Snake Chinese Horoscope 2017

Prospects for the Snake in 2017

The Monkey year (8 February 2016–27 January 2017) is a fast-moving one and the Snake, who wishes to act in a measured way, could feel ill-at-ease with some of its developments. In the closing months, the pace has no sign of abating.

At work, there will be additional pressures as new demands are placed on the Snake and challenging objectives set. Problems, too, could test his skills, but there will be an opportunity for him to prove himself in unaccustomed ways and progress is possible. September and October could be key months, with good opportunities for some Snakes.

Snake’s financial prospects could see some improvement toward the end of the year, and by planning carefully he can make some useful purchases for himself, his family and his home.

He will also find his social life becoming busier, though while he will enjoy many occasions, he could be worried about the attitude or situation of another person. Care and diplomacy will be a need and the Snake will be aware of the fact of an awkward undercurrent.

A dot is placed at happen in his home life, and many arrangements to fit in. It is very important to is excellent co-operation between family members. Some flexibility is kindly requested to, as there may be surprise invitations, sometimes involving travel, and unexpected events. December and early January will be particularly active times.

The Snake may not have welcomed the heady pace of the Monkey year, but it will have enabled him to add to his skills and profit from some interesting opportunities and he can take heart as the Rooster year approaches.

The Year of the Rooster begins on 28 January and will be an encouraging one for the Snake. Rather than feel buffeted by events, he will appreciate the structure and order that characterize Rooster years and will be better able to anticipate ahead. And with conditions more conducive to his temperament, he can be called upon to make satisfactory headway.

For Snakes who start the year dissatisfied with their situation, this is a time to focus on the present rather than what has gone before. With resolve, important corners can be turned, new starts made and prospects improved. Rooster years support the Snake and encourage the committee to ensure that more of his personal strengths.

This will be particularly the case in his work. With the skills, he has built up and the ways he has proved himself in recent times, he will often be excellently placed to now take on a greater role. In some instances, he will be given the opportunity to take on a position which he has been working towards for some time, and his development will be both deserved and appropriate. For Snakes working in large organizations, other openings could be tempting and some could transfer to a substantially different role and even relocate. Such is the aspects that any Snake who takes on a unique role in the early months of the year could find additional duties being offered later on. These can be significant times for the Snake, with the accent on career progression.

Snakes who are currently unfulfilled at work and would welcome a change should actively seek out another position. Once they start to make enquiries, advances can often move swiftly.

Of those currently seeking work. The Rooster year can also open up fascinating possibilities. By considering different ways of using their skills, many of these Snakes could secure a position which is distinct from what they have done before but offers potential for the future. Some openings could be discovered by chance or through a friend of alerting the Snake. February, May, September and November could see significant developments.

A particular strength of the Snake is because he likes to keep himself up-to-date with developments in his industry. To help, if training courses are available in his place of work, he should put himself forward or, if he feels another skill could be to his advantage, he should endeavour to gain it. Evening or online courses could help. With this being a year of growth, many Snakes can benefit from affirmative action.

This also extends to personal interests. Whether developing an existing interest or becoming absorbed in something unfamiliar, all Snakes should allow time for recreation this year. It is still essential for the Snake to unwind, gather his thoughts and spend time in ways he wants. Often respective interests can be a valuable outlet for unique talents. And for an enterprising few, they will offer prospects of monetary return.

Development at work, too, can bring a welcome increase in income. However, the Snake could carry out some expensive undertakings this year, and while money may flow into his account, it could quickly flow out as well. Throughout the year of the Snake does need to watch his spending and budget ahead.

Also, if able, he should provide for travel. A change of scene can do him good as well as offer the chance to attempt new activities.

Being a private person, the Snake attaches great importance to his immediate family circle and over the year there will be pleasing developments in his home life. April, July and December could see much domestic activity and some pleasing news, but at most times of the year there will be activities to take advantage of. The Rooster year is full of possibility. The one proviso is that at busy times, the Snake should prioritize rather than over commit himself. Rooster years favour good planning.

