Rabbit Chinese Horoscope 2017

Prospects for the Rabbit in 2017

The Year of the Monkey (8 February 2016–27 January 2017) will have become a mixed one for the Rabbit and although his efforts will have brought some rewards. He will have faced challenges. There could have been awkward situations to consider and the Rabbit or someone close to him may have had a health worry. Monkey years test the Rabbit, but as this one draws to a close he will have resolved many issues and can look forward to receiving receiving some interesting possibilities arising.

Rabbit’s home and social life will see an increased level of activity, with arrangements to make, friends and relations to meet and domestic projects to complete. Often these will involve purchases for the home, and by drawing on the advice of his loved ones, the Rabbit will be pleased with what is acquired. Late November and early December could see a flurry of practical activity.

With expenditure on home and other purchases too, this will be only an expensive time, however, and Rabbit would be preferable keep track of his spending. Monkey years require financial vigilance.

Work-wise, the Rabbit could face a heavier workload with some tight deadlines to meet and/or additional demands. It will be just an exacting time, but with focus and good use of his skills, he can achieve some impressive results which win him some plaudits. He should also actively pursue any career opportunities he sees, as potentially important developments can follow on.

The Monkey year will have asked a lot of the Rabbit, but despite its challenges he will have gained valuable skills and experience.
One of the Rabbit’s talents is his ability to view situations and work accordingly. When he feels confident and excited by, the possibilities, he is prepared to act swiftly and take chances, but when he has reservations, he tends to hold back. And for parts of the Rooster year, this is what he will choose to do. Rooster years bristle with activity and the Rabbit will not always be comfortable with the heady pace of this one. Rabbits like a certain freedom to ensure that a point, engage in creative thought or just get on with their activities unimpeded. Rooster years do not have a tendency to suit their temperament. However, if Rabbit exercises caution and responds well to the advances of this Rooster year, which start on 28 January, it can still have unexpected delights for him.

One area which is particularly well accepted is the Rabbit’s own personal development. With his enquiring mind, he is certainly inventive and enjoys using his skills in new ways, and during the year he should set time aside to develop areas of interest to him. Whether launching innovative projects, learning different techniques or upgrading equipment so that he can do more with it, by furthering his knowledge and skills, he can learn a great deal and enjoy himself in the process. Some Rabbits, including those who lead particularly busy lives, may choose to take up a new interest and will delight in learning new skills. Rooster years, despite their vexations, can be personally illuminating for the Rabbit.

If the Rabbit is sedentary for much of the day and/or keen to improve his fitness levels, he will also benefit from paying some attention to his well-being. By taking advice, and action, many could notice a real improvement as well as discover an exercise regime they especially enjoy.

At work, the aspects are more challenging. Some Rabbits may be worried about office politics and proposed reorganization, while others may feel hindered by bureaucracy or other problems and that their initiative is being stifled. Parts of the year will be difficult and the Rabbit may be decided to keep a low profile and just concentrate on the tasks at hand. This is a year for patience and knuckling down.

However, difficult though some months may be, Rooster years are not without opportunity, and Rabbits who are desirous to leave where they are will find that enquiries made now may lead to additional (and often bizarre) positions being found. Progress will not necessarily be easy this year, but what the Rabbit is in a position to achieve can be significant in the longer term, especially with the opportunities that await in the following Dog year.

For Rabbits seeking work, securing a position will require significant effort, but by believing in themselves. Many will prevail. Importantly, what is started now can be a platform to take advantage of in the future. Amid difficult, there is opportunity, and the opportunities that comes this year will often have long-term value. March, June, August and September could see significant advances, but opportunities need to be seized quickly throughout the year.

Another area which requires care is financed. Regardless of the fact that usually adept in money matters, the Rabbit is a need to verify the terms and implications of his transactions as well as keep his financial documents and guarantees safe. If lending to another person, care is needed, and should the Rabbit have concerns over a situation, including what he may say, he should check the actual position. Rabbits, take note. This is not in any year to be lax.

With his amiable nature, Rabbit enjoys company and his close social circle is critical to him. Over the year, he will particularly value the chance to talk to his friends and perhaps share his current vexations. In numerous instances, noble friends will provide a response in useful ways. In addition, the Rooster year can bring some worthwhile social opportunities, especially local events and special occasions. April, July, October and December could be particularly active months, and for unattached Rabbits and those who are feeling lonely, the Rooster year may bring the gift of an important new friend and, for some, partner. On a subjective level, the Rooster year can surprise and delight.

