Pig Chinese Horoscope 2017

Prospects for the Pig in 2017

The Year of the Monkey (8 February 2016–27 January 2017) will have been a varied one for the Pig. While progress will have been achieved, it will have served as a result of much effort. Monkey years have their opportunities but require commitment and the Pig to make the most of developing situations. This will be always in the remaining Monkey months.

At work, many Pigs will experience a flurry of activity as workloads change and staff movements (including absences) occurs. For some, this will be an opportunity to take on new responsibilities. November could be one of the keys months and January 2017 could also see possibilities to pursue.

The Pig can also look forward to receiving receiving an increase in social activity at this time, with some lively occasions to enjoy. For the unattached, there could be romantic possibilities towards the end of the year, while for those newly in love, the closing months could be very special.

The Pig will also be keen to fit a lot into his domestic life, but with many calls on his time, he will need to be well-organized and spread his commitments out. Also, rather than conduct his life at a frenetic pace, he could appreciate time spent simply relaxing with his loved ones.
His outgoings will be higher than normal at this time and while pleased with the gifts and other items he purchases. He could believe that it is helpful to set a budget for end-of-year spending.
The Year of the Rooster starts on 28 January is able to be an encouraging one for the Pig. In particular, it will figure out a way to give him the chance to make more of his superior talents. And once he makes a decision, circumstances will often assist.

Self-improvement is well expected and as the Rooster year starts the Pig should explore ways of improving himself and his lifestyle. Some Pigs may be taken to exercise more, start a fitness discipline or improve their diet. Others may choose to develop a skill, enrol on a course or gain a further qualification. Whatever he does, the Pig’s positive actions will reinforce the positive nature of the year.

The favourable aspects also apply to his work situation. With the experience he has set up, he may well find himself being offered greater responsibilities or taking on extra assignments. Senior colleagues in particular could be encouraging. As a consequence, many Pigs will make good headway in their current place of work, with their prospects growing as their involvement increases.

For Pigs who choose to move on or who are seeking work, the Rooster year can again have significant developments in store. These Pigs should be too restrictive in the type of work they are considering. By being open-minded, many could find a position offering a different challenge. Although this may involve considerable adjustment, by showing commitment the Pig can quickly make his mark. February, April, July and October could see good possibilities.

Regardless of the fact that work aspects are encouraging, at some time the Pig may be troubled by the attitude of a colleague or petty office politics. If so, he should focus on the tasks to be carried out rather than allow himself to distract attention. By remaining professional he will again be demonstrating his qualities and will successfully overcome many an issue. However, he is conscious of the fact of the sensitivities (and touchiness) of some of his colleagues.

Advance at work will increase the income of many Pigs, but spending will still have to be watched. Without care, outgoings could be greater than intended and economies have to be done later. The Pig should also be wary of risk and, if tempted by anything speculative, be aware of the implications. Money can be made this year, but it can vary is easy to lose. Pigs, take note.

Pig’s home life will see some interesting times. Despite the fact that the Pig and his loved ones will have numerous commitments, the Rooster year favours coming together and sharing activities. Such times will not only be good for relationships and rapport but appreciated by all. The Pig’s sense of fun can also add a lot to family life this year. April, July and September could see the most activity.

However, while a lot will go well, sometimes tiredness will cause tension or a disagreement arises over a domestic issue. In such cases, discussion will be obliging, as well a willingness to rally round during times of stress. That way, the more awkward moments of the year can be quickly defused and not overshadow the numerous shared pleasures.

The Pig enjoys his social life and the Rooster year will again be filled with possibility. Any Pig who is feeling lonely, perhaps as a result of a recent change in circumstances or location, will find that by being interested in activities in his area, he can meet new friends. March, July, August and October could be sprightly and interesting months, and for the unattached, serious romance can beckon, with some Pigs (especially those who met someone last year or early in 2017) settling down together and/or marrying. On a personal level, these are potentially distinct times.

