Rooster Chinese Horoscope 2017

Prospects for the Rooster in 2017

The Year of the Monkey (8 February 2016–27 January 2017) will not have been the easiest for the Rooster. Being methodical and liking, to plan his activities. He could have found situations in the Monkey year exasperating and sometimes seen in an uncharacteristic quandary over certain decisions. The pressures are not set up to ease in the closing quarter of the year and he will continue to face numerous demands.

At work many Roosters would prefer to concentrate on their existing duties but could have additional tasks to deal with, perhaps through staff shortages or new objectives being set. Quite a few Roosters will despair over what is happening. However, what occurs can give the Rooster the chance to add to his skills, learn more about his industry and is in contact with other colleagues, and his performance in often difficult situations can enhance his reputation. September and December could see potentially important developments.

In the closing months of the year being a traditionally expensive time, the Rooster should pay close attention on his spending and make early provision for large purchases and any gifts he has planned.

His home life will see much activity at this time and there may have to be compromises over certain arrangements. The more that can be agreed upon in advance, the better. Equipment breakages or delays in the delivery of certain items may be inconvenient and the Rooster may have to sort out several problems. However, amid all the activity there will be some lively and agreeable occasions and travel opportunities to look forward to, especially as 2016 draws to a close.

The Rooster will be eager to celebrate the start of his own year and with good reason. With his personal sign ruling, he will feel more in charge of his own destiny and better able to make progress in the way he wants. And with a disciplined approach, he can make significant gains.

For any Rooster who has felt held back in recent years and disappointed with his progress, this is a time to focus on the present and regard this year as the start of a new chapter in his life. If he has plans and objectives in mind, now is now time to set them in motion. As Virgil noted, ‘Fortune favours the bold.’ In the Rooster’s own year, which begins on 28 January, fortune will favour the bold and enterprising.

In his work, this can be a time of decision-making. For Roosters who are discontented in their present role or have been in the same position for some time and are feeling staid, this is a huge time to review other options. As they realize, it rests with them to bring the changes they want, and by exploring possibilities they may succeed in finding an ideal challenge. For some, this could involve a change of commuting or location, but they will often be buoyed up by being in a modern working environment and being given the opportunity for professional growth.

Similarly, Roosters seeking work should put past frustrations behind them and actively follow up any openings that interest them. They know they have a lot to offer and many will be given an opportunity they can build on. Often what they are offered will be different from what they had done before and will require some adjustment, but it will give them the chance to train different ways.

For Roosters following a particular career, again this is a year of development. Having proved themselves in some often demanding situations, many will now secure promotion and progress their career. Again additional duties can be daunting, but by immersing themselves in their role and being their conscientious selves, these Roosters will quickly establish themselves.
February, April, July and November could see significant work progresses for the Rooster. However, such is the aspects that possibilities can open up at almost any time.

Another feature of the year will be the way of the Rooster extends his knowledge and skills. Often this will come through his work, but if he feels an additional qualification would help or is desirous to become increasingly proficient in a certain skill, he should follow up up. By broadening his skills, he will not only gain professionally. Nonetheless, open up fresh possibilities in the process.

This is also applicable to his personal interests. If there are activities the Rooster would like to pursue or projects he wishes to carry out, he should act. ‘There is no time like the present’ and inspired Rooster can get enormous pleasure from what he states in his own year.

Progress made at work will increase the income of many Roosters, but care is still needed in financial matters. During the year, Rooster may well be tempted by huge purchases, including equipment and appliances. Rather than rushing these, he is needed to allow time to see what best meets his needs and his budget. Some Roosters are spendthrift and discipline is advised. Also, with Rooster being one who wants to look ahead, if he is in a position to start a savings plan or add to a pension policy, this could be something he is grateful for in years to come. Rooster years reward sound fiscal management.

With his busy lifestyle the Rooster should aim to take a holiday this year, and if a specified destination appeals to him, he should make enquiries. Trips booked early on in the year can have to look forward to later on.