While the Snake tends to only let a select few into his confidence, during the year he could have good reason to be grateful to a close friend. When he is facing decisions in actual, someone he knows well could have the contact and experience to give rise to actual help. Although the Snake always wants to rely on his own efforts (and keep his own counsel), with the aspects being so encouraging he does need to open up and consult others more readily. Snakes, take note, for the input of others can make an important difference this year.

For the unattached, the year can also have superb romantic possibilities and a chance meeting may prove significant. However, true to form, rather than a rush, many a Snake will be content to let romance develop gradually. Over the year, various relationships will strengthen in meaningful ways. April and July to the end of September could be good months for meeting others.

Overall, the Year of the Rooster will be a tiring but favourable one for the Snake. At work there will be opportunities to pursue, and when inspired, the Snake is a formidable force. His interests, too, will often enthuse him and his fertile mind will explore various ideas. He will benefit from the support of those around him as well, despite the fact that he has to be open and prepared to consult others. In his home life, there will be a lot to be scared and enjoy. The Rooster year is often done when the Snake’s strengths come into their own, and his rewards can be substantial and well deserved.

The Metal Snake

Metal Snake has a determined nature and when he sets himself an object. He does his best to see through. In the Rooster year, his resolve will reward him well.

Metal Snake born in 2001, a lot is placed at happen. In his education, there could be a bewildering amount to learn in a diverse range of subjects. Often the pressures will be considerable, but by rising to the challenges and keeping in mind the benefits fair results can bring, many of these Metal Snakes will make exceptional progress and in some subjects surpass expectations.

Regardless of the fact that Metal Snake relies a lot on his own efforts, throughout the year he needs to be receptive to advice and, if struggling with a certain topic, seek guidance. He may be self-willed, but in this critical year he is obliged to draw on support when necessary.

As well as making progress on his schooling, he should also make good use of the recreational facilities available to him. Sometimes these cannot only help advance his interests but also lead to some fun times. By participating, the young Metal Snake can improve his confidence levels, and those who are retained to themselves (and some Metal Snakes are loners), the Rooster year will offer the chance to display some of their qualities.

In the Metal Snake’s home life as well, rather than remain for a long time in his room, he should be involved. This will not only be good for the rapport he shares with those around him, but if other family members are more aware of how he feels and what he has nothing to do, they will be better able to advise and support. In addition, many Metal Snakes can look forward to some pleasing family occasions, including visiting some lively attractions. The late summer could be especially lively.

Regardless of the fact that the young Metal Snake knows many people, he likes to keep his social circle relatively small. Over the year, he will again value the comradeship and support of his trusted silent friends. Some shared interests could develop in surprising ways and open up policy fresh possibilities.

Sometimes, however, the Metal Snake will have doubts over a specified situation or find himself in a delicate predicament. At such times, he should be friendly rather than keep his anxieties to himself. Often talking through problems or contacting a helpline can help resolve matters.

With his interests and the various purchases he will want to play, he will need to manage his resources well this year. Nonetheless, by waiting, saving and keeping alert, he could make some pleasing acquisitions, and often at competitive prices. Some Metal Snakes may also find ways to earn something extra. Financially, Metal Snake can fare well this year and do a surprising amount on an often inadequate budget.

For Metal Snakes who decide to seek work or take an apprenticeship rather than continue in education, this can be a period of expressive possibility. The positions they are offered may initially be routine, but once they have had the chance to learn about what is required, their commitment will be rewarded with more varied duties. With purpose and the desire to make sure that the most of his situation, Metal Snake can do well this year and show significant seeds later.

Metal Snakes born in 1941 will also be keen to move specified plans forward. With the input of loved ones or friends, backed by their own resolve, they can enjoy some pleasing accomplishments. Whether their ideas to concern their accommodation or other projects, by taking action they can achieve a lot. Interests which draw on the Metal Snake’s creativity will also delight him and a fundamental feature of this Rooster year is that once activities are started. They can become more extensive than originally envisaged.