The Pig wishes to be himself busy and he will find the Rooster year a rewarding one. In his work, there will be opportunities to make important progress, while in terms of self-improvement, whether he is looking forward to receiving improving his fitness levels, alter his diet or learn a skill, he can benefit from what he does. Domestically and socially, there will be a lot to comprehend, despite the fact that, when problems arise (as they do in any year), the Pig does need to address them rather than hope they will go away. He may not like unpleasantness, but effective communication (and frankness) will often help. He has to be disciplined in money matters, but overall his energy, interests and skills can make this a productive year for him.

The Metal Pig

There is a Chinese proverb which it could be advantageous for the Metal Pig to take into account this year: ‘You must invest a little to win a lot.’ By investing in himself this year, the Metal Pig can open the way to some substantial gains in the future.

With many Metal Pigs now well established in their line of work, there will be excellent opportunities for them to assume a greater role. Often this will be with their present employer and their in-house experience will be a valuable asset. As staff move on and changes are made (and the Rooster year could see quite a few), the Metal Pig will often be ideally suited to benefit. He can help his prospects by taking advantage of any training he is offered and keeping himself informed of developments in his industry. If applicable, joining a professional organization, attending events and networking could also help. By embracing his chances and raising his profile, he will be investing in himself and his future.

There will, though, be some Metal Pigs who feel they have accomplished all they can in their present line of work or with their current employer. For these Metal Pigs, and those seeking work, the Rooster year can again have momentous developments in store. Despite the fact that the job-seeking process can be wearying, by not being too restrictive in their quest, they could uncover some fascinating possibilities. While these may entail a lot of adjustment, by showing a commitment, many of these Pigs will quickly mark themselves out for future development. For quite a few, this Rooster year will re-energize their career. February, April, July and October could see positive developments.

With his enquiring mind and hopes for the future, the Metal Pig may be decided to do some reading or studying this year or enrol on a course. Whether for professional reasons or personal interest, by investing in himself in this way, he can get much value from it. Some Metal Pigs will be eager to try out a unique interest or take an existing one in a progressive direction.
Also, if the Metal Pig is sedentary for much of the day and feels lacking in regular exercise, he would do well to address it. By seeking medical advice on appropriate forms of exercise and to acting, he can get to make a real difference, and find some activities fun to do whatever well.

Travel to will feature on the agenda of various Metal Pigs. Some will decide to visit destinations which have long appealed to them. Again, when opportunities arise, they need to be followed up. ‘There is no time like the present.’

Financially, many Metal Pigs will enjoy a rise in income, but spending needs to be watched and early provision made for heavy outgoings. This is no year for the Metal Pig to be lax or take risks. He should also look after his valuables, including his intimate possessions. A loss could be upsetting. Metal Pigs, be vigilant.

Metal Pig’s conjugal life will see considerable activity, with some extraordinary occasions taking place. The Metal Pig will frequently be giving advice as well as making the necessary arrangements. April, July and September are likely to be particularly busy times.

However, while a lot is located it goes well, changes could lead to pressures and practical projects prove protracted. Over the year, patience will be needed and any areas of difficulty will have to be talked through. Domestically this can be a satisfying year, but all year have their awkward moments and this one will be no exception.

With its cultural overtones, the Rooster year will, however, offer the Metal Pig abundant chances to attend events or visit attractions. There will be a lot to see and to share with family and friends. Any Metal Pigs who are lonely can inject fresh pleasures into their lifestyle by involving themselves in what is going on around them. March, July, August, October and the end of the year could see the most communal activity.

However, while the Metal Pig will enjoy excellent relations with most people over the year, should he find himself in disagreement or disturbed by another person’s attitude, he is needed to proceed carefully. If not watched, trivial issues could escalate and undermine an otherwise enjoyable year. Metal Pigs, take note.

The Metal Pig has great determination and his current efforts are capable of bringing him significant rewards. By building on his skills and knowledge, he cannot only make fair headway now but also help his subsequent progress. Timely progresses can assist him, especially at work. He will have to be vigilant in money matters and be sure to liaise with others over vital decisions or any concerns. However, the Rooster year is part of countless possibilities and by building on his present position. Metal Pig can succeed both personally and professionally.
Tip for the Year
Embrace the present and its opportunities. Build on your skills, consider new activities and enjoy what opens up. With a responsive approach, you can benefit now and help your future position.

