Monkey Chinese Horoscope 2017

Prospects for the Monkey in 2017

The Monkey is likely to dispose of made much of his own year (8 February 2016–27 January 2017) and fitted with a surprising amount. The closing months will still be active and he can enjoy some pleasing accomplishments. However, to ensure that the majority of this time, he should plan his activities early on, otherwise some weeks, especially towards the end of the year, will be rushed and unnecessarily pressured.

In his home life, the Monkey can look forward to receiving finishing off projects and implementing certain ideas. If he has been considering specific purchases, he could come across something ideal and often obtain it on advantageous terms. His canny eye will be on good form.

He will also appreciate the family and social occasions that take place and his social diary may fill up rapidly. This is another reason for remaining well organized.

At work the Monkey will be given the opportunity to use his skills and judgement well, and while the pressures may be considerable, he can do his standing a lot of good. Monkey years favour their peculiar sign’s resourceful approach. They also encourage progress. For Monkeys seeking change or looking for work, chances can arise suddenly and even if what the Monkey is offered is initially on a temporary basis, he can often build on it in the future.

In general, the Monkey year is an encouraging one for the Monkey himself and making the best use of it, he can fare well and enjoy himself in the process.

The Year of the Rooster begins on 28 January is capable of being a reasonable one for the Monkey. While its structured nature may sometimes cramp his style, it will bring some pleasing personal times and good opportunities. It is another excellent time for personal development.

At work, the aspects are encouraging for the Monkey. But he needs to remember that remember that the Rooster year favours planning and sticking to the rulebook. This is no year for shortcuts or ad hock arrangements. However, while the Rooster year may not allow the Monkey the latitude he favours, its discipline can work to his advantage. By focusing on his duties, he will not have the opportunity to develop his skills but also to become more established in his line of work. This may be taken in a year for sweeping progress, but he can move forward steadily. He should look forward to taking advantage of any training he is offered as well as keep himself informed of developments within his industry. By being involved and showing commitment, he can do his present and future situation great good.

Monkeys who feel there may be better opportunities elsewhere or who are seeking work will not find their quest easy. Nevertheless, if the Monkey shows initiative, highlights relevant strengths and is informed at interview. He may secure an opening. While some Monkeys rely a lot on their wits, the Rooster year favours preparation and discipline. When taking on a new position, if the Monkey concentrates on what needs to be done and works well with his new colleagues, he can quickly impress, and what he accomplishes now can pave the way for some of the more substantial advances that await in following years. April, June, October and November could see interesting developments.

Many Monkeys can look forward to a modest rise in income over the year, but they will be still required to be vigilant in money matters. Not only could they be keen to replace certain expensive items (perhaps being attracted to a new phone or entertainment system), but they could also face additional costs pertaining to their or their home. In the Rooster year, the Monkey needs to keep sensible control over the purse-strings. He should also be careful in his dealings with others, for there is a risk that he may fall victim to a scam, suffer from unscrupulous dealings or be let down by someone. If involved in any speculative venture or having reservations over a particular undertaking, it is important that the Monkey checks it out and seeks further advice. Monkeys, do be careful.

More positively, travel is favourably aspects and the Monkey should, if possible, want to make provision for a holiday over the year as well as take advantage of any chances of short breaks or weekends away. His enquiring nature can be well satisfied by his travels this year. Late summer and end of the year could see some additional (and sometimes shocking) travel opportunities.

With the Rooster year’s emphasis on progress, the Monkey can also derive considerable satisfaction from furthering his own interests. Not only can these offers a change from his more usual activities but sometimes give him the chance of additional exercise or social contact. Some Monkeys could become absorbed in projects and challenges they set themselves this year. Rooster years reward purpose.

With his outgoing nature, the Monkey enjoys company and there will certainly be plenty of social opportunities this year. His network of acquaintances is placed at widen, and for Monkeys who have been feeling lonely. New friendships could add extra meaning to the year. However, in matters of the heart to the Monkey should proceed steadily, enjoy the moment and let any romance strengthen over time rather than rush into a commitment. March, May, August and December could see the most communal activity.