As someone who enjoys conversation and company, the Rooster will also enjoy the social aspects of the year. There will be exceptional chances for him to widen his circle of friends and contacts and he may well be on impressive form. Any Roosters who start the year alone or despondent should make the best use of any chances to go out and immerse themselves what is happening around them. Affirmative action can bring sparkle and distinctive meaning to their year. March, May, August and October could see the most shared activity.

Roosters who find love could, however, find it helpful to let their romance blossom over time rather than rush. This way each will get to know the other better. Rooster’s specific year is capable of bringing him considerable personal happiness.

His home life can also be rewarding, with the Rooster himself often playing a vital role. He will have ideas concerning improvements and domestic arrangements, and by planning these out, will ensure that a lot happens over the year. And when those in his household are facing work changes or other pressures, his attentiveness and matter-of-fact approaches (he speaks openly and honestly) will assist in many a situation. He will also be instrumental in arranging some family occasions over the year and some good times can be taken into consideration. May, August and September could be particularly active months.

The Year of the Rooster is part of unlimited possibilities for the Rooster himself. It is a time to make plans and set them in motion. Whether advancing his work position or his interests or taking up, something new, Rooster should make the best use of his year. With self-belief and determination, he can achieve (and enjoy) a great deal. He will be guided by the support of others and although this is a year to keep careful control over the purse-strings, in so many respects the Rooster can help make his private year a very special one.

The Metal Rooster

Metal Rooster is ambitious and has high hopes for his future. And with this being a Rooster year, he will feel impelled to move the following situation forward. His actions can yield meaningful results. However, he will need to be flexible, make the most of the situations as they arise and adjust his approach accordingly. As the proverb is a reminder, ‘There are various routes to the top.’

As the Rooster year starts, the Metal Rooster will have several distinct aims in mind and furthering his career is likely to be one of them. During the year, several advances will assist him. There may be internal reorganization, vacancies caused by worker movement and alterations in workload, and quite a rare Metal Roosters will be in a position to benefit.

For Metal Roosters who feel their prospects could be bettered by a move elsewhere, as well as those seeking a position, the Rooster year can again have noteworthy developments in store. By expanding the scope of their search, seeking advice and, if eligible, taking advantage of training courses, these Metal Roosters could be alerted to positions which use their skills in different ways. Again, a certain flexibility will be a need, but the positions these Roosters take on now can help re-energize their career. February, April, July and November could see significant developments, but changes could occur at almost any time and need to be seized.

Metal Rooster can also help his situation by working closely with his colleagues and being an active participant in the workplace. With his competence and personal presence, he will impress many this year and gain support and valuable contacts.

Progress made at work may also increase his income, but with his existing commitments and a busy lifestyle, he needs in order to watch his spending and make speedy provision for larger plans and outgoings. He needs to be wary about succumbing to too many impulse buys. The cost of these can mount up. In addition, if he has doubts over any transaction, he should seek clarification. Financially, this is a year for care.

Metal Rooster often has wide-ranging interests and can be knowledgeable (and passionate) about a certain subject or recreational pursuit. In this Rooster year, he should put this to good use, perhaps by setting himself a vigorous challenge or sharing his knowledge with others. With the year’s emphasis on development, he can derive much personal value of what he does.

This being the Year of the Rooster. Metal Rooster may decide whether to make some personal resolutions for the year, including exercising more and improving his diet. By remaining disciplined, he can build on these lifestyle changes.

With his inquisitive nature, he enjoys travel and should not only be intended to take a holiday over the year but also to visit attractions or events that appeal to him. Some of these could occur in his locality and by making use of them. He can enjoy some entertaining and absorbing times.

His conjugal life can be especially pleasing this year, with numerous plans going forward. Community activities can result in a distinctive synergy being created and a lot happening. Also, once plans are started, the initial momentum can quickly get things underway.

Metal Rooster will also value the exceptional times he shares with his loved ones and the support they can offer. He in turn will encourage those around him, and if a parent, the love, input and time he gives to his children may have more significance than he realizes. May, August and September will be active and gratifying months both domestically and for travel.

With his hectic lifestyle, Metal Rooster has many contacts and the Rooster year will provide some useful social opportunities. Not only will the Metal Rooster enjoy talking to his friends and getting their thoughts on current plans and activities, but he will give valued assistance to several intimate friends, including on what could be a touchy issue. Here his discretion and wise counsel will be a lot appreciated. March, May, August and October could see the most societal activity.