The Water Pig

The Water Pig will have seen significant changes in recent years and while some will have been in his favour. There will have been disappointments and regrets too. The Rooster year will give him an excellent opportunity to move forward as well as tackle some areas of concern. It can be a constructive and gratifying time for him.

His home life will see considerable activity. Water Pigs who are parents will be zealous to guide their children and the time they give can strengthen the bonds they share. The Water Pig often has an imaginative streak which young minds respond well to. Some senior relations, too, regardless of the fact that not wanting to trouble the Water Pig, will like to receive his assistance and thoughtful counsel.

The Water Pig will also have numerous objectives of his own this year, perhaps home improvements, taking certain interests further or advancing his career. April, July and September could be especially active months. However, Water Pig is focused and prioritize. To spread his energies too widely will not only increase pressures but also lead to possible oversights. Rooster years favour planning and structure.

In addition, Water Pig will have to be careful in money matters. With expensive plans and new commitments likely, he should keep control over his budget. He is chary of rushing decisions, and should he have doubts over any financial matter, he should seek professional advice.
Being disciplined with his spending will leave more funds available for pleasurable activities, and the Water Pig may particularly enjoy taking a holiday during the year as well as visiting local attractions and attending a variety of social occasions. He has a sociable nature and his social circle is set to grow considerably this year. Some of the people he meets could be useful to him in the near future. March, July, August and October could see the most societal activity, and for the unattached Water Pig, romantic prospects are promising. However, new romances should be allowed to develop in their own time rather than be rushed.

Also, regardless of the fact that the Water Pig’s relations with many of those around him will be irrefutable, he gets a sensitive side and there could be times when the words of another person upset him. This could be in a specialized situation or by a comment by a friend or even someone close. Despite the fact that hurt, the Water Pig should, in his usual inimitable way, address any areas of disagreement and heal any rift, as well as accept that all relationships do their ups and downs. Fortunately, such instances will be the exception, but the Rooster year could have a few troubling moments and the Water Pig is needed in order to keep them in perspective.

At work, the aspects are encouraging. With many Water Pigs now established in a career, there will be exceptional chances for them to progress to a higher level and add to their knowledge and experience. Senior colleagues could be helpful in arranging training and supporting their development. By showing themselves, was willing to embrace additional procedures. Many could find themselves being offered more specialist tasks and playing an increasingly influential role in their workplace.

Assorted Water Pigs will further their position with their present employer, but for those who favour a change or are seeking work, the Rooster year can be significant. One of its fundamental aspects is self-development, and by looking at different ways of using their strengths, these Water Pigs may set their career on an interesting and sometimes very different path. February, April, July and October could see potentially significant advances.

Regardless of the fact that Water Pig will be busy this year, he should ensure his personal interests do not get sidelined. The emphasis on self-development, activities started this year can open up possibilities.

Of his hopes and ambitions, Water Pig realizes he needs to put himself forward and to act. And by making the best use of the opportunities this Rooster year will bring. He can find out. This is a time for personal and career development. He needs to be wary of rushing and avoid financial risks, but will enjoy a buoyant domestic and social life and can make much headway in this decisive year.

Tip for the Year
Decide on your priorities. With your skills, support and personal talents, you can succeed in many areas this year but, you have an obligation to channel your efforts and time and focus on your strategic objectives. Also, enjoy your relations with those who are above you. Their love and support can add sparkle to your year.

The Wood Pig

Two of the elementary features of the Rooster year are that it favours planning and self-development and both are very germane to the Wood Pig this year.

For many Wood Pigs studying for qualifications, there will be many pressures as they prepare for approaching exams, have coursework to complete and seek to master contemporary complexities. This can be an exacting time, but by focusing and bearing in mind the rewards that can be eventually gained, many of these Wood Pigs will be delighted with what they accomplish this year. By investing time and energy in their development, they will also be investing in their future.