Rabbit’s home life will also be distinctive. At home, he can often escape the frustrations of work and other concerns, make use of the company of his loved ones and contented himself with satisfying pursuits. Sharing his thoughts will also help ease certain burdens and he will be regarded on the support of those around him. There will be family activities to take advantage of, often instigated by the Rabbit himself. His input and thoughtfulness can make an essential difference to his household this year. April, August and December could be enthusiastic and pleasurable months and bring travel possibilities.

Overall, the Rooster year will ask a lot of the Rabbit, but by proceeding carefully, he can steer his way rounds the more cumbersome aspects and gain new skills, friends and experience along the way. Progress will not be easy, but what is achieved now can be the Rabbit’s long-term benefit. More positively, he can take great pleasure in developing his interests, and his home and social life are favourably affected. This may not be the easiest of years, but the Rabbit has a talent for making the most of his situation and, with vigilance, can do so now.

The Metal Rabbit

Metal Rabbit is both efficient and thorough. Not only does he use his time well, but he is interested in numerous subjects. In the Rooster year, he will find himself with a lot of view and a few problems mixed in with the more pleasurable activities. Rooster years can have awkward aspects which may test the skills and patience of the Metal Rabbit.

One area which will require particular care is financed. When considering any large outlay, Metal Rabbit is necessary in order to verify that his requirements are being met and only proceed when he is fully satisfied. Important paperwork also requires concentrated attention and the Metal Rabbit should make sure policies (especially insurance ones) are kept up-to-date and are sufficient for his needs. This is a year for vigilance and scrutiny.

Despite the fact that many Metal Rabbits are retired, those in work could see the Rooster year testing their skills and fortitude. Whether dealing with innovative approaches or tricky problems, the Metal Rabbit will not always find his duties straightforward. However, while some weeks could be demanding, the Metal Rabbit’s years of experience will stand him in good stead and he can gain credit for his current efforts and, if he does now retire, be heartened by the esteem shown by colleagues and friends. March, June, August and September could be momentous months, including decision-making.

Metal Rabbit has wide interests and over the year these can broaden out even further. For those who are considering learning a new skill, enrolling on a course or taking up a new pursuit, this is a year to take steps. Inadequate facilities could prove informative and cultural pursuits are well accepted, so Metal Rabbit could particularly enjoy visits to museums, galleries and events held in his area.

He could also serve as inspired by projects he sets himself. Metal Rabbits who enjoy writing (and the Metal Rabbit is a gifted communicator) could take pleasure in what they produce, including sometimes their memoirs. Outdoor activities, too, can be nifty, including visiting open spaces, travelling and, for the sports enthusiast, following sporting events.

Throughout the year Metal Rabbit will also value his contact with his friends, including the chance to exchange news and test out ideas. At some time a warm friend could have a concern or cumbersome to address and where the Metal Rabbit’s consideration can be a lot appreciated. When troubled himself, he should be equally frank and let others assist. He does a great deal for others and support needs to be reciprocal.

Many of the activities the Metal Rabbit engages in over the year will have a good social element and Metal Rabbits who would welcome more company will find that if they partake in what is available, they will have the chance to meet like-minded people and make some good friends. April, July, October and December could see the most communal activity.

Domestically, this will be a full and interesting year. As always, Metal Rabbit will take a deep interest in the activities of family members and do a lot to support and advise. Younger relations could have some key decisions to be adopted, particularly concerning a possible vocation, and here the Metal Rabbit’s thoughts (and sometimes experience) can be a helpful guide. Metal Rabbit can also look forward to receiving some celebratory family occasions which, with his organizational skills, he will often help arrange.

There will be many opportunities to travel, and sights seen and experiences shared while away can be among the year’s highlights. April, August and December could be extraordinary months in various a Metal Rabbit household.

Metal Rabbit will be keen to start numerous domestic projects as well, including updating equipment and adding new comforts, but it is important that these are fully discussed and all viewpoints considered. While Metal Rabbit is usually accommodating, any single-mindedness could cause some awkward moments. Metal Rabbits, take note.

Metal Rabbit generally takes excellent care of himself and keeps active, but if he feels his level of exercise is deficient or diet lacking this year, he should seek advice on the best ways to increase. Similarly if he gets any health concerns, he should get this was looking at.

Despite the variable aspects, the Rooster year will certainly bring its rewarding times. There will be a lot to be allocated with others and the Metal Rabbit’s respective interests can also bring pleasure, particularly as unