Rat Chinese Horoscope 2017

Prospects for the Rat in 2017

The Rat is resourceful and sets about his activities with great energy. And his efforts in the Monkey year (8 February 2016–27 January 2017) will have allowed him to do a great deal and enjoy some pleasing results. However, in the remaining months he will be focused and use his time well. To an increased in the number of commitments, he could find some weeks especially busy, and the better organized he is, the more he will take advantage.
At work, many Rats will take on additional duties or a new role. While this will often be pleasing, these Rats should concentrate on their objectives and avoid being sidetracked. It is through focus that the best results will be accomplished. The end of the year will bring pressures, but could see potentially significant developments.

The Rat should be disciplined in his spending at this time. His outgoings be placed at increasing, but by thinking through his purchases, he can make some good decisions and find some bargains.

The Rat always attaches great importance to his relations with others and the closing months of the year will see a flurry of activity, including opportunities to get out. Many Rats will also enjoy surprising occasions and treats and welcome the kindness shown by their loved ones. In some instances, if the Rat talks over his concerns or hopes with those around him, he could find their advice well worth heeding.
The Year of the Rooster starts on 28 January is capable of being an eventful one for the Rat. There will be several highs and lows for the year, but thanks to the Rat’s skills and resourcefulness, far more of these will be highs.

A key factor for the Rat is tantamount to listen to his inner voice. Proceeding with something he has misgivings could lead to problems and regrets later on. At times, the Rat will need to be firm and disposed to state his case. This need for openness extends to virtually all aspects of his life, and indeed, almost all aspects will see a considerable amount happen over the year.

For the unattached Rat, there will be lovely romantic possibilities, although it will be a case of proceeding steadily and allowing a relationship to strengthen over time rather than rushing into a commitment. Some Rats will find true love this year, while others will find that some romances are not intended to be. For these Rats, there will be lessons to learn and chances to move forward. A lot will happen for a reason this year and will work out of the Rat’s ultimate strength. March, June, August and December could be key months for meeting others, making personal decisions or enjoying some personal good news.

For Rats with a partner, this can be a hectic year, and here again. Openness will be to the Rat’s merit. If he has ideas for home improvements, including purchases, he should let these be known. Similarly, if there are activities, holiday destinations or new interests that appeal to him, if he talks these through with his loved ones, he will often be invited to address his ideas further.

Ambitious projects will go ahead in many a Rat home and in some instances plans which have been considered for some time will now be undertaken. Disruption and inconvenience will inevitably occur and effort be required. Nonetheless, the results will be useful. Some Rats will decide whether or not move. For these Rats, the Rooster year will also see times of intense activity, but by the year’s end, a lot will have been carried out and many Rats will appreciate the benefits (and opportunities) their actions have brought.

The Rooster year will also be eventful work-wise, with virtually all Rats feeling the effects of change. Over the year, many will face increasing demands as new responsibilities are given and pressures increase. In some cases, a flurry of activity will make some weeks frenetic and the Rat may feel overwhelmed. However, the challenges that arise will give the Rat the chance to demonstrate his judgement and underline his strengths. The reputation of many Rats can be considerably enhanced over the year and when further opportunities arise. They will be placed in a strong position to benefit. April, May, September and October could be harried and significant months for work progress.

For Rats seeking work or hoping that i can move to something different, the Rooster year can have surprises in store. These Rats may make various applications to no avail and then suddenly their luck changes and within a short space of time their prospects (and immediate future) are transformed. And once these Rats are given an opportunity, they will revel in the chance to show themselves. Rooster years acknowledge the Rat’s skills and he can be a major beneficiary of the year’s transformation trends.

In view of the work decisions the Rat will have to take, it is, however, important that he does what he feels, is right. Once again he is called upon to listen to his inner voice. If he has uncertainties or questions, he also needs to seek advice from those who have the power to assist. Ill-considered decisions could cause problems later. Rats, take note.

This need for care is also applicable to money matters. Over the year, the Rat will have expensive plans to carry through and will face additional outgoings, including repair bills and transport costs. He should budget carefully and also be attentive to paperwork and though when assuming new commitments.

Synergy can will be a significant factor in 2017 and in addition to the help of the Rat receives from others. He will have many chances to support those around him. Once again his help can make an appreciable difference, and his ability to empathize and suggest practical ways forward will be valued.

With his hectic lifestyle, he should, if possible, aim to take a holiday at some time during the year. Driving himself relentlessly could take its toll and it is essential he allows himself the chance to unwind. Talking over possible holiday destinations or ways of enjoying quality time with his loved ones can lead to some interesting suggestions as well as set certain plans in motion.

The Rat should also make sure his personal interests are not neglected this year. With the Rooster year bringing fresh possibilities, if he is drawn from a particular activity or thinks of a way of developing an existing interest, he should take it further. This is a year to follow up what appears to him.

Rats who are sedentary for much of the day should also consider incorporating some exercise into their routine. By seeking professional advice on the best way to make progress, they can be introduced to new activities and. For those who join fitness classes, enjoy social benefits too. In 2017 the Rat should aim to pay some attention to his well-being, and if he has any medical concerns, gets them checked out.

By the end of the Rooster year, many Rats will be astonished by all they have been able to see. This will be an active and encouraging year, but to fully benefit, the Rat will need to be disciplined, act on his ideas and embrace emerging opportunities. Domestically and socially, this will be a rewarding year, with plans advanced and some potentially significant new relationships and friendships made. Work-wise, while the demands may be considerable, there will be scope for the Rat to use his strengths to benefit and often pave the way for future development. Overall, an active and rewarding year.

The Metal Rat

There is a Chinese proverb which reminds us. ‘Diligence is the mother of good fortune, ’ and this is a year when the Metal Rat’s diligence can reward him well. This is a time for building on his present position, pursuing his fundamental aims and being alert to new developments. He does, though, need to make progress in accordance with his true feelings and avoid risk and rush.

His personal and family life are particularly well accepted and celebrations are likely to be a part of the store, possibly a wedding or the birth of a grandchild. In addition, news concerning another person could delight the Metal Rat and he could be in a position to provide wise advice. Metal Rats who have more senior relations could give help that is more meaningful than they realize, and while occasional generational friction may occur, the Metal Rat will play a valued role in the lives of many of those around him. There will be numerous family activities to look forward to throughout the year, and March, June and September could be particularly enthusiastic.

The Metal Rat himself will also benefit from the help of family members. By sharing his hopes and any matters on his mind, he will find decisions can be done easier and assistance given. This is a time of openness and sharing.

The Metal Rat takes pride in his home and during the year he will be eager to make improvements, perhaps altering the d├ęcor or layout of certain rooms. A lot can be made, but Metal Rat should spread practical undertakings out rather than commit himself to too many at anyone time.

It is also vital that he permits himself a break over the year and, where possible, a holiday with his loved ones. Time away in a carefully chosen destination can do everyone good. May, late summer and the end of the year could all see interesting travel possibilities.

In view of his commitments, Metal Rat will be selective in his socializing this year, but by taking up invitations and going to events that appeal to him he will enjoy the mix of occasions he is in a position to assist. For the concert-goer and sporting enthusiast, the year can contain some noteworthy highlights.

For the unattached Metal Rat, romance, too, may add sparkle to the year, with an existing friendship becoming more expressive or someone further entering the Metal Rat’s life. For Metal Rats who are feeling lonely or that something has been lacking from their life of late. The Rooster year can mark a considerable upturn. However, in the early stages of a romance it would be best to enjoy the moment and let the relationship develop in its own way rather than rush into a commitment. March, June, August and December could see the most social activity as well as be serious for meeting others.

The Rooster year can also lead to some vital decisions work-wise. Assorted Metal Rats will see considerable change in their place of work as long-standing colleagues leave and new working practices are applied. In view of the volatility, many Metal Rats will think carefully about their present position, make use of newly created openings (including promotion) or decide the time is quite reasonable to look elsewhere. Here again, Metal Rat should act in accordance with what he believes to be right. Whatever he chooses to do, however, he will rise to the challenges and opportunities the year brings and enjoys the chance to improve his skills in innovative ways.

For Metal Rats seeking work, the Rooster year can also bring encouraging advances. Despite the fact that some of these Metal Rats may have felt despondent recently, they could discover or be alerted to an ideal vacancy almost by chance and it may seem as if it was meant to be. Positions some security may be distinct from their previous roles, but they will give these Metal Rats the chance to prove themselves in another capacity. Work-wise, the transitory nature of the Rooster year can bring uncertain moments, but the skills and fortitude of many Metal Rats will shine through. Late March to early June, September and October could see encouraging developments, regardless of the fact that such is the nature of the year that opportunities could arise at almost any time.

Income of any Metal Rats will increase this year. Metal Rat will still need to manage his outgoings well. Expensive plans need to be budgeted for and risks avoided. Should Metal Rat be uncharacteristically lax, problems could ensue? This is a year for fiscal care.

With an often demanding lifestyle, the Metal Rat also is required to preserve some time to relax and unwind. If lacking regular exercise, he should seek advice on which activities it would be suitable for him to do. Some attention to his lifestyle can make a noticeable difference this year and if he is feeling below par at any time or has any health concerns, he should get this looked at.

Overall, the Rooster year will be a tiring and often special one for the Metal Rat. In his personal and family life there will be some good news to enjoy, and the more that can be performed together, the better. Metal Rat’s work and personal interests can also improve in inspiring ways and there will be the opportunity for him to add to his expertise. Throughout the year he will be obliged to follow follow his instincts and proceed carefully, but if he acts in ways that feel right for him, he can enjoy an energetic and personally rewarding year.

Tip for the Year

Value your relations with those who play a significant role in order for you. Also, preserve some time for yourself and your interests. Aim for a respectable lifestyle balance and enjoy what this year will bring.

The Water Rat

The element of water brings out a sign’s communicative skills and the Water Rat is a highly effective communicator. Not only does he listen well, but he lies in a position to voice his ideas clearly and often persuasively. And his talents can contribute to making this a successful year. However, while a lot can go well, he needs in order to manage his time carefully. During parts of the year, the pressure will be significant, and to get the best results. He will need to focus on what is important.

In his work, changes are afoot. Despite the fact that many Water Rats will be created in a certain type of work, there will be the chance for them to extend their role and radically change their duties. This may arise through staff movements and promotion opportunities or through the Water Rat himself seeking a fresh challenge. In either case, his reputation and experience will stand him in excellent stead. Some weeks could prove demanding, but the Water Rat will have the opportunity to demonstrate his skills and move ahead. In addition, his ability to forge effective working relations with those around him will be to his benefit and this can be a productive time, especially for those whose work involves conveying ideas and information.

At Water Rats seeking work the Rooster year can have astonishing advances in store and some of them will secure a position which is very different from what they have done before. Again the learning curve can be significant, but the year will give much Water Rats new purpose and incentive. April, May and September to early November could see particularly encouraging advances.

Assorted Water Rats will enjoy a modest rise in income over the year and some will also receive funds from another source. However, with plans and purchases, together with increased commitments, the Water Rat will find this a costly year. Throughout, he needs in order to monitor his spending and check the terms of any agreement he enters into. This is not any time for risks or assumptions.

With his hectic lifestyle and often increasing pressures, he should, however, try to make provision for a holiday this year. A change of scene can do him considerable good. Some Water Rats may be in a position to link a holiday to an interest or event and so make their time away more meaningful. Short breaks may appear to. During this frequently demanding year, the Water Rat should enjoy some of the rewards he works so hard for.

It is also note he does not permit personal interests to fall away. These can help him unwind and often bring other benefits as well. Creative activities could bring him particular enjoyment this year, including photography, a source of increasing pleasure for many.

Water Rat should also pay some attention to his personal well-being, including his diet and general level of exercise. If he feels either is deficient, or has any health concerns, he should seek advice.