As a consequence of their studying, many will find new possibilities opening up. For some, research or work experience they carry out can put them in contact with employers and lead to possible openings or ways forward being suggested. The accent this year is on preparing for the next stages in life and the Wood Pig’s commitment can prove of far-reaching value.

Some Wood Pigs will start the year uncertain of the direction they wish to follow, but as the year proceeds, ideas and openings will occur which will give them a further incentive. With his abilities and personal qualities, the Wood Pig has an exciting future ahead of him and this Rooster year can be persuasive in what is ahead. If needing guidance or information, it is important that the Wood Pig avails himself of the expertise available to him. As the Chinese proverb suggests, ‘If you ask for directions, you won’t get lost.’

For Wood Pigs in work or seeking it, again there will be significant advances in store. Countless of the Wood Pigs already in employment will feel ready to move on from what they are now doing. If there are openings in their place of work, they should put themselves forward as well as take advantage of any training that is available. By indicating their desire to move ahead, sundry will be rewarded with increased responsibilities. The Wood Pig can also help his prospects by raising his profile and attending work-related events. His qualities can impress others and highlight his potential.

This also applies to Wood Pigs seeking work. While the job-seeking process can be disheartening, by showing initiative in their application and at interview, many of these Wood Pigs will be given a chance and, once established, quickly be able to make sure that additional progress. For quite a few, that initial foothold can lead to what can be a very successful future. February, April, July and October could see encouraging developments, but possibilities could arise at almost any time and need to be followed up quickly.

With the reassuring aspects, this is also an excellent time for Wood Pig to think promoting his personal interests or trying something new. As is the right way this year, novel ideas can occur suddenly and some will improve in thrilling fashion.

Travel, too, can be highly pleasurable, with the Wood Pig delighting in the places he sees and the lively times he has while away. Late summer can see some nice possibilities.

With his hectic lifestyle, his finances will, however, be stretched this year and he will have to be disciplined in his spending. To overindulge or spend on a whim could lead to shortfalls and later economies. The Wood Pig should also be wary of anything speculative. This ceases to be a year for risk. Without care, mistakes and losses could occur. Wood Pigs, be warned.

The Wood Pig enjoys company and can look forward to receiving receiving a spirited mix of collective occasions this year, including parties and enjoyable times with friends. His personal interests can also have a social element to them and his studies or work may bring him into contact with some people with whom he will enjoy a good rapport. The social circle of sundry a Wood Pig is configured on increasing this year.

Affairs of the heart can add excitement as well. However, while many contemporary romances will promote well this year, with some Wood Pigs settling down with another person, for a few, there will be some tough choices to be done. What occurs can be part of life’s fruitful learning experience, and for the minority of Wood Pigs who do find relationships (or friendships) floundering, there will be the chance to go ahead, older but wiser. Demanding though parts of this year may be (academically, professionally or personally), what happens can open the way to better times ahead.

For Wood Pigs with a partner, there will be momentous matters to address. The Wood Pig may have high hopes and many ideas, but also an often inadequate budget. Plans will be borne in mind carefully this year, and often undertaken in stages. However, this is just an exceptional year for enjoying sharing interests and looking to improve these together.

Overall, the Rooster year will permit the Wood Pig to build on his skills and ready himself for present and future opportunities. This is a year when numerous Wood Pigs can establish themselves and demonstrate their true potential. However, the Rooster year also requires discipline. If the Wood Pig holds back, allows chances to slip through his grasp or takes risks, he can come to regret it. As an individual, he has much potential and should be anxious to making the most of it. He will take advantage of the support and goodwill of many people this year and his lifestyle can be buoyant and often fun. Nevertheless, with this Rooster year being an essential stage in his ensuing success, the importance of the opportunities it brings should not be underestimated. Wood Pig, seizes those opportunities.
Tip for the Year

Be alert to what is going on around you. A lot happens for a reason and being conscious of what is happening will help you decide which direction to follow and which choices are appropriate for you. This is an important year. Use it well, put in the effort and enjoy the rewards.