Throughout the year, the Monkey will be kept busy and has to be careful this does not impact on his home life. To be preoccupied or distracted could lead to difficulties. Also, while he and other family members will juggle many commitments, he should guarantee time is reserved for shared undertakings. The Rooster year calls for comprehensive management of time.

Accommodation matters will require attention, especially as equipment could inconveniently break or the Monkey set of some home improvements with boundless enthusiasm. Although these can bring benefits (and possible savings), carrying them out could be time-consuming. Ideally, the Monkey should tackle one thing at a time rather than commit himself to too much. With thoughtfulness and good co-operation, however, his home life can go well, in April and the last quarter of the year proving especially satisfying.

Overall, the Year of the Rooster can be a good one for the Monkey, but he needs to be watchful and disciplined. This is no year for taking risks. Extra care is particularly advised in money matters. However, by managing his time well, the Monkey can make useful headway as well as add considerably to his skills and knowledge. This is quite a year of personal and professional development. The Monkey has an enthusiastic nature and provided he channels his energies well. The Rooster year can reward him as well as prepare him for future development.

The Metal Monkey

The Metal Monkey will have a busy year ahead and while he can look forward to some significant gains. He needs to use use his time effectively. To spread his energies too widely could lead to him engaging in various activities but not always obtaining the results he desires. This is a year for focus and acting on key objectives.

In his home life, the Metal Monkey can see a great deal happen. Not only will he confront some crucial choices this year, but others in his household will also have numerous demands. In view of these pressures, Metal Monkey should encourage openness between all. Also, despite the overall activity, he should promise quality time together does not suffer. If he encourages shared undertakings and suggests occasions that everyone can enjoy, he can find his input making an appreciable difference.

With travel favourably aspects, he should, if possible, just try to go away with his loved ones over the year. This can do everyone good. In addition, visits to local attractions and events can be quite enjoyable. Travel can inject a pleasing element into the year.

The Metal Monkey will also be desirous to carry out some home improvements, but he needs to plan these carefully and resist the temptation of committing himself to too much at anyone time. Regardless of the fact that the end results will be pleasing, the actual execution could be more disruptive and time-consuming than anticipated. Metal Monkeys, take note.

April and the last quarter of the year could be lively times in the Metal Monkey household, with possible successes to celebrate.

In addition, Metal Monkey will have reason to value the contact he has with his friends, especially in view of some of his current decisions and dilemmas. Some of his friends will be able to talk from first-hand experience and their words will be worth heeding. The Metal Monkey will also appreciate the numerous social occasions of the year. March, May, August and December are liable to be particularly eventful months. Over the year, many Metal Monkeys will add to their social circle and, for the unattached, a significant romance could start in an unexpected way. Rooster years are able to surprise and delight.

In view of his numerous commitments, it is important that the Metal Monkey preserves time for his private interests and recreational pursuits. Not only can these help him unwind but they may also be an outlet for his ideas and talents. Whether he prefers creative, practical or outdoor activities, they can be akin to a tonic for him. Some Metal Monkeys will enjoy attending events related to their interests and if anything special tempts the Metal Monkey this year. He should follow up up.

At work, the Rooster year can see critical developments. Various Metal Monkeys who are established in a career will now have excellent chances to further their position and professional knowledge. As advances occur in their industry, by keeping themselves informed and their skills up-to-date, many will be able to take on a more specialist role or become involved in innovative advances.

For Metal Monkeys who decide to change employer, and sometimes location, as well as those seeking work, the Rooster year can be significant. If they explore possibilities and talk to experts, there will be exceptional chances for them to establish themselves in a different role.

For all Metal Monkeys, the Rooster year will be demanding work-wise, but what the Metal Monkey learns, and demonstrates to others, can be of value in following years.

Advance at work will often result in an increase in income and some Metal Monkeys will also benefit from extra sums or bonus payments. However, with expensive purchases in mind, accommodation costs likely and repairs or replacements needed, the Metal Monkey’s outgoings will be considerable and he should pay close attention to his financial situation. If tempted by anything speculative or making an informal agreement with another person, he has an obligation to exercise caution. Mistakes or misjudgements could cost him dearly. Metal Monkeys, take careful note.