For Metal Roosters who may have experienced recent problems in their intimate life and/or would welcome romance, the Rooster year can mark a turning point. By taking full advantage of the present, including their chances to go out, these Metal Roosters can form a friendship which could quickly become significant. Rooster years are keen to assist their specific, but to fully benefit the Metal Rooster needs to remain active and involved.

The element of metal reinforces the resolve of a sign, and this is true of the Metal Rooster. Keen to further himself, he will take this chance to make meaningful headway this year and achieve many of his objectives. And when he takes action, powerful forces can be written in motion and he can benefit from advantageous circumstances. He will also serve as assisted by the support of others, and joint action can also help advance plans and open up possibilities. In money matters, discipline and care are needed, but overall the Year of the Rooster holds excellent prospects for the Metal Rooster.

Tip for the Year

Manage your time well and share some with your loved ones. Also, look forward to improve your skills, both professionally and in your respective interests. With your talents and thoroughness, you can gain a lot this year. Use it well, for your actions can help you in substantial ways.

The Water Rooster

The fact that this is the Year of the Rooster will give impetus to the Water Rooster’s activities. He will think that this is a unique time and in many ways it will be. It is a time for forging ahead with plans, enjoying some pleasing (and often memorable) experiences and lying the foundation for future growth. However, to ensure that the most of it, the Water Rooster has to have self-belief and act with determination. Some of his actions may put him outside his comfort zone, but to realize his potential, act he must.

His personal life is especially well expected. Assorted Water Roosters enjoying newfound romance will find their love blossoming over the year and some will celebrate their engagement or marriage or settle down together. Water Roosters who start the year alone or who have had a romance recently flounder could find someone different entering their life and bringing fresh joy and hope. The Rooster year can be personally meaningful for various Water Roosters.

Water Roosters who already have a partner will also find this an exciting time, as they take their plans and hope forward. Some undertakings will be ambitious and require working towards over the year, but with an effort, a remarkable amount can happen. Once action is taken. Luck can play a role as well. Water Rooster will have a lot in his favour this year. In addition, when making what could be major decisions, he could find it advantageous to rely on the assistance of senior relations. He should not feel – or act – alone.

Despite the fact that there will be a number of practical activity over the year, there will also be many other activities to enjoy. The Rooster year will bring a spirited mix of things to do. Water Rooster’s respective interests can often have a strong social element and Water Roosters who move to a new area will have the chance to establish a different social circle. While some may initially feel lonely, by venturing out and joining a local interest group, they can quickly create recent friends. On a subjective level, the Rooster year can bring pleasant times, but the Water Rooster needs to reach out and make the most of what is available.

Socially, March, May, August and October to early November could be operational months, regardless of the fact that at most times of the year there will be events to see forward to.

With his hectic lifestyle and ambitious personal plans, the Water Rooster’s spending will be high this year and he needs to be disciplined in money matters. Ideally he should set limits on how much he spends when he goes out as well as set funds aside for specific purposes and be chary of impulse buys. This is a year for vigilance and careful financial management. Water Roosters, take note.

Water Rooster should, however, seeks to save up for a holiday (though he could benefit from a last-minute offer and so save considerable outlay). Eager to know different places, he will enjoy his time away. In addition, some Water Roosters will take advantage of short breaks.

Aspects are encouraging for work matters. Their capacity to learn and desire to progress, Water Roosters already in a position will make the most of the chances that come their way, perhaps taking advantage of training, providing cover for an absent colleague or applying for a greater role. Often this will be with their existing employer and senior colleagues will be supportive.

For Water Roosters who decide to look elsewhere, as well as those seeking work, the Rooster year can again have momentous developments in store. By keeping alert for openings and not being too restrictive in their search, many could now obtain the chance to move to a different role. In some instances, this could be born in a curious way or in the wake of disappointment. Nevertheless, seem as if it was intended to be. February, April, July and November could see key advances.

Some Water Roosters will be in education this year, and often completing courses. With a lot resting on their consequences, these Water Roosters should focus on what needs to be done and work consistently. The qualifications may now gain can be a springboard to opportunities that will await in the future.