The Fire Pig

This will be a constructive year for the Fire Pig. It marks the start of a new decade in his life and he will be determined to make something of it. However, to get his plans underway, he needs in order to discuss them with others and decide on the best course of action. By carefully considering what needs to be done and when, he will see more happening. Rooster years favour planning and the Fire Pig’s methodical nature will be an asset in this one.

For the Fire Pig born in 1947, his objectives will often be related to his interests, and whether completing a project or learning a skill (perhaps one he has long considered), by putting his thoughts into action, he will be satisfied with what he does.

With a lot of often happening locally, the Fire Pig should also keep alert for activities he could be associated with and social groups he could perhaps join. The Rooster year encourages participation. The Fire Pig will also be heartened by the support of those around him and sharing activities with others will add meaning and impetus to certain undertakings.

With this being his seventieth year, Fire Pig may decide whether or not to take a unique holiday. By planning this in advance, he could find he is able to include additional places of interest while away. There will also serve several additional travel opportunities throughout the year, including, for some Fire Pigs, the chance to visit family or friends living some distance away.

The Fire Pig will also find his loved ones desirous to commemorate his seventieth year in style. Some of their ideas and thoughts could particularly delight him as well as underline their affection for him. In addition to enjoying any occasions arranged for him, the Fire Pig may have completed is done proud of the success of a younger relation. What they achieve, often as a result of enormous effort, may be a highlight of his year.

Some Fire Pigs may decide to mark their seventieth year by starting an exercise discipline (including perhaps walking more) and giving some consideration to their diet. By seeking medical advice, many will soon be smell like the benefit. If any other health issue concerns the Fire Pig during the year, again he should seek medical advice. This is a year favouring constructive action.

The Fire Pig has a strongly utilitarian nature and will also be keen to go ahead with numerous ideas for his home, including updating equipment and smartening certain areas. By involving other family members, he could enjoy some noticeable benefits. However, he is obliged to keep his zealous nature in check and focus on specific tasks rather than tackling too much at anyone time. Some projects could be more extensive than initially thought!
He also is required to pay close attention to financial correspondence. Despite the fact that this may be irksome, a delay or oversight could be to his disadvantage. Fire Pigs, take note. Similarly, when considering major purchases, the Fire Pig should check his options and the terms of any agreement. Fiscal matters have an obligation to care this year.

Throughout the year the Fire Pig will appreciate contact with his friends and be glad of their opinions when taking certain decisions. He will have a chance to reciprocate when a friend experiences some anguish, and his empathy and thoughtfulness will be appreciated. However, while usually so masterful in his relations with others, he could find himself in an awkward situation this year. If so, he should make his best to defuse the tension and resolve the matter rather than ignore out of the way to faster. Fortunately this warning, applies only to a minority of Fire Pigs and talking things over will often significantly ease their worries. March, mid-June to the end of August and October will see the most shared activity.

The Fire Pig born in 2007, again this is a year rich in possibility. In their education, many of these Fire Pigs will enjoy the resources they are now permitted to use and their newfound knowledge will permit them to do more. Naturally curious, the young Fire Pig can make this an illuminating year.
With his outgoing nature, he will also enjoy some good times with his bosom friends. However, a friendship issue could be upsetting. If troubled at any time, Fire Pig should tell others and seek support. No year is exempt from awkward moments and this one is no exception.

Overall, though, the young Fire Pig can make good progress this year and enjoy many different experiences. By making the most of his situation, he can do a great deal as well as discover some talents and start some recreational activities he can take further in the future.

Whether born in 1947 or 2007, the Fire Pig will find this a satisfying year. It provides an opportunity to forge ahead with plans and follow through ideas. The Fire Pig will benefit from the support of those around him and a collaborative approach will lead to more happening. With this the beginning of a new decade in their life, many Fire Pigs will try to make this year special and will set themselves new goals or projects or take up new interests. And they can be gratified in the many benefits that will often follow on.
Tip for the Year

Planned for the year and act upon them. Inspired and keen, you can do – and ultimately gain – a great deal. Also, enjoy your relations with those who are placed on the brink of you. They will be critical to your year and their support and affection will be encouraging.

The Earth Pig

The element of earth helps to give a sign concentration and during the Rooster year the Earth Pig can look forward to receiving making steady progress. Rooster years are encouraging and if the Earth Pig has been nurturing certain hopes or had it in mind to attempt a separate activity or visit a unique destination, this is a year to act. As many Earth Pigs will find, when plans are set in motion, helpful developments will often follow on.

One area which is especially well accepted is personal development. The Earth Pig may be tempted by local or online courses or set time aside for study and research or take up a new activity, but whatever he chooses, by furthering his skills and knowledge he can reinforce the constructive nature of the year.

In addition, with expertise many Earth Pigs now have in specified areas, they may choose to share their knowledge with others or take their interest to a new level.

This can be just an immensely gratifying time for personal interests and for Earth Pigs who enjoy writing or some other aspect of the creative arts, ideas they have this year could fill them with enthusiasm.

The Rooster year can also bring helpful travel possibilities and some Earth Pigs will be astute to attend special events. If they follow up their ideas, these can be among the year’s highlights. May and August will see exceptional travel opportunities, as will the closing weeks of the year.

The Earth Pig will enjoy sharing many of his activities with his loved ones, and if plans are agreed together, more can be installed in motion. Synergy will be an important factor during the year.

The Earth Pig will be desirous to make home improvements as well, including updating equipment and smartening certain areas. Active and inspired, he will enjoy carrying out his plans, regardless of the fact that on some projects likely to be time-consuming, he should concentrate on one task at a time.

There will also be some family is essential in order to address. Perhaps relating to changing work patterns or the situation of younger or more senior relations. Discussion will help resolve many dilemmas satisfactorily, and amid the pressures there will also be family occasions and energy to enjoy. April, July, September and the end of the year could be enthusiastic and rewarding times.

With his engaging manner, the Earth Pig enjoys company and his circle of friends and acquaintances is observed in growing this year. For those who are restricted and may have had recent personal problems, a person they meet or activity group they join can dramatically brighten their situation. March, July, August and October could see some clever social opportunities.

Despite the fact that aspects are generally encouraging this year, there are two areas that require especial care. In money matters, the Earth Pig should keep a vigilant watch on spending and check the terms when carrying out further agreement. He should attend to financial paperwork carefully as well as keep documents safe. Losses or lapses could be to his disadvantage. This is also no year for rush or risk, and if the Earth Pig is tempted by anything speculative, care is advised.

The other disturbing area could concern a rift with another person. Ideally, Earth Pig affected should talk the issue through and resolve it before it escalates. Here his personable nature and ability to work towards consensus can help, but he has to be alert to these potentially awkward aspects.
Work prospects are encouraging, though, and having to be in conformity with the constructive nature of the year abundant Earth Pigs will continue to make satisfying headway. With their expertise, they may not only be increasingly involved in certain projects and initiatives but also guide more junior colleagues.

The majority of Earth Pigs will remain with their present employer this year, but some will be tempted by a position elsewhere or be sharpened to make a change. For these Earth Pigs, as well as those seeking work, their efforts can bring about the opportunity they seek, but there may be a steep learning curve as well. However, as he has so often shown, when challenged, Earth Pig often produces his best. February, April, July and October could see key progresses.

The Earth Pig has a talent for making the most of his situation and the Rooster year will give him the chance to be doing. This is a time for carrying out plans and working towards aspirations. Personal interests can be pleasing, and new skills and knowledge of benefit. The Earth Pig will also appreciate how much can be communicated. Domestic projects and travel are favourably aspects, despite the fact that spending needs to be watched and an issue with another person could need resolving. However, in many respects, this Rooster year is an encouraging one and the Earth Pig’s abilities will help him improve himself, his position and his future.

Tip for the Year

Allow for personal progress and build on your strengths. You are in an enquiring mind and purposeful nature. Looked forward to learn and move forward.

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