Generally, however, the Year of the Rooster will be a full and interesting one for the Metal Monkey. Being keen and adaptable, he can make the most of the year’s many possibilities and, by developing his knowledge, benefit his position both now and in the near future. He will value the support of those around him and his family and social life can be busy and pleasing. The Rooster year will provide a good mix of things to do and by being involved and seizing his opportunities. The Metal Monkey can gain a lot from what he experiences during it. A satisfying year.
Tip for the Year

Keep your lifestyle in balance and preserve time for your loved ones and for recreational pursuits. Also, take any chances to enhance your skills and knowledge. What you do now be an investment in your future.

The Water Monkey

There is a Chinese proverb which reminds us. ‘Diligence leads to riches, ’ and these words hold true for the Water Monkey in the Rooster year. It is one offering enormous potential and the Water Monkey will have the opportunity to improve his skills and achieve some personal objectives. However, while encouraging, this is no year to be half-hearted, to trust to luck or to drift. Instead, it is one for focus and effort.

At work, many Water Monkeys will have experienced several changes of late, perhaps changing employers and/or taking on different duties. Despite the fact that they will have made headway, some will feel they have not yet found their rightful niche or had the chance to develop in the way they want. For these Water Monkeys, as well as those on a particular career path, interesting times await. During the Rooster year, some exceptional opportunities can arise and many Water Monkeys will find themselves in just the right place at the right time.

The prospects are also encouraging for Water Monkeys seeking work. Despite the fact that some may have grown disillusioned about their situation, they should have faith. By actively pursuing openings as well as contacting professional organisations, they can uncover some fascinating possibilities this year. Some may decide to pursue a different type of work from what they have done before. Others may help their situation by making use of training or refresher courses. Advance in the Rooster year requires determination, resolve and a willingness to learn, but the Water Monkey’s efforts can be recognized and lead to a potentially important job offer. April, June, October and November could see encouraging developments.

Progress at work can lead to a welcome rise in income, but money matters do require careful handling this year. Without care, certain decisions and purchases could be regretted later and there is also the risk of some losses being incurred. The Water Monkey needs to consider his purchases carefully as well as exercise caution when reaching agreements. Unofficial arrangements or lending to another person could bring problems. Water Monkeys, take note, and be wary of risk, haste or proceeding without adequate checks.

Travel, however, is favourably accepted and if possible the Water Monkey should make provision for a holiday. And if events related to his interests to appeal to him, he should know more. They could be among the year’s highlights.

In addition to his professional development, the Water Monkey can also derive considerable satisfaction from improving his personal interests. Whether inspired by ideas, joining others in shared activities or intrigued by something unfamiliar, he will delight in what he does. Interests with an element of creativity could be particularly rewarding and if the Water Monkey can promote anything he produces or receive expert guidance, he could be encouraged further. The Rooster year rewards application and making the most of personal talents.
The Water Monkey will also value his contact with his friends and may seek their opinion over certain situations or dilemmas. By being forthcoming he can be helped and advised in many ways. And just as he may benefit from advice received, he can also reciprocate, especially as a close friend may face difficulties or have to contend with a stressful situation. Support this year will be mutual and beneficial.

The Water Monkey will also find his social circle widening and will have a good mix of occasions to attend. Some weeks could be especially diligent, with a lot seeming to happen all at once. March, May, August and December could be particularly enthusiastic.

For the unattached Water Monkey, a chance meeting can add intense excitement to the year and potentially transform his situation.

For Water Monkeys with a partner, this too can have a precise year. As the Water Monkey looks to further his situation, there will be anticipation to enjoy, excitement to share and choices to consider. The Water Monkey and his partner will have several plans in mind and by taking concerted action can accomplish a great deal. However, to obtain the best results, the Water Monkey will need to direct his energies towards specific outcomes rather than tiring himself with too much all at once. Here again this is a year for planning and focus, but the love and support of another person can spur the Water Monkey on and help him reach new heights.

More senior family members can also provide constructive help, and the Water Monkey should be obliging and speak openly about his current activities, plans and hopes. Over the year, he will have many people rooting for him. However, he still has to act and to proceed with care, determination and focus.