Whatever his situation, the Water Rooster will derive considerable pleasure from his personal interests over the year, especially any that provide him with an outlet for his talents. Some projects could improve in thrilling fashion. The Rooster year is rich in possibility and the inspired and keen Water Rooster can benefit from some luck along the way.

In general, the Year of the Rooster will be a diligent and favourable one for the Water Rooster. However, it will require effort. If the Water Rooster is half-hearted or wavering, chances could be missed and his outcomes less satisfactory. If he is in addition to his knowledge and seizes his opportunities, however, he can help his current situation and future prospects. And on a personal level, affairs of the heart will often be unique and there will be plans to share and much to enjoy.
Tip for the Year

Believe in yourself. To realize your potential you need to put yourself forward, embrace new challenges and take full advantage of your opportunities. Also, value the love and support of those who are more important than you.

The Wood Rooster

When the Wood Rooster sets himself a task, he gets it well. Resolute, conscientious and practical, he is a doer, and in the Year of the Rooster he will do a lot.

For the Wood Rooster born in 1945, there will be ideas he will be desirous to get underway, and by planning these out and going through them with those around him, he can achieve a lot this year. His ideas could be wide-ranging and in some cases could be aspirations he has been nurturing for some time. They may include travelling to places he has long wanted to know as well as visiting attractions nearer to where he lives, perhaps museums, places of interest or cultural centres. By setting time aside for their plans, many Wood Roosters can satisfy some long-held desires.

Wood Rooster will also delight in his interests. With the Rooster year’s emphasis on development, he could be become intrigued by a fresh pursuit and aim to learn more about it. Wood Rooster likes a challenge. A further benefit will be the case that some of his interests (including courses he may start) can have a strong social element and he can enjoy a lot of bonus fun. Wood Roosters who are alone would find joining an activity group well worth considering. In addition some Wood Roosters could derive considerable pleasure from helping in their community in some way or supporting a worthwhile cause. Wood Rooster has a talent for using his time well. March, May, August and October could see particularly effective social opportunities.

Wood Rooster will also enjoy tackling viable projects on his home, regardless of the fact that once started, they can have a tendency to mushroom, with one idea leading on to another. However, whether declutching certain areas, altering the arrangements of some rooms or updating equipment, many a Wood Rooster will be on stimulated form. Amid all the functional activity, there will be worthy family occasions to share, perhaps the personal or academic success of a younger relation, a job promotion or a birth. May and late July to the end of September could be industrious times.

Despite the fact that a lot is set to go well this year, one area which requires careful attention is financed. In view of the Wood Rooster’s plans, his outgoings will be considerable and will have to be budgeted for. Wood Rooster needs to remain disciplined and guard against too many impulse buys. He should also attend to paperwork promptly and properly. Oversights could be to his disadvantage. Wood Roosters, takes note.

For Wood Rooster born in 2005, the Rooster year can also open up excellent possibilities. As he progresses in his education, he will gain access to modern equipment, and this, together with his advancing knowledge, will permit him to do more and help reveal new aptitudes. These can be illuminating and exciting times.

On a subjective level, many young Wood Roosters will grow in confidence, and for those who may be shyer, new friends and shared activities can help bring out their qualities.

Some Wood Roosters will be involved in a change of school this year, and while this can be daunting, they will quickly now come to appreciate the opportunities it brings. Again it is an example of being receptive and embracing current situations.

For all Wood Roosters, whether born in 1945 or 2005, the Rooster year offers great possibility. It is a year to take a decision on ideas as well as develop skills. A lot can be carried out and numerous personal benefits gained. Wood Rooster will value the support he receives as well as the special relationships he has with those around him. Rooster years look after the Rooster sign and this can be a fulfilling and personally pleasing year for the Wood Rooster.

Tip for the Year

Make plans. And then act. With purpose, you can be a significant contribution happens this year. Also, enjoy and promote your interests. Recent projects and activities can be inspiring and lead on to further possibilities.

The Fire Rooster

This is the Year of the Fire Rooster and it vows to become a special one for him. Though he may have been frustrated with advances in recent years, he will now feel able to achieve the results he wants. In many ways, this can be a productive and fulfilling year for him.