Another pleasing feature of the year will be the creation of loving family members. Domestically, the summer could be a hectic time, with some agreeable news to enjoy.

Countless more senior Metal Snakes could also benefit from an additional payment this year. This could persuade them to go ahead with accurate plans. However, when involved in any considerable outlay, the Metal Snake needs to check the facts and only proceed when he is convinced that his requirements are being met.

For all Metal Snakes, whether born in 1941 or 2001, this is a constructive year and their efforts can be well rewarded. Timely opportunities and the support of others can also contribute. For Metal Snakes born in 2001, their commitment, both in their education and other activities, can help them do a lot out of the present as well as assist their future prospects. Determined, resourceful and keen, the Metal Snake can highlight his peculiar qualities and reap important benefits. A pleasing and practical year.

Tip for the Year

Remember there is no time like the present, and now is the time to ensure that the most of your situation. Also, draw on the support and expertise of those around you. With a helping hand, so much more can happen.

The Water Snake

For some while now the Water Snake may have been nurturing particular hopes and dreams. And the Rooster year will give him the chance to realise them. This can be an active and satisfying year for him.

As with all Snakes, the Water Snake likes to keep his thoughts close to his chest, but in order to profit from the advances of the year, he needs to be forthcoming. If he talks through his ideas with his family and those who have relevant experience, he can be greatly assisted. This auspicious year is not the time to move forward it alone. Independent Water Snakes, take note!

One particularly well affected area is atypical interests. Some Water Snakes may delight in creative projects, others in everyday activities, while others may like to travel or practise a fitness discipline. Whatever the Water Snake enjoys doing, this is a year to give time to it. For Water Snakes who have recently retired or who reduce their work commitments over the year, it is also time to consider assuming additional activities or improving existing skills. Numerous benefits can result, including reduced stress levels and additional exercise.

For Water Snakes in work, the year can also bring important advances. Staff may move and organizations change, and the Water Snake, with his experience, could find himself taking on a more extensive role, overseeing changes or smoothing out problem areas. The skills of various Water Snakes, sometimes including diplomatic ones, will be tested this year. Nevertheless, while there will be demanding times, the Water Snake will often are very proud of the way he can draw on his extensive experience. Some Water Snakes will take their career to new levels and enjoy the culmination of many years of loyal commitment. February, May, September and November could be momentous months.

There will also be some Water Snakes who decide to retire or cut down what they do. Again this may be something they have been thinking for some time and the Rooster year may encourage them to act in ways they think is right for them. The year offers choice and opportunity. In view of the implications involved, the Water Snake should seek the opinion of those he trusts. Talking through his situation can often help clarify his thoughts as well as reassure him he is making the correct decision.

Water Snake will also give ample consideration to his financial situation over the year. The aspects are favourable and he may receive a bonus or gift or benefit from a policy. This may encourage the committee to proceed with plans and purchases he has been contemplating. Whether adding comforts to his home, buying equipment for his interests or enjoying a holiday, his foresight and budgeting can reward him well. He does, however, has an obligation to attend to paperwork promptly and keep important documents safe. A delay or loss could inconvenience him and take some time to rectify. Water Snakes, take note.

Once again, Water Snake will greatly appreciate his home life this year. As he is a rather reserved person, his home is a welcome sanctuary for him and over the year he will like to improvements to it as well as following the activities of those who are special to him. As a consequence of some of his own decisions, and possibly those of his partner as well, there can be significant changes to customary this year and he will appreciate the benefits (and sometimes additional time) that follow on. April, July and December could be particularly pleasing months.

Water Snake may be selective in his socializing, but the Rooster year can offer a varied selection of things to be done and he would do well to keep informing of what is happening locally. Water Snakes who are feeling lonely, perhaps as a result of a recent change, joining a group or helping in their community could be effective ways to meet like-minded people. The Rooster year encourages participation. April and July to the end of September could see the most shared activity.

