends as well as in promoting his interests. Nevertheless, he gets a lot in his favour this year and his efforts can lead to some worthy accomplishments.

Tip for the Year
Improve your skills and knowledge. What you do now can prove to be an investment in your future. Also, value your good relations with those around you, for their support can be potentially weighty as well as enrich your lifestyle.

The Fire Tiger

Fire Tiger possesses great resolve and has a happy knack of getting the most out of situations. He is resourceful and ambitious and his talents will serve him well this year.

At work, many Fire Tigers will have recently experienced change, including an increase in responsibility. Regardless of the fact that they may think they are still learning about the different aspects of their role, the changes are far from over. Rooster years can bring surprise progresses and opportunities can arise in unexpected ways. Some Fire Tigers will be offered training that will give them the opportunity to take on extra duties or concentrate on a more specialist area. Others will find colleagues moving on and making roles to fill or, if in a larger organization, see the chance for a transfer to another department. As the year starts, some Fire Tigers may not actually be seeking change, but openings will come their way.

For Fire Tigers who are keen to take on something different, as well as those seeking work, the Rooster year can again bring surprises. These Fire Tigers should keep alert for openings but also talk to friends, colleagues and contacts. By chance they could hear of an idyllic opportunity. Others will apply for a position on the off-chance and then be presented with an interesting offer. The Rooster year can be marked by copious fortunate developments. March, May, August and November could be momentous months.

Fire Tiger’s prospects will also be helped by his ability to forge effective working relations with his colleagues and throughout the year he should continue to make connections. Getting himself known cannot only help his present position but his future as well.

Progress at work can lead to an increase in income, but with all his plans and activities, as well as his existing commitments, the Fire Tiger’s outgoings are likely to be high and he will need to manage his budget carefully. Some Fire Tigers may be involved in putting down accommodation deposits and this will require discipline. In addition, Fire Tiger should draw on the knowledge of professionals where necessary. With assistance, and awareness of the implications, his fiscal decisions can be both easier and sounder.

Where personal interests are concerned, this is an exceptional year for the Fire Tiger to enhance his skills. What he does now cannot only be personally satisfying but also lead to new possibilities. Whether his interests are creative, practical, outdoor-related or just pleasurable, he should allow himself the time to pursue them this year.

In addition, he would do well to give some thought to his well-being and, if lacking regular exercise, consider taking up an appropriate activity. Similarly, if his diet is deficient, he should be intended to eat more nutritious food. To keep on fine form, he is invited to look after himself this year.

Taking a holiday or break will also do him good. Travel is well expected this year and can satisfy many a Fire Tiger’s adventurous nature. Some travel opportunities could arise through work and/or last-minute offers. The festive season and new year are also probable to be unavailable times.

With his affable nature, the Fire Tiger knows many people and will once again find himself in demand this year. There will be a variety of things for him to do and take pleasure in. Unattached and lonely, Fire Tigers will find that by taking up opportunities to get out, they can meet new people and put some sparkle back into their life. It will take effort, but be well worthwhile. The Rooster year has the capacity to surprise and delight, including romantically. February, June, September and December could see the most shared activity.

Domestically, a dot is placed to happen. For Fire Tigers with a partner this can be an especially busy year. Not only will both partners be contending with commitments and possible work changes, but there will be accommodation plans and purchases to decide on and sometimes other family members to assist. Some weeks will be demanding, but by being empathetic and using his time well, the Fire Tiger can accomplish a lot and win the gratitude of those he helps out.

Hectic though parts of the year may be, it will also contain its memorable moments. There will be personal successes to enjoy, and if the Fire Tiger is a parent, he will delight in his child’s development. Here his zeal and encouragement can be especially effective. Taking a holiday and visiting local attractions and places of interest could also bring pleasure to all concerned, and the Fire Tiger’s ideas will often add variety to family life. June, August and September could be rewarding months.

No year is ever without its problems, however, and in this one the Fire Tiger will need to be open and communicative as well as show some patience, particularly at busy times. To be preoccupied or unresponsive could lead to awkward moments. Should a disagreement or other difficulties occur, rather than ignore it and risk it escalating, he should make efforts to resolve the issue. Fire Tigers, take note.