His marital life will be particularly gratifying. Not only will love ones be desirous to mark his sixtieth year but they may have some special surprises lined up. The love and affection shown him may touch the Fire Rooster deeply.

With travel to favourably aspects, many Fire Roosters will treat themselves to a special holiday to commemorate their birthday. Supplementary travel opportunities could arise late in 2017 or early 2018. There will be also possible chances to enjoy abundant short breaks away. For Fire Roosters who enjoy seeing places new, the Rooster year offers countless possibilities.

In addition to commemorating his birthday, the Fire Rooster can look forward to some family news which will especially delight him, perhaps the career success of a loved one or the birth of a grandchild. Family progresses can be a cause of joy to many a Fire Rooster this year. The summer in particular could be vivacious and special.

With this being his peculiar year, Fire Rooster will be desirous to go ahead with ideas he has been nurturing for some time. Some will relate to home improvements, and whether improving comforts or buying new equipment (sometimes related to entertainment), the Fire Rooster will be happy with the choices he makes. Decisive changes will be observed in many a Fire Rooster home this year.

Fire Rooster will also derive considerable pleasure from his interests and may be decided to try something different or set himself a new personal challenge. For some this will have a keep-fit element. Further Fire Roosters may decide to improve their diet. By seeking medical advice on the best way to proceed, they may be happy with the consequences. By taking action, Fire Rooster can really benefit from his own year.

A lot he undertakes can have a decent social element as well, and for Fire Roosters who have had recent personal difficulty or who have moved to a new area and are feeling lonely, this is a year to come and explore what is available. By making the most of their unaccustomed situation, these Fire Roosters can make some nice friends and re-energize their communal life. The unattached, romantic possibilities may add sparkle to their year. March, May, August and October will see some constructive social opportunities.

The Fire Rooster’s year also holds interesting prospects as far as his work position is concerned. For Fire Roosters who are established where they are and skilled in their role, it can bring unexpected advances. Colleagues could suddenly leave, creating promotion possibilities, and there could be exceptional projects requiring the Fire Rooster’s expertise. As a consequence, he could find his position greatly enhanced. He often prides himself on his discipline, thoroughness and organizational abilities, and these, together with his fame, can be a winning combination this year.

Fire Roosters who would welcome more substantial change or who are seeking a position will find the year can offer fresh starts. By not being too restrictive in their quest and highlighting their skills and achievements to prospective employers, many will secure a position which will allow them to use their strengths in innovative ways. Fire Rooster can make significant headway in his own year but he needs to seize his chances. February, April, July and November could be momentous months work-wise.

Financially, this is a year for discipline and good management. With some sizeable purchases likely, as well as travel expenses, the Fire Rooster’s outgoings will be considerable. To help, he should make immediate provision for strategic plans as well as keep within his allotted budget. Overspending or succumbing to as well numerous indulgences could lead to economizing later. When reaching agreements, he also has to check the paperwork and the implications. Oversights could be to his disadvantage. Fire Roosters, take note.

In most respects, though, this will be a splendid year for the Fire Rooster. It is a part of making plans and exploring ideas. Determined to make the most of it, Fire Rooster will enjoy developing new interests, setting himself personal challenges and sharing quality time with his loved ones. His one year can reward him well – very well.

Tip for the Year

Set your plans in motion in your exact year and enjoy what you do here. Also, value your relations with those who are given to the brink of you.

The Earth Rooster

Forward-thinking and keen to ensure that the most of his situation, the Earth Rooster likes to keep himself active and informed. And his qualities will serve him particularly well in what can be a lucrative and personally rewarding year.

As the year starts, the Earth Rooster should decide on some objectives. Having aims not only sits comfortably with his psyche but will also give him something to strive towards over the next 12 months. Earth Rooster who may start the year dissatisfied with recent progress, having battled with concerns during the previous Monkey year, should turn his attention to the present rather than what has gone before. This is his sign’s one year and can usher in exciting opportunities and sometimes new starts.