His domestic life will see considerable activity and once again his ability to communicate and empathize will be valued. However, a particular matter could be a matter of concern this year and while the Water Rat will be keen to assist. He should not feel he have to carry the burden alone. If necessary, he should seek professional advice or call on someone who has first-hand experience. Rooster years can bring moments of concern, but the problems will be surmountable and often short-lived.

Over the year, many Water Rats will take pleasure in home and garden projects, but they will be needed to allow sufficient time and avoid haste. Domestically, March, June and September could be gratifying months and could bring pleasing news.

Socially, Water Rat will find himself in demand as well as be tempted by actual events. While he may sometimes feel he already has enough to do, he should seek to go out when he can. Meeting his friends can be of special benefit, as input from people he trusts can assist in numerous matters this year. The unattached, the Rooster year is not without romantic possibilities, despite the fact that any new romance should be allowed to develop over time rather than be rushed. March, June, August and December could see the most communal activity.

Overall, a dot is placed at happen this year and much will be required of the Water Rat. However, by making the most of his ideas and opportunities, he can make a critical development. At work, this is a time for furthering his knowledge and assuming new challenges, while in his peculiar interests, his creativity can bring him distinct pleasure. Domestically, there will be a lot to do and family members to assist, and the Water Rat’s thoughtfulness will be appreciated. Rewarding family moments, personal and professional successes and (sometimes travel-related) surprises can all be highlights of the Rooster year.

Tip for the Year

Keep your lifestyle in balance so that you can understand what is in existence you and enjoy the rewards you work so hard for. Give time to yourself and your loved ones and savour your well-deserved successes.

The Wood Rat

Wood Rat has a perceptive and alert nature and is particularly adept at evaluating situations. In this Rooster year, his talents will serve him well. This can be a constructive year for him, regardless of the fact that to ensure that the most of it he will show flexibility and seize opportunities.

In his work on the aspects are especially encouraging. Recent changes are seen in continuing, with some unanticipated developments helping the Wood Rat’s prospects. Some Wood Rats will find superior colleagues urging them to familiarize themselves with other aspects of their work so they can take on greater responsibilities. Others may be offered the chance to work in a unique project or cover for absent staff or, if in a large organization, see tempting opportunities in another department. By taking advantage of what is on offer, many will not only significantly widen their skills but also advance their career. What Wood Rat manages to do this year should not be underestimated.

For Wood Rats who are unfulfilled in their present role and would welcome a change, as well as those seeking work, the Rooster year can also bring encouraging advances. To benefit fully, these Wood Rats should talk to employment advisers and other contacts as well as widen their search. By chance many could discover a type of work that proves ideal. Openings could arise at almost any time, but April, May, September and October could be crucial months.

Progress made at work will bring an increase in income, but the Wood Rat will need to manage his financial situation carefully, including checking the terms of any new agreement he enters into. If he gets any doubts or misgivings, he should get these addressed before proceeding. This is a year for vigilance.

The element of wood adds to a sign’s practical qualities and over the year Wood Rat will be desirous to undertake numerous practical projects. Some improvements to his home can be immensely satisfying. In addition, he will enjoy seeing how some ideas pertained to his or his interests develop. Sometimes sharing thoughts with others will give his projects a useful fillip and joining a local group or enrolling on a course could give him a further incentive. His days may be full and free time limited, but improving his skills and interests can be of great value to him.

Throughout the year, he should also think about his level of exercise and the quality of his diet. If he neglects his personal well-being, he could feel below par or be susceptible to minor ailments. Wood Rats, take note.

More positively, the Rooster year can present some fascinating travel opportunities, sometimes at short notice. Whenever possible, Wood Rat should take advantage of them. A break and the chance to visit different areas and attractions can benefit him in several ways. May, September and the end of the year could be particularly industrious travel-wise.

The Rooster year will also see a lot happen in the Wood Rat’s personal life. Some Wood Rats may be decided to marry, see an addition to their family or mark another personal milestone. What happens over the year can energize the Wood Rat and result in him doing and succeeding in much more.

For any Wood Rat who is alone or has had some uncharacteristic sadness to bear, the Rooster year can bring a considerable brightening in their situation. By coming out and perhaps joining a collective or interest group, these Wood Rats can form new friendships and sometimes find romance as well. Roosters years reward action. March, June, August, early September and December could be harried and gratifying months, both personally and for socializing.

Domestically, Wood Rat will enjoy sharing plans with his loved ones and can accomplish a great deal, regardless of the fact that important projects and sizeable transactions should not be rushed, and ideally should be divided out throughout the year.

In general, the Year of the Rooster will be a diligent and constructive one for the Wood Rat. It will suit his rational nature and give him the chance to build on his strengths. Work-wise, what he learns can be highly significant for his onward progress and the way his personal interests to upgrade can also be satisfying. In money matters he will have an obligation to exercise care and he should not be neglectful of his well-being this year. However, he will be guided by the support of his loved ones and friends and the year will bring some personal highlights, some good news and some excellent times to share.

Tip for the Year

Pursue your goals but be ready to adapt. There are numerous routes to the top and making the best use of this year you can enhance your prospects considerably. Rooster years can have long-term significance.

The Fire Rat

The Rooster year offers unlimited possibilities for the Fire Rat, and determination and a willingness to ensure that the most of it, he cannot only help his present situation but also gain skills and experience he can build on in the future. The benefits can be considerable and far-reaching.

On a subjective level, the year is rich in possibility, with affairs of the heart apt to be unusual. For unattached Fire Rats there will be exceptional chances to meet others and, if experiencing a change in circumstances, to construct a new social circle. Someone met now could soon become very scarce. However, while the aspects are promising, the Fire Rat should take care not to rush. If he allows time for each person to learn about the extra butter, the relationship can often be built on a stronger foundation. Quite a few Fire Rats will find true love this year, and those whose romances flounder can soon see someone else entering their life. The Rooster year is capable of unforeseen developments and the, Fire Rat will be finding out about himself, others and the mysteries and glorious wonders of love. Late February, March, June, August and December could be momentous months both personally and socially.

With his enquiring nature, the Fire Rat has diverse interests and over the year will derive considerable pleasure from sharing these with his friends. In addition, whether attending parties, concerts or sporting events or visiting attractions, he will enjoy the variety and the fun times of the year offer. On a societal level, this is a hectic time, and any Fire Rats who start the year despondent will find that by going out more and giving themselves the chance to meet others, they can greatly improve their situation. Shy and retiring Fire Rats, take careful note and involve yourself more. Your efforts will make a perceptible difference.

For Fire Rats with a partner, the Rooster year can again be special. There will be scheduled to work towards, and even though finances may sometimes be stretched, with the Fire Rat’s resourcefulness, a great deal can still be accomplished. Family and friends can be supportive, and lucky too can play a role, especially in advancing strategic plans.

For many Fire Rats in education, this will be a hectic year. There will sometimes be difficult concepts to master and the Fire Rat will need to remain focused. What he learns now will be an important platform to take advantage of in the future and some Fire Rats will now make career choices or be alerted to subject areas that suit their strengths. This year can open up options which have long-term significance.

In view of the importance of the present time, the Fire Rat should avail himself of the support available to him. If he is worried over aspects of his studying or has another problem. He should talk to those with the knowledge to assist in. This is no longer a time to keep anxieties to himself.

Fire Rats in work can make significant headway. Many will be offered training and additional responsibilities, while some will decide on change and/or seek better remuneration elsewhere. This is no year to stand still. Satisfactory progress can be achieved and prospects enhanced. April, May, September and October could see encouraging advances.

Fire Rats seeking work will find that researching vacancies, finding out about the duties involved and stressing their (germane) interests and experience may well result in the offer of a position. Determined effort and the Fire Rat’s enthusiasm can be an effective combination.

All Fire Rats will, however, need to be prudent in money matters. Rush, risk or carelessness could lead to possible losses. Sound fiscal management is required and if in doubt about any matter, the Fire Rat would be well advised to seek clarification.

However, while resources may be restricted, if possible the Fire Rat should take advantage of any travel opportunities that come his way. Visits to unique areas and attractions can be highly enjoyable.