In numerous respects, the Rooster year will be an encouraging one for the Fire Tiger. At work there will be opportunities to develop skills and make progress, and personal interests as well can improve well. The emphasis of the Rooster year is on growth. Fire Tiger will be encouraged by the support he receives, with some connections proving especially helpful, and his domestic and social life can give rise to many pleasant times. Fire Tiger does need to assure his lifestyle is balanced and to remain his attentive self, but overall. This is a great year for him and one in which to move forward.

Tip for the Year

Be receptive. Regardless of the fact that some advances may surprise you, they could be of benefit. Be open-minded and investigate. A lot will happen for a reason this year and you have a lot to gain.

The Earth Tiger

This is a full and active 12 months for the Earth Tiger and he would point out the Chinese proverb ‘Diligence leads to riches.’ This year it really is worth his putting in the effort and making efforts to do his best.

For Earth Tigers in education, there will be a lot to be done. At times the demands will be considerable and some Earth Tigers will have doubts about what they are doing or struggle in certain areas. However, through their current work many will become aware of which strengths and subjects they want to focus on in the future and will even consider possible vocations. Supplementary courses or subjects can also open up possibilities.

It is important that these Earth Tigers take full advantage of the resources available to them, whether these are connected with their studying or their own interests. Often their place of education will have satisfactory facilities. Support, too, will be available and if the Earth

Tiger has concerns at any time or finds himself wondering about future options, he should be obliging and seek advice. Being proactive and participating is key factors this year.

For Earth Tigers in work, the Rooster year can also bring the chance to prove themselves in innovative capacities. By making the best use of their opportunities, these Earth Tigers cannot only make progress but also see their commitment noticed and rewarded. Again, diligence leads to riches.

For Earth Tigers seeking work, this can be a challenging time with competition fierce. However, by showing initiative, including finding out more about the company and the duties involved, these Earth Tigers will often impress others and be offered that all-important opportunity. And once in a unique position, if they involve themselves in their place of work, they could soon see their strengths being noticed and encouraged and other possibilities becoming available. March, May, August and November could see curious advances.

Earth Tiger will continue to derive pleasure from his personal interests over the year and, with his often inventive streak, will have ideas he is desirous to carry out. Some Earth Tigers could greatly benefit from the guidance of experts, while others could be tempted by the challenge of new activities. This year it is fairly a case of embracing and enjoying what occurs.

Travel is also positively indicated and the Earth Tiger will enjoy seeing new places and visiting lively attractions. August and September could be charming months travel-wise.

With his energetic lifestyle, the Earth Tiger will have numerous outgoings, however, and if he is to do all he wants he will need to be disciplined in his spending and avoid succumbing to too many impulse buys. With care, he can manage well, though, and may be assisted by a generous gift or a surprise payment.

On a societal level, he will find himself in demand. Much fun can be had with his circle of friends and there will be thoughts (and some secrets) to be shared and parties and other occasions to be enjoyed. Earth Tigers who may be feeling lonely or unsettled as a result of recent changes could see someone different entering their life and a potentially crucial friendship developing. Involvement will be rewarded this year and all Earth Tigers should make the best use of the social groups, facilities and events on offer where they are. February, June, September and December could be particularly pleasing months.

As with every year, though, problems will sometimes arise and the Earth Tiger could have misgivings about a particular situation or the attitude of another person. If so, he needs to proceed carefully and, in some cases, exercise patience and wait for situations to settle down and reason to prevail. To respond hastily or act against his better judgement could cause difficulty. Earth Tigers, take note, and if a troubled, act with care and allow time for the resolution of any worrying situation.

In view of the decisions and pressures, he may face. It is also important that the Earth Tiger is upcoming with family members and shares any matters on his mind. He may like to take responsibility for a great deal, but his loved ones do want to help and can sometimes assist in consequential ways. In turn, Earth Tiger will find that contributing to family life can help rapport as well as lead to some exceptional occasions. A key ingredient of this year is involvement and the more the Earth Tiger gives himself, the more he will benefit.

Overall, the Rooster year will require discipline and commitment, but it will bring opportunities and what the Earth Tiger achieves can prove important in his future development. In addition, he can learn about himself and his potential this year. His social life and personal interests can bring him considerable pleasure and a new friendship may become sizable. With his verve, ideas and enquiring nature, the Earth Tiger has a lot to offer and the Rooster year will help him develop his potential.

Tip for the Year

Resolve to perform your best. A lot will be sought of you this year, but with diligence you will learn skills, acquire knowledge and benefit personally. You know in your heart that you are superior – this is a year to prove that and to work towards the riches that lie ahead.

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