At work, the aspects are especially encouraging. Earth Roosters who are well established in a career and who may have used to work for their current employer for some time will often find their commitment rewarded with the offer of promotion. In some cases, the Earth Rooster will have been working towards this for some time and it will mark an important stage in his ongoing progress.

The majority of Earth Roosters will make deserved to progress with their current employer, but those who have become despondent due to lack of opportunity should actively make enquiries elsewhere. A few could find their superior knowledge attractive to other employers and be prime candidates when positions fall vacant. Others may be found in a different career path and be re-energized by what they now take on.

For Earth Roosters seeking work, again the Rooster year can bring some attractive propositions. By finding out, talking to experts and keeping alert for vacancies in their area, they can secure the chance to re-establish themselves. February, April, July and November could see encouraging advances, but throughout the year the Earth Rooster should keep alert for possibilities.

All Earth Roosters should not only work closely with their colleagues but also strengthen their connections. If applicable, joining a professional organization or attending work-related events could do the Earth Rooster’s prospects a lot of good.

Regardless of the fact that Earth Rooster will find himself contending with various time pressures this year, he should not allow his personal interests to fall away. These can be a valuable outlet for undeniable talents as well as sometimes offer the chance of additional exercise. Some can have a great social element as well and in this eventful year the Earth Rooster does need to allow himself to have a respite now and then. With his enquiring nature, he could find extra activities intriguing him. If so, he will get much personal value from following them up. Rooster years encourage venturing forward and finding out more.

Travel is favourably aspects, and if he is able. Earth Rooster should be intended to go away at some time during the year. By planning this in advance, he can fit in a surprising amount, including visits to some inspiring attractions. Some Earth Roosters could find there are unexpected windows of opportunity to go away, and by taking advantage of them they will enjoy much that takes place, including some surprises.

Earth Rooster’s conjugal life is placed at be be busy this year. With some purchases for the home to think, along with the improvements he is ardent to perform, the Rooster year could see him immersed in much deliberation and practical activity. As choices seem to multiply and/or projects hit snags, certain undertakings could be more disruptive and time-consuming than envisaged. However, while this may be exasperating for the Earth Rooster (and his household), the advantages gained will be more than compensate.

With the Earth Rooster and/or his partner liable to be addressed by work changes in the Rooster year, there will also be alterations to routine to consider and domestic changes to make. Here the Earth Rooster’s organizational abilities will be greatly valued, as will his support when others are faced with decisions or pressures. Also, while he and those around him will juggle many commitments, by setting aside time for communal interests, Earth Rooster can enjoy countless domestic highlights over the year. May and late July to the end of September could be enthusiastic and gratifying months.

On a societal level, Earth Rooster will find himself in demand and will enjoy receiving invitations to gatherings and spending time with his friends. Earth Rooster who has had some recent personal difficulty should consider joining in with activities in their area or attending an interest group. With a willingness to move forward, he can meet like-minded people and make some meaningful friendships. And for a few of these Earth Roosters, a chance encounter can lead to loving.

The Rooster year can surprise and encourage the Earth Rooster, but to get the best out of it, he has to be proactive. March, May, August and October could see the most collective activity.

In view of his harried lifestyle and possibly extensive home improvements, the Earth Rooster will need in order to keep watch on his spending and financial situation this year. Without care, his outgoings could exceed what he has budgeted for. Ideally, this is a year for keeping tight control over the purse-strings and making advance provision for plans and known expenses. Also, while usually thorough, the Earth Rooster should not be lax over paperwork. Mistakes could make him pay dearly. Earth Roosters, takes note and be thorough.

Overall, though, this is an encouraging year for the Earth Rooster. It is an opportunity to seize the initiative, seek out opportunities and move forward. This year the Earth Rooster is in the driving seat and able to steer the course he wants. Re-energized by this, he will also be helped by favourable circumstances and benefit from the support he receives from those around him. He has a lot in his favour this year, despite the fact that to get the most from it he needs to act with determination. As Virgil noted, ‘Fortune favours the bold, ’ and it will certainly favour the bold and enterprising Earth Rooster this year.

Tip for the Year

You have critical skills and capabilities. Believe in yourself and take them further. You have a lot to offer and can now do so. Good luck. Your successes will be richly deserved.

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