Despite the fact that Fire Rat keeps himself active, he should also are part attention to his well-being. Pushing himself without adequate rest or ignoring the quality of his diet could leave him lacking his usual energy or susceptible to minor ailments. Fire Rats, take note and look after yourselves.

Overall, this is a full year for the Fire Rat. At times, the pressures will be significant, particularly when he has decisions to take. However, by rising to the challenges (and seeking assistance if need be), he can prove himself in many ways. He gains this year will require effort but be considerable. His personal life can also serve as a source of much happiness. Some Fire Rats may, though, have moments of heartache but, as the Fire Rat will discover, the Rooster year is full of experience and he will take a great deal from it.

Tip for the Year

This is a year of opportunity – seize those opportunities and look forward to learn. Within you are the riches of your tomorrow.

The Earth Rat

This Rooster year can be a rewarding one for the Earth Rat, with numerous activities proceeding well, despite the fact that, as with all year, there could also be problems to address. However, by proceeding in his usual meticulous way and seeking advice when necessary, the Earth Rat will generally be content with how his plans promote.

As always, family life will be central to numerous Earth Rats and they will follow the development of close relations with fond interest. With some relatives embarking on career change or entering different stages of their schooling, support of the Earth Rat will give will be particularly appreciated. Those who are grandparents or great-grandparents will also value spending time with younger family members and enjoying the unique bonds they often share.

Earth Rat will do much to help family members, but it is also important that he himself asks for assistance if he has any anxieties or requires help with certain undertakings (including technical matters). Keeping nagging worries to himself could compound problems and help is available if required.

Earth Rat also needs to take take good care of himself this year. If he has something potentially hazardous or strenuous to do, he should follow the guidelines and/or seek assistance. This is no year for taking risks or compromising his safety. Similarly, if he has any medical concerns he should get this looked at.

Various Earth Rats will also reflect on their lifestyle over the year, perhaps improving their diet or incorporating some additional exercise into their routine. By seeking advice and, where exercise is involved, maybe joining a class or group, they will soon be able to understand the benefits. Actions taken in the Rooster year can often have unexpected but beneficial consequences.

This also applies to the Earth Rat’s personal interests. With his extensive knowledge in specified areas, he will often enjoy contact with other enthusiasts and the chance to exchange thoughts. Creative interests could be particularly stimulating and some could bring monetary reward.

In addition to the family get-togethers that take place over the year, the Earth Rat will enjoy the year’s social opportunities. If he is associated with regional groups he will often enjoy participating over the year and if there are other local activities and events that appeal to him, he should consider going. By making use of what is available to him, he will often greatly enjoy himself. March, June, August and December could be operational months socially.

Travel, too, can bring considerable pleasure this year, and by planning ahead, the Earth Rat can look forward to some stimulating sites. Once he acts on his ideas and makes enquiries, some lucky chances or the helpfulness of others can lead to potentially exciting outcomes. Some of his trips can have an element of surprise, too. It may be that he sees attractions he did not expect to see or takes up a last-minute offer. May, July and September could have particularly tempting opportunities.

However, Earth Rat cannot afford to be slipshod in pecuniary matters this year. He prides himself on his thoroughness, but where major outlay is involved, he needs to talk to the details and implications. If he has doubts, he should seek expert opinion. As the saying goes, ‘It is best to be safe than sorry.’ He should also attend to crucial correspondence carefully. Delays or an inadequate response could be to his disadvantage. Earth Rats, take note.

Overall, the Rooster year will be a full and satisfying one for the Earth Rat. As he will find, once he takes action, he will often be encouraged by others and benefit from timely progresses. Travel, local events and contact with friends will also add much to his year, despite the fact that to benefit fully he has to be active and take up opportunities. He will take considerable pride in family developments and go a long way towards assist his loved ones. Money matters require meticulous attention, and when problems or concerns arise, it is imperative the Earth Rat draws on the support available to him. If he acts upon his ideas, however, he can make this a personally satisfying year.

Tip for the Year

Spend time on your personal interests. Also, take advantage of events and recreational facilities in your area, including those that can help well-being and fitness levels. These can bring about a favorable element to your lifestyle and year.

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