Dog Chinese Horoscope 2017

Prospects for the Dog in 2017

A lot happens quickly in the Monkey year (8 February 2016–27 January 2017) and the Dog may be involved in many activities, sometimes with success but sometimes not, as he may be drawn into matters not of his choosing. However, while the Monkey year will bring its pressures, it will bring opportunities too.

In the closing months, the Dog will get to go to his time well and concentrate on key priorities. To spread his attention as well widely could limit his effectiveness. In his home life in particular, arrangements should be decided early on and activities spread out. With more substantial purchases as well, time needs to be allowed to consider options and make choices without pressure.

The Dog will see an increase in social activity at this time and some unexpected invitations may delight him. The end of the year could be capped with some pleasing personal news or a much-heralded occasion.
At work, many Dogs will find their skills in demand and there may be scope for some to increase their role. September and November could see possible openings but, as with so much in the Monkey year, this is a time for the Dog to focus, to put himself forward and make the best use of what arises.

The Rooster year begins on 28 January is capable of being a mixed one for the Dog. He may be uneasy about some developments but can also look forward to receiving receiving some peculiar triumphs. The Rooster year will certainly test him, but next year is the Dog’s own year and what happens now (both good and bad) can prepare him for the opportunities that lie ahead.

During the year, the Dog should take into consideration the fact that Rooster years favour convention and proceeding along established lines. This means that the Dog’s more idealistic notions may not always get the reception he would like. At times, this year, discretion would do not come amiss. Dogs, especially more vociferous ones, take note.

At work, parts of the year will be demanding. Complex tasks, the slow workings of bureaucracy and problems caused by the change could all result in the Dog facing frustrations. And, being conscientious, he will not like to fall behind or let others down. However, while the pressures can sometimes be intense, as Benjamin Franklin suggested, problems can be opportunities in disguise. If the Dog concentrates on what has to be done and uses his skills and judgement well, he can highlight (as well as discover) certain aptitudes and enhance his reputation. While the Rooster year may be demanding, it will show the stuff the Dog is comprised of.

Various Dogs will remain with their present employer over the year, though with altered and more extensive duties. However, for those seeking change, as well as those looking for work, the Rooster year can have significant advances in store. Obtaining a new position will require great effort, but the Dog is by nature tenacious and can succeed in his quest. Also, if he takes on a position which is distinct from what he has done before, by showing a commitment, he can quickly establish himself in his new role and have the chance to acquire what can be valuable additional skills. March, June, September and November could see considerable activity.

Although the Dog will have numerous demands on his time, to drive himself relentlessly or give scant thought to his personal well-being could leave him lacking his usual sparkle. In the Rooster year, all Dogs should strive for a balanced lifestyle and, if lacking regular exercise, just try to incorporate some into their schedule. If reliant on fast food, healthier alternatives could also be to their advantage, including in raising energy levels.

Personal interests can also play an important part in this year, especially as various Dogs will have ideas they will be keen to follow through or events they would want to attend. Rooster years can be inspiring but require effective management of time. Looking ahead, if there are skills the Dog thinks could be useful or an interest he would wish to learn more about, he should find out more. Affirmative action can be to his present and future advantage.

With his busy lifestyle, the Dog’s outgoings will be considerable, however, and throughout the year he should watch his spending levels. Without care, outgoings could creep up. Also, if involved in any large transaction, he should compare prices, terms and implications. Extra attention could prevent mistakes as well as lead to better decisions.

As a sign the Dog is renowned for his loyalty and many people value his dependable nature. Unfortunately, though, a definite friendship could come into question this year when another person is not all that reliable or supportive as the Dog expected them to be. Some Dogs may also find their trust has been a violation. However, while the Rooster year can bring its disappointments, these will pass. Where one friendship may flounder, another could quickly take a place. The Dog relates well to others and there will be much socializing for him to appreciate this year. March, April, July and September could be active months.

Dog’s home life will also see significant activity, especially as he will be eager to make improvements, including rectifying niggling problems or updating equipment. However, practical undertakings can be problematic, and throughout the year the Dog should discuss his thoughts and possible solutions with others, including professionals where necessary. This is not the time to move forward regardless. Also, some activities could be more disruptive than initially envisaged and the Dog should factor this into his plans. Dogs, take note – prepare well and do involve everyone concerned in your undertakings.