Regardless of the fact that the Rooster year is generally encouraging for the Water Snake, every year has its more challenging moments and this one will be no exception. Some weeks will be stressful, especially as changes occur and decisions are needed. Also, Water Snake cando not have the capacity to ignore unimportant matters. He may sometimes adopt the philosophy of ‘least said, soonest mended’, but if he is not concerned with niggling issues, they can gnaw away at him and start to overshadow an otherwise pleasant year. Whenever he has concerns, he needs to be communicative and look to resolve matters. Water Snakes, take note.

Water Snake relies a lot on instinct and this year he will feel the time is good for taking strategic decisions. And with the aspects favourable, he can look forward to receiving receiving accomplishing a great deal. In his personal interests (which are especially well expected) and his work, he can enjoy some very gratifying results. He will also serve as pleased with the way he can proceed with numerous plans and purchases. His home life will be hectic and meaningful and there will be plans and successes to share. Water Snake has waited a long time for such an encouraging year and he should use it well.
Tip for the Year

‘It is the hopes you nourish that so often flourish.’ Now is no time to nourish your hopes, take your plans further and explore possibilities. With willingness and your traditionally game nature, you can make this a personally expressive and rewarding year.

The Wood Snake

Rooster years to reward effective planning, and early on in the year Wood Snake would do well to consider his aims for the next 12 months. Having objectives in mind will not only help him channel his energies more effectively but also make him more aware of opportunities and additional factors that can help in his quest. Rooster years are supportive of Snakes and the purposeful Wood Snake can benefit from this one.

Though sometimes reticent, it is also important that the Wood Snake talks his ideas over with those who are on the brink of him. Many people are eager to support him, but for that to happen he does need to be open and receptive. In addition, some flexibility would not come amiss if he is to assure that the majority of the year. Once plans are started. Further possibilities can open up and these have to be taken into account.

Some of Wood Snake’s thinking will concern his work situation. Regardless of the fact that he may have a lot in recent years, he will often be hankering to realize fundamental ambitions. As a result, he may well look to further his position this year, either by putting in for a greater role where he is or looking elsewhere. This is no longer a time to stand still.

For Wood Snakes who feel their prospects could be improved by a move elsewhere, as well as those seeking work, the Rooster year can again have notable implications. By keeping alert for opportunities and talking to employment advisers, many of these Wood Snakes will see their initiative rewarded with a new position which has potential for the future. Purposeful Wood Snake can do well this year. February, May, September and November could see significant advances.

Wood Snake can also fare well in pecuniary matters. Not only will he often enjoys an increase in income but he could receive an additional payment or gift. Enterprising Wood Snakes may also find a way to supplement their earnings through putting an interest or skill to good use. However, to ensure that the most of any upturn, Wood Snake should save up for strategic plans and purchases. If he is talented, setting funds aside for the longer term would also be worth considering.

Despite the fact that Wood Snake will have numerous commitments, it is also important that he doesn’t neglect his personal interests. The Rooster year encourages the Wood Snake to make greater use of his talents and this can be a stimulating time.

In addition, for Wood Snakes who are sedentary for considerable parts of the day and may lack regular exercise, some attention to their lifestyle could be of benefit as well as sometimes to introduce them to different pursuits.

Wood Snake can also look forward to some excellent travel opportunities and if there is a destination or special event that appeals to him, he should make initial enquiries. It is by following up his ideas that he can take this happen.

His conjugal life is pleasingly aspects, and with joint effort, various plans can be realized. Whether carrying out practical projects (and the Rooster year could see countless) or considering major purchases, the Wood Snake will find that the more everyone is associated with the process. The more satisfying home life will be. In addition, definite changes could impact on marital routine and these need to be addressed jointly. April, July and December could be perceptive and active months domestically, but throughout the year there will be a good many pleasing family occasions.

With his numerous commitments, the Wood Snake tends to be selective in his socializing, but in the Rooster year a rare unique events will tempt him into going out. Some could be linked to his interests, but he could also receive invitations to parties and other occasions and welcome chances to meet his friends. April and July to the end of September could be lively months.

Unattached Wood Snakes and those who have had recent personal difficulties should also aim to go out when they can. Action on their part cannot only bring opportunities to meet others but also add additional interests to their lifestyle.

Overall, the Year of the Rooster can be a lucrative one for the Wood Snake. This is a year for setting goals and then working purposefully towards them. To fully benefit, some flexibility will be a need, but with work prospects encouraging, personal interests satisfying and enjoyable times to enjoy both domestically and socially, this is a year of possibility for the Wood Snake.
Tip for the Year

Seek out opportunities and make the best use of them. You can do a great deal this year and fortune will favour the bold and enterprising.

The Fire Snake

This year marks the beginning of a new decade in the Fire Snake’s life and he will have ambitions and plans in mind. With his talents, backed by the support of others and fortuitous circumstances, he will also have much in his favour.
For any Fire Snake who feels he has drifted in late or has not been making the best use of his potential, this is a year to concentrate on the present rather than what has gone before. With resolve, many of these Fire Snakes will see changes taking place which will have a decisive bearing on several aspects of their life.

At work, many Fire Snakes will feel they have reached an important juncture. Having proved themselves in their present capacity, quite a few will be eager to move forward in their career. In some cases, openings will arise in their present place of work, senior personnel will be eager to offer support and the Fire Snake’s reputation will stand him in excellent stead.

Fresh Fire Snakes will be eager to take their career in a different direction. These Fire Snakes, and those seeking work, should come in contact with employers and professional organizations as well as seek advice from experts and other contacts. With initiative, many will be offered a position with excellent scope for advance. February, May, September and November could see key advances.

Progress made at work will also help financially. Assorted Fire Snakes will enjoy a welcome rise in income and some will also benefit from the receipt of extra funds. Financially, this can be a much improved year, despite the fact that with his existing commitments and the plans he would want to carry out, the Fire Snake does need to watch him everyday spending and be wary of too many unplanned purchases. Without care, these can mount up. He should also be thoroughly with paperwork, including checking the terms of any new agreement and keeping policies and receipts safe. Lapses or mistakes could take some time to resolve. Fire Snakes, take note and remain vigilant.

With this being their fortieth year, many Fire Snakes will delight in travel, perhaps treating themselves to a holiday and to a destination they have long wished to visit. Here again, development planning will help. Fire Snakes who opt not to go away may find their birthday marked by surprises as loved ones arrange special occasions and give thoughtful gifts. The affection and generosity shown by the Fire Snake may touch him deeply.

In addition to his own birthday, there will be numerous reasons for celebration in his home life. Whether marking his individual career development or that of a close relative, academic success or personal news, the Fire Snake can enjoy several special occasions. He will be encouraged by the way many of his ideas now improve. However, while he will be desirous to get unambiguous plans underway, he should resist the temptation of committing himself to too much at once. April, July and December could be scarce months domestically.

Fire Snake will also be thankful for the support and input of his friends this year. When considering changes or needing advice, he could find the expertise and first-hand knowledge of another person particularly helpful. The Rooster year can give rise to quite a few social occasions, and the unattached Fire Snake, a fortuitous sequence of events could mark the beginning of a potentially meaningful romance. April and July to early October could see the most societal opportunities.

Regardless of the fact that Fire Snake will be juggling many commitments, he should also allow time for his personal interests, as he could be stimulated by new ideas and challenges. In addition, if a prevailing activity appeals to him, he should know more. Action taken this year can open up fascinating possibilities.

In general, the Fire Snake’s resolve and skills will reward him well this year. In his work, additional responsibilities can mark an important stage in his development. He will be encouraged by the support he receives and this too can aid his progress. He has a lot in his favour this year, but this is very much a time to take the initiative and seize opportunities. With determination, Fire Snake can make his fortieth year a suggestive one and it can bring him many extraordinary times to enjoy.
Tip for the Year

Rooster years favour planning and follow-through. By pursuing your goals, you can achieve a great deal now and build on your success in the future. Enjoy the year and your relations with those who are superior to you. This year has unlimited possibilities.

The Earth Snake

Earth Snake has a talent for reading situations well and timing his actions accordingly. When he has reservations or thinks an outcome uncertain, he will hold back, but when he feels conditions are decent, he will proceed with considerable fortitude. And in this Rooster year he will feel optimistic about a great deal and achieve some favourable results.

His personal life is especially well expected. Earth Snakes with a partner will enjoy setting about projects on their home, continuing to stamp their personalities on it and getting it as they want, as well as promoting shared interests. In several of his undertakings, including when purchasing appliances or new equipment, Earth Snake could be fortunate in securing his purchases on favourable terms or in being assisted in some way. Timing and luck can feature strongly this year. Earth Snakes who are eager to move may also be fortunate in finding somewhere suitable and will enjoy establishing themselves in a separate base. A fundamental feature of this Rooster year is that action can bring consequences.

Affairs of the heart are splendidly aspects and Earth Snakes currently enjoying romance could see their relationship continue to grow and improve in significance, while for the unattached, a chance encounter could be expected to result in meeting their future partner. This year numerous Earth Snakes will benefit from fortuitous developments which have far-reaching results.

Throughout the year the Earth Snake will also appreciate the support of his faithful friends. Not only will some have first-hand knowledge he can draw on when making decisions or carrying out plans, but sometimes they will be at an ideal position to assist. There will also be celebrations to share and a good mix of things to be done. These can be lively times and even Earth Snakes who are more introverted will find that participating in what is happening around them can add richness to their year. April and July to early October could see the most communal opportunities.

Earth Snake should also look to promote his personal interests. Some of his ideas could be particularly inspiring. Creative pursuits are favourably affected and if the Earth Snake is tempted by a novel activity, he should know more. Again, by following up his ideas, he can reap some rewards.

Travel, too, will be tantalizing and if possible the Earth Snake should aim to take a holiday, this year. Even if not travelling too far in distance, appropriate planning can lead to his visiting impressive attractions as well as enjoying new experiences. Supplementary travel opportunities could arise at short notice and the unexpectedness add to the fun.

Some consideration to his well-being would also be beneficial for the Earth Snake this year and if he feels some additional exercise, a keep-fit discipline or a change in diet could be to his benefit, he should seek advice on how to get done. It could get to make a noticeable difference to how he feels.

At work, this can be a momentous year. By nature, Earth Snake is thorough and his contemporary work will not only have won him many plaudits but also given him valuable experience. Having proved himself, he may well feel disposed to take his career to the next level. Here again, chance and timing can help, with an ideal promotion opportunity opening up in his place of work or a suitable position falling vacant elsewhere. Important headway can be done this year and many Earth Snakes will welcome the challenge they now take on.

On Earth Snakes who are not feeling fulfilled in their present line of work, as well as those seeking a position, again the Rooster year can have vital advances in store. By not being too restrictive in the type of positions they seek, many of these Earth Snakes could secure an opening that gives them the opportunity to enhance their skills in other ways. Regardless of the fact that this may initially be daunting, by putting in the effort, these Earth Snakes cannot only make an initial impression but also open up other possibilities. February, May, September and November could see potentially significant developments.

The Earth Snake’s progress at work will help financially and enable him to proceed with various plans and purchases. However, he needs to manage his outgoings well. This can be an expensive time and funds have to be apportioned accordingly. However, if the Earth Snake considers his more major transactions carefully, he may identify some favourable buying opportunities as well as make more appropriate choices. Again, timing and instinct can serve him well.

Overall, this is a favourable year for the Earth Snake, with often extraordinary times in his personal life. In his work and personal interests, he can take advantage of the opportunities that arise and the skills that he learns. The fundamental factor thinks this is a year for action and an Earth Snakes who let chances go by could undermine both their present and future prospects. It is now that counts, and the Earth Snake. It offers the opportunity to make more of his potential as well as enjoy numerous pleasing advances.
Tip for the Year

You know in yourself you are in a position to achieve great things. Believe … begin … become. Make the best use of the year and add to your skills. What you do here now can have far-reaching value.

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