In general, the Year of the Rooster can be a rewarding one for the Water Monkey. It encourages personal and career development and what he learns now can lead to further opportunities in the near future. His personal and home life will be hectic and pleasing, with many good times to share, and the Water Monkey will be significantly helped by the support of others. He has a lot in his favour this year and if, he acts with resolve. He can build on his situation.

Tip for the Year

Update skills and knowledge. By getting involved in yourself, you can reap considerable rewards. ‘Diligence leads to riches’ and efforts made now can help your current and future prospects.

The Wood Monkey

With wide interests and a keen nature, the Wood Monkey has a talent for making the most of his situation. And in 2017 he can do well, regardless of the fact that the year does require care, good planning and discipline.

As the year starts, Wood Monkeys born in 1944 will have plans they will be keen to get underway. As they have found, having objectives not only helps focus their energies but also leads to more being achieved. And the Wood Monkey is, after all, purposeful!

Some of his thinking will concern his home and he will be particularly astute to resolve some niggles. It could be the case that certain areas have become cluttered and need sorting out or that some equipment is failing or may no longer be adequate. Once the Wood Monkey now begins to address these issues, extra projects will often suggest themselves, and some undertakings may become more extensive than envisaged. However, this is a year of action and the results can be satisfying.

Throughout the year of theWood Monkey will welcome the support of family members and will find the expertise of some particularly useful. As well as the transformations seen in many a Wood Monkey home, there will also be much to take advantage of. Whether sharing interests, starting a new activity or taking advantage of what is expected to be available locally, the Wood Monkey will have a nice mix of things to do.

He can also look forward to receiving receiving some special family occasions. He may see his family increase in numbers and will follow the progress of younger relations with considerable interest. While he may not like to interfere, the assistance he offers someone close could be more suggestive than he may realize. April and the last quarter of the year could see good news as well as be busy times domestically.

Wood Monkey’s communal life can also be rewarding. Some of his interests can be enjoyed with other people and if he is part of an active group or decides to join one over the year, he will appreciate that this is yet before him. He will also welcome opportunities to meet up with his friends, and the advice shared will often be mutually beneficial. Lonely Wood Monkeys should see what is happening locally and is designed to get involved. Positive action can get to make a real difference this year. March, May, August and December could see the most societal opportunities.

The Wood Monkey is blessed with an enquiring mind, and with peculiar interests in well expected this year, he should look to extend what he does in some way. This can be an inspiring time for him.

Travel, too, is well accepted and the Wood Monkey should aim to take a holiday this year as well as follows up any invitations he receives.

However, while many plans can be advanced, as with all year, problems can arise. In money matters in actual, great care is needed, and when making a major purchase or reaching an agreement, the Wood Monkey should check the terms and obligations and, if applicable, obtain further advice. He should be wary of making unauthorized agreements or trusting someone on what could be flimsy information. Without extra vigilance, losses could occur. Wood Monkeys, take note.

These words apart, this can be a satisfying year for the elder Wood Monkey, with much to appreciate.

For the Wood Monkey born in 2004, the Rooster year will open up countless possibilities. As he progresses in his education, he will be encouraged to explore and enjoy his talents and make greater use of the facilities available to him. By being involved, he can make significant strides, building up his knowledge and sometimes his confidence levels as well. This is a year to take part in what is happening around him.

The young Wood Monkey will develop some strategic interests this year, and by practising his skills and making the best use of the encouragement given him, will appreciate what he gets to do.

There will be a good deal of camaraderie between him and his friends, and a lot of fun can be had this year, although if at any time the Wood Monkey has misgivings over a certain situation, he needs to exercise care and not go against his better judgement. There is a risk that he may be misled or let down and in this otherwise superb year he needs to be circumspect.

There will be some excellent travel opportunities, however, and with his adventurous nature. The Wood Monkey will enjoy going away.

In addition, by involving himself in his home life and helping with various undertakings, he can benefit from a greater rapport with those around him.

For all Wood Monkeys, whether born in 1944 or 2004, activity and involvement will bring results in the Rooster year. By following through their ideas, they can accomplish a great deal. The Wood Monkey will also be encouraged by the support of those around him and shared undertakings are favourably affected. Personal interests and travel can also bring considerable pleasure, regardless of the fact that the more elder Wood Monkey will need to be vigilant in money matters. However, with care and effective use of his time, the Wood Monkey will be able to fit in a shocking amount this year and his efforts will reward him well.

Tip for the Year

Enjoy developing your interests and your strengths. If new activities or possibilities tempt you, explore them. Also, value your relations with those close to you. Their support can arise out of immense help.

The Fire Monkey

This will be a gratifying year for the Fire Monkey, with circumstances helping many of his plans alone. However, a fundamental feature of the Rooster years is that they favour planning and this is no time to drift or leave matters to chance. To get the best from the year, the Fire Monkey should give some thought to the things he would fall in love with and work towards them. Some objectives will not only give the year more structure but also make him more aware of the slight chances to pursue.

Number of the Fire Monkeys in work will be content to remain in their role. However, for those who would welcome new challenges, the changes that take place over the year may offer the perfect opportunity to take on additional responsibilities, including perhaps overseeing some of the changes. While additional duties will mean additional demands, these Fire Monkeys can nevertheless enjoy a greater sense of fulfilment.

For Fire Monkeys who are desirous to alter their working commitments and/or seeking work, the Rooster year can also open up fascinating possibilities. By giving careful thought to what they would happen to be in love with, making enquiries and seeking the support of helpful contacts, many of these Fire Monkeys could secure the chance they have been hoping for. April, June, October and November could see significant advances.

There will also be some Fire Monkeys who decide to retire this year. Again, by working towards the outcome they desire, they will be satisfied with the decision they have made.

Often more time available, many Fire Monkeys will be keen to take their personal interests further this year. This is a critical year to proceed with long-held goals and if the Fire Monkey has thoughts of writing a book or setting to another creative project, now is the time. Some Fire Monkeys could enrol on courses or be tempted by another pursuit. The Rooster year offers a wealth of possibilities.

Some Fire Monkeys will reflect on their well-being, and fitness disciplines or certain diets may be appealing. By seeking advice on how to move ahead, again many of these Fire Monkeys will be pleased with what they do.

The Rooster year also encourages travel and the Fire Monkey should seek to make provision for a holiday. By giving careful thought to his destination and what he would fall in love with while away, he will greatly enjoy himself. Shorter trips and local events could also feature prominently?

Regardless of the fact that much can go well this year, one area which requires close attention is financed. When concluding agreements or taking decisions with vital implications, the Fire Monkey should check the details and seek advice. He should also attend to forms and paperwork carefully. Lapses and delays could be to his disadvantage. Loans and informal agreements may also be problematic. In money matters, this is a year for caution and vigilance.

The Fire Monkey enjoys company and the Rooster year can provide a nice mix of things to be done. Whether attending parties, celebrating reunions or attending other events, he will find himself in demand. In addition, he will value the support of strategic friends this year, especially when taking decisions or under pressure. Many think highly of the Fire Monkey and will be keen to contribute to. March, May, August and December could see the most shared activity.

For Fire Monkeys who are lonely and would like to add something extra to their life, getting involved with community activities or joining a local group could be worth considering. This is a year favouring purposeful action.

Fire Monkey’s conjugal life will also see a great deal to happen this year. Some weeks could, though, be frenetic with activity, with everything seeming to be happen at once. Some Fire Monkeys will become grandparents and there can be some exciting and joyous times, with the Fire Monkey eager to help.

In addition, he will respond to proceed with plans for his home. He may have been thinking about some of these for some time. Regardless of the fact that there could be unforeseen snags, once everything is done, many Fire Monkeys will feel the effort and expense are justified.

Holidays with loved ones and shared interests can also bring great pleasure this year. This is a time for planning activities, sharing activities and appreciating time spent with loved ones. April and the last quarter of the year could be harried and often special times.

Overall, the Year of the Rooster can be a satisfying one for the Fire Monkey, but it does require determined action on his part. To realize his hopes, he needs to take the initiative, make enquiries, explore options and take decisions. However, as he will find, once he gets started, others may offer support and circumstances assistance to. The Rooster year will require effort, but the competent (and often lucky) Fire Monkey will turn much to both his present and future advantage and enjoy himself in the process.

Tip for the Year

Permit for your personal interests. These can make you good. Also, manage time well. With so much happening domestically, along with your other commitments, effective organization will allow you to do a surprising amount.

The Earth Monkey

The Earth Monkey has an enthusiastic nature and wishes to get involved in a great many things. And his personality and drive help him make the most of situations. His prospects are encouraging this year. However, he will need to remain focused and channel his energies wisely. To over commit himself, pay scant attention to potentially significant matters or become distracted could undermine his efforts. This is a year for discipline.

At work, there will be developments which impact on his role. Some workplaces could be impacted by staff movements, particularly as long-established colleagues transfer or leave. As a result there will be opportunities for various Earth Monkeys to progress their career, and their skills and in-house knowledge can be real assets.

With new responsibilities will come fresh pressures, though, and the early weeks of any further role can often be challenging. However, it is here that the Earth Monkey’s strengths will come into their own. Not only does he enjoy good working relations with many of his colleagues, but his ability to master detail will impress those around him. Concentrate will be required, but many Earth Monkeys are placed at do well.

The majority will remain with their present employer over the year, but a few may be headhunted. Some of these could be discovered in a dilemma. Before making a decision, they will need to check exactly what is on offer and what the implications might be.

For Earth Monkeys who are disenchanted by their contemporary situation, as well as those seeking work, the year can again be meaningful. While securing a new position will take time, by considering different ways of using their skills and widening their search, many will be successful. While their duties may be distinct from what they have made before, by showing commitment these Earth Monkeys can quickly establish themselves.

Work-wise, the Rooster year will ask a lot of the Earth Monkey, but in characteristic fashion he will rise to the challenge. April, June, October and November could see interesting opportunities.

The Earth Monkey is blessed with an enquiring nature and enjoys a variety of interests. And regardless of the fact that he will be kept busy this year, it is essential he does not let his interests drop. Not only can they help him relax but also be a satisfying outlet for his ideas and talents. Imaginative activities, including photography, could particularly appeal, and the Earth Monkey would be well advised to set time aside to further his skills. The accent this year is on improving strengths and talents.

For Earth Monkeys who lack regular exercise or rely a lot on convenience foods, more exercise or some dietary changes could contribute to their energy levels. With guidance, these Earth Monkeys will be pleased with the positive changes they introduce. Some may even become inspired by a modern fitness discipline.

Travel is favourably accepted and if possible the Earth Monkey should be intended to go away during the year and visit places new. Planning his itinerary carefully will make his time away all the more evocative.

One area where he will need to exercise particular care this year is fiscal. When reaching agreements, he should check the implications and, if necessary, obtain professional advice. He should also deal with essential paperwork promptly and, if lending to another person, be watchful over what is agreed. Mistakes, delays and misjudgements could be to his disadvantage. Earth Monkey, stays alert and vigilant.

Given his often hectic lifestyle, the Earth Monkey will be more selective in his socializing this year but can still have a varied mix of occasions to enjoy. He will value his chances to spend time with others and some influential connections can be achieved this year. For the unattached Earth Monkey, a chance meeting could in time become significant. March, May, August and December could be socially interesting months.

In his home life, Earth Monkey will see considerable activity. With commitments and sometimes routines changing, useful communication will be a need. At busy times, the more family members can help one another, the easier it will be for all. Nonetheless, amid the high levels of activity, there will be many times to enjoy together, including holidays, trips and/or special, treats. Once again the Earth Monkey’s ability to come forward with ideas will be a lot appreciated. Also, when the inevitable problems occur (often caused by pressure), his thoughtfulness and ability to find solutions can be helpful.

When he looks back on the Rooster year, he may be amazed at all the changes that have taken place. Often these will have occurred gradually but built up over the year. It is a period of continual but appreciable progress. To make the most of it, the Earth Monkey should concentrate on his goals and look to advance his position. What he achieves now can be to his present and future benefit, with the Rooster year having long-term implications. Throughout it he will be guided by the support of family and friends as well as enjoy a variety of activities. Overall, a full and satisfying year.
Tip for the Year

You will seem to have a lot of demands on your time this year, but make sure these do not make incursions into your home life or prevent you from enjoying the rewards of your efforts. Permit quality time for others and for your own interests.

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