Work pressures and other commitments which leave the Dog (or other family members) tired or preoccupied need to be taken into account account, but with understanding and good communication, tensions can be eased and pressures lightened. All year have their difficulties and this one will be no exception. However, Rooster years do provide a good mix of highs and lows, and personal successes enjoyed by the Dog and other family members can be a source of much joy, as can shared occasions, some of which will just happen and be all the more appreciated for their spontaneity. June, July and December could be special months, with travel also possible.

Overall, the Year of the Rooster will be a demanding one for the Dog and during, it he will be needed to proceed steadily. Haste does not suit his psyche in any event. Ideally, he should plan out his undertakings and give careful thought to how best he can manage his time and situation. Ensuing year is his own year and if he can add to his knowledge now it can be to his benefit then. In his work and personal interests in discrete, this is a year to construct. He also is required to manage his resources carefully as well as liaise well with others. Rooster years can bring their difficult moments, but with attentiveness, these can often be minimized and will not detract from the many achievements enjoyed. This will constitute an action-filled year, not always smooth, but rewarding and with far-reaching significance.

The Metal Dog

A notable feature of the Metal Dog is his commitment. When he takes on an obligation or sets himself an object, he strives hard to do something that is required. However, he is also realistic, and rather than rush, he always wants to proceed steadily. And this sums up the Rooster year for him: it will be a time of steady but satisfying progress. Some developments may cause him to re-evaluate his situation, but next year is his own year and what happens now will prepare him for the opportunities that lie ahead.

At work, despite the fact that many Metal Dogs would be content to focus on their current duties, developments could impact on their role. In some workplaces, there could be a sizeable staff movement and changes in key personnel. In addition, separate systems could prove disruptive. Some of what happens will affect the Metal Dog’s ability to deliver on his duties and, being conscientious, this is something which will concern him. At almost any time of the year he could find himself with altered duties, an increased workload or having to deputize for another person. However, despite the pressures, there can be times of opportunity. As changes occur, employee will be obliged to take on greater roles and the Metal Dog may be well placed to benefit. Some of the year’s advances may not be what he was envisaging, but will nevertheless enable him to move his career forward.

For Metal Dogs who feel they can better their prospects by a move elsewhere, as well as those seeking work, the Rooster year can also hold significant progresses. Regardless of the fact that vacancies in the type of work they favour may be limited, by considering further ways of using their skills and keeping alert for openings, they can be successful in their quest. This will take time and the Metal Dog may sometimes be daunted by the responsibilities he eventually takes on, but the accent this year is on perpetual growth. March to mid-April, June, September and November could see significant opportunities.

Progress made at work will increase the income of various Metal Dogs, but this will be only an expensive year. With some home repairs likely, as well as major purchases and other outgoings, Metal Dog will be required to keep a close watch on spending and make early provision for strategic plans. He has to be cautious when dealing with financial correspondence or taking on new commitments and should, if appropriate, obtain professional advice. This will no longer be a year to be lax or take risks. Metal Dogs, take note.

Domestically, this will be a busy year with some exciting developments to celebrate. A younger relation could get engaged or married or enjoy a much-deserved academic or work-related success, and this will mean a lot to the Metal Dog. As always, he will be here to support and advise as necessary.

Additional pleasure this year can come from travel. A planned (and much-anticipated) holiday can be particularly appreciated. June to early August and December could be perceptive and active months in the Metal Dog’s household.

However, while there will be a lot to capitalize on, there will also be difficulties. Equipment could fail, unanticipated expenses arise and complex decisions have to be done. Discussion and flexibility will help. With problems of a practical nature, contacting those with the knowledge to assist could save the Dog (and others) additional anxiety. Dogs, take note, and do be prepared to draw on the help that is offered to you.

While Metal Dog will have countless commitments this year, he should also preserve some time for his personal interests. These cannot only find a way to give him the chance to unwind but also inspire him. Especially for Metal Dogs who are feeling staid, this is a year to be alert for extra activities. They can be rewarding both now and in the future.

While the Metal Dog often likes to keep his social life relatively low key, advances this year can lead to him meeting others and making some useful connections, both personally and professionally. His personable nature will delight quite a few people this year, with March, April, July and September particularly favourable and interesting months socially. However, while there will be good times, as is the right way for the Rooster year, a disagreement could occur and this will be addressed lest it escalates. Rooster years can have their tricky moments.

As the Chinese proverb is reminiscent, ‘Slow and steady wins the race.’ This fits in well with the Metal Dog’s psyche. Slowly and steadily, he can gain knowledge, strengthen his skills and enhance his reputation, and these can be significant in the near future. Domestically, this will be a hectic year with good news to share but decisions and problems to talk through as well. To help his lifestyle balance, the Metal Dog should allow time for personal interests and take into account up fresh ones. These can bring him pleasure as well as a respite from all the activity. Overall, a demanding but significant year.
Tip for the Year

Added to skills and knowledge in both your work and your personal interests. That way you will be strengthening your prospects for the future. Also, enjoy your relations with those who are superior to you. Their support will encourage you.

The Water Dog

This will be an action-packed year for the Water Dog and while there will be times when he will despair of all he has nothing to do, he will nevertheless accomplish an enormous amount. Significantly, what he succeeds in doing now can often be built upon in the Dog year that follows.

To make the most of the Rooster year the Water Dog does, though, has an obligation to keep alert to developments and adapt accordingly. By being flexible and making the most of the situations as they arise, he may not only benefit now but also find that one step forward can lead to others.

One area which is especially well accepted is personal and professional development, and throughout the year the Water Dog should seize any chances to extend his skills and knowledge. If there is a qualification he feels could be constructive or a skill that would enable him to do more, he should investigate how he could obtain it. In some instances, training will be delivered by his work, but if not, or he is anxious to develop a more recreational skill, he should check out the courses available, including online. By getting involved in himself, he will be adding to his capabilities and widening his options for later.

At work, this can be a demanding year, of the Water Dog’s workload complicated by additional pressures and niggling problems. Some parts of the year will be exasperating and may prevent the Water Dog from giving as much attention to certain aspects of his work as he would like. However, situations that arise can highlight his strengths and help his fame.

The majority of Water Dogs will remain with their present employer over the year and are given the opportunity to extend their role and gain additional insight into their industry. For those who choose to move elsewhere, as well as those seeking work, the Rooster year will be challenging. Obtaining a fresh position will require time, and competition likely to be fierce, showing initiative by finding out more about the duties involved can make an essential difference. Water Dogs who do take on a different role will find that by showing commitment and working well with their colleagues, they can prepare themselves for additional advances. March, June, September and November could see considerable activity and some chances arising.

Financially, despite the fact that many Water Dogs will enjoy a rise in income, this will be only an expensive year. Water Dog could face additional outgoings and also have plans of his own in mind, possibly family activities or a holiday. To do all he wants will require discipline and satisfactory control over spending. He could think it is helpful to maintain a set of accounts to keep better track of his position. Money matters do require careful attention this year and if the Water Dog carries out agreements, he should check the terms carefully.

Water Dog has an enquiring nature and over the year he could become intrigued by recent activities or inspired by modern ideas. By following these up, he cannot only derive considerable personal satisfaction from what he does but also come in contact with like-minded people. Indeed, during the year number Water Dogs can look forward to receiving some particularly interesting and convivial occasions. Any Water Dog who is feeling lonely or has had recent personal problems will find that joining a community or interest group could restore some sparkle to their life. For the unattached, a chance meeting could become more meaningful as the year progresses. March, April, July and September could see the most communal activity, despite the fact that, in view of the prevailing aspects, if a friendship issue concerns the Water Dog at any time, he should deal with it rather than ignore it. Minor matters could escalate if he is not vigilant.

Water Dog’s home life will see excessive activity. Both the Water Dog and his partner (and sometimes children) could find themselves affected by changing routines and domestic adjustments will be necessary. There will be a lot to think, but with the support, flexibility and good dialogue, changes can be successfully introduced and some unexpected advantages follow on. If a parent, the Water Dog will also be responsive to guide and encourage his children as well as share in their delight as new skills are mastered. More senior relations will also be glad for his input on certain undertakings. Many a Water Dog will be at the heart of family activities this year. June, July and December could be extraordinary months, regardless of the fact that whenever possible, activities should be divided out throughout the year.

Overall, the Year of the Rooster will be a hectic one for the Water Dog, with many pressures and some problems to cope with. His work situation could be particularly demanding but also instructive and indispensable preparation for the opportunities that will await next year. Personal interests can also develop well and the Water Dog should add to his skills and consider setting himself new challenges. He will, though, have to be prudent in money matters and keep a strict watch on spending. On a subjective level, he will find himself in demand, while domestically he will be a great support to those around him. This will be a demanding year, but there will be a lot to gain and some hard-earned successes to enjoy.
Tip for the Year

Have self-belief? There will be challenges to cope with, but you have it within you to learn, prove yourself and ultimately succeed. This year can be significant in highlighting your personal strengths.

The Wood Dog

There is a Chinese proverb which reminds us. ‘Walk slowly and you won’t collapse down; act carefully and you won’t make mistakes.’ This advice holds very for Wood Dog in the Rooster year. It will be a year of significant opportunities and, by proceeding carefully and in tune with what he believes to be true, he can learn much from it.

Wood Dog’s personal life will be especially busy. For those with a partner, there will be hopes to realize and plans to tackle, including perhaps marrying or settling down together. While enthusiastic, Wood Dog will have to be disciplined and avoid committing himself to too many undertakings at anyone time. With more ambitious plans, he has an obligation to give careful thought to costs and implications. Rooster years favour planning and a ‘one step at a time’ approach will ensure better outcomes.

Regardless of the fact that the Rooster year will have its pressures it will also contain numerous highlights. Wood Dog (and partner) could enjoy some pleasing personal news and will have a good mix of things to do, including travel. While the Wood Dog likes to make his own decisions, if he would welcome another opinion, or advice, consulting senior relations may lead to helping in unimagined ways.

The unattached, affairs of the heart could become meaningful, with Cupid’s arrow striking suddenly and dramatically. Wood Dogs who have experienced recent personal upset could find changing circumstances putting them in contact with others and their prospects, and often love life, becoming much more categorical. Mid-February to early May, July and September could see curious developments.

Wood Dog will also value the social opportunities of the year and parties, events and, for the music enthusiast, concerts can lead to some exciting occasions. The Rooster year will certainly contain a good mix of things to do and Wood Dogs who are feeling lonely or who move over the year should take note of what is going on in their area. Getting involved can brighten their situation.

However, while there will be a good thing times to enjoy, the Rooster year will have its troubling moments and the situation of a friend could worry the Wood Dog. His lightheadedness and empathy can help.

In money matters, with purchases, costly undertakings and some deposits likely, the Wood Dog will need to be disciplined. If required in order to borrow, he should check the terms and seek professional advice when necessary. The resources of numerous Wood Dogs will be stretched this year. However, Wood Dog can look forward to receiving some luck, perhaps in the form of a superior offer, a gift or a shrewd purchase.

At work in the Wood Dog can look forward to receiving making significant headway, but again. Effort will be required. For those already established in a position, progresses in their workplace are such as to influence on their role. When personnel change or are absent, they may be faced with additional responsibilities and pressures. Situations may not be aided by supplementary objectives, deadlines or problems over supply or equipment. Wood Dog’s role will not always be easy this year, but by doing his best and showing initiative, he can enhance his fame. The problems of the year may also lead to him working more closely with senior colleagues and this will give him an added chance to impress.

For Wood Dogs who desire change, as well as those seeking work, the Rooster year will be challenging. Sundry of these Wood Dogs will face disappointments, but the Rooster year is famed for its moments of luck. An opening round and pursued by chance (or word of mouth) could lead to a position being offered. And while this could involve a steep learning curve, it could give the Wood Dog the chance to establish himself in a different role. Such is the workings of the year that some Wood Dogs will chance upon a career they will make their future. March, June, September and November could see help progresses.

For Wood Dogs in education, effort will once again be required, but with focus and self-belief they can gain meaningful results. And again, these can be something they can count on.

The Year of the Rooster will ask a lot of the Wood Dog and development will be hard-won, but the Wood Dog is tenacious and by making the most of his situation he will learn a lot and help his prospects in the process. He will value the love and friendship of those who are near him and there will be special times to enjoy. More senior relations can give diagnostic assistance. Spending has to be watched, but overall, slowly and steadily, this is a year of laying the foundation for the exciting times ahead.

Tip for the Year
This is a critical year to demonstrate your potential. Seize any chances to become acquainted and build connections. You have a great deal to offer and can ultimately benefit from the effort you make now. Also, enjoy special times you will share with your loved ones.

The Fire Dog

This will be a full and satisfying year for the Fire Dog and despite some challenges he can benefit from many of its advances. With willing approach and flexibility on his part, he is set to do well.

Fire Dogs born in 1946 will, in particular, see considerable activity in their conjugal life. During the year younger relations could enjoy some keynote occasions as well as face vital decisions concerning work, relocation or personal matters. Here the Fire Dog’s understanding may be especially valued and he may play an influential part on several occasions. In the summer there could be some especially gratifying family news as well as the chance to meet relations (or very intimate friends) not seen for some time.

The Fire Dog will also be desirous to undertake some practical undertakings, including replacing outdated equipment. Regardless of the fact that he may start these tasks in earnest, practical projects could turn out more complicated and costly than expected. Also, where technical matters are concerned, original ideas may have to be revised as additional considerations are involved. Some flexibility – and expert guidance – could be needed.

Fire Dog keeps himself well informed about what is occurring in his locality and several activities and events could tempt him over the year. If he performs the following up, some enjoyable (and occasionally bizarre) times can be had. In addition, he could be accomplished by some locally run courses or recreational pursuits that take place over the year. Participating could add something extra to his lifestyle. For the lonely Fire Dog, local activities and recreational groups could offer fresh friendships and be well worth considering. March, April, July and September could see the most communal activity.

One area which will require particular attention this year is fiscal. With family expenses, costly purchases and other outgoings, the Fire Dog will need in order to watch his spending and overall situation. As well many outgoings all at once could lead to shortfalls and to adjustments having to be done. Fire Dog should also attend to bureaucratic matters with care. Despite the fact that this may be irksome, delays or oversights could be to his disadvantage. If he gets any doubts, he should request clarification.

Fire Dog will also enjoy his travels this year and whether visiting attractions some distance away or enjoying those closer to home, he can look forward to seeing some interesting sites as well as trying some unusual experiences. Some spur of the moment trips could be particularly appreciated, with the unexpectedness adding to the fun. Quick summer could be an enthusiastic and curious time for travel possibilities.

Overall, this can be a full and interesting year for the Fire Dog born in 1946, despite the fact that to make the most of it, he needs to be accommodating. However, with awareness, support and willingness to seize his opportunities, he will be very pleased with how his activities promote.

For the Fire Dog born in 2006, the Rooster year will also see significant events. For some of these Fire Dogs, there will be changed of school and a plethora of additional subjects to learn. There will be daunting and demanding times, but by showing a commitment and putting in the effort, many of these young Fire Dogs will make vigorous progress as well as show their potential in certain areas.

These Fire Dogs will also enjoy developing their recreational interests, and by taking advantage of the resources available to them, can make encouraging development and will be supported by those around them. With friends, too, there will be pleasant camaraderie and some lively times to share, regardless of the fact that mixed in with these there could be a problem with another person. If worried, the Fire Dog should seek advice rather than keep his anxieties to himself. ‘A worry shared is a worry halved.’

Young Fire Dog can also look forward to some stimulating trips, including visits to special attractions, and could develop an interest in certain activities as a consequence. Rooster years can be illuminating and have long-term benefits.

As with all years, this one will get its ups and downs. During it, the Fire Dog, whether born in 1946 or 2006, will take vast satisfaction in many of his activities and enjoy some pleasing results. Nonetheless, the year will also bring its challenges. It is vital that the Fire Dog remembers that support is there for him should he get to. However, the Rooster year will allow him to engage in various activities and enjoy some amusing results. His conjugal life and personal interests can be especially rewarding and shared activities can bring him immense pleasure.

Tip for the Year
Enjoy your personal interests and improve your skills. Keep alert to opportunities and make the best use of the facilities available to you. With a cooperative attitude, you can do – and enjoy – a lot this year.

The Earth Dog

Earth Dog has many exceptional gifts and among them is his ability to read situations and sense the right time to take action. And his awareness and timing will prove very handy this year.

Rooster years favour planning and as this one starts the Earth Dog should think what he would like to see happen. By setting himself some arms, he can make this a constructive and significant time. And with next year being his peculiar year, he will be an excellent chance to build on this year’s accomplishments.

His work situation will see some volatility. Working practices may be altered over the year and recent initiatives launched. However, as changes are considered and implemented, many Earth Dogs will find themselves having greater input in their workplace as well as making the best use of their specializations. Work-wise, the Rooster year will be a challenging one but may bestow the Earth Dog an increased sense of fulfilment. And his ability to respond well to situations can lead to meaningful progress being achieved.

The majority of Earth Dogs will remain with their current employer over the year, albeit in a considerably enhanced position, but some will be tempted by opportunities elsewhere. By keeping alert and making enquiries (here their network of contacts could prove advantageous), many will successfully make the move they want. Rooster years favour determined action and the Earth Dog’s strengths and timing will often be to his advantage in this one.

For Earth Dogs seeking work, there may also be noteworthy developments in store. Regardless of the fact that their question will be difficult and at times, disheartening. Their persistence and initiative can lead to positions being found. In some cases, these can be a considerable change from previous roles but offer an ideal challenge. March, June, September and November could see encouraging advances.

Another area which can bring potential reward this year is the Earth Dog’s personal interests. Again, by setting himself objectives for the year (which will often include starting something further), he will enjoy the way these develop. Earth Dog likes to have a purpose and could be on stimulated form this year. Creative activities are particularly well expected and could meet with an encouraging response.

With his opulent lifestyle, commitments and travel opportunities (especially in early summer), the Earth Dog’s outgoings will be considerable and he will need to keep a careful watch on his level of spending. If he can make immediate provision for some purchases, this will not only help him budgeting but in some instances permit him to improve on his original idea. Rooster years favour planning and discipline. Earth Dog needs to be especially vigilant when attending financial correspondence. He is generally meticulous, but should he be issues or uncertainties, he should get these addressed lest mistakes are made. Earth Dogs, take note.

Socially, while the Earth Dog may not like particularly large gatherings, he will enjoy looking at his friends and some of the more informal and celebratory occasions he goes to. He will enjoy a good rapport with some of the people he meets this year, often through mutual acquaintances, and shared interests can be a helpful link. However, should a scheming social situation arise, he needs to be his guarded and discreet self. Rooster years require care. Here the Earth Dog’s perceptive nature will again be a priceless asset. March, April, July and September could be pleasing and convivial months.

Domestically, Earth Dog will often be keen to move forward with plans, purchases and improvements. However, while enthusiastic, he needs to be truthful in what he can embark on at anyone time and to talk about his plans over with his loved ones, taking into account their views and the probable disruption involved. Once underway, some undertakings could run into snags and delays, and the increased pressure and inconvenience could lead to awkward moments. Earth Dogs, take note and be forewarned.

Despite this, Earth Dog and his loved ones will enjoy some very special moments, perhaps celebrating a personal or shared milestone or individual success. Also, by being aware of what is happening in his locality, Earth Dog will often learn of events and activities that he and other family members could enjoy together. June, July and December could be particularly lively months.

Much is placed it happens in this Rooster year and the Earth Dog’s enthusiasm and commitment will often deliver superior results. He is required to manage his finances carefully and be forthcoming about his plans and intentions. Nevertheless, with support, care and his usual awareness, he can make this a fulfilling year and build on his achievements in his own splendid year which follows.
Tip for the Year
Set yourself some objectives for the year and work towards them. With your strengths and strong sense of purpose, you can accomplish a great deal. However, do liaise well with those around you and know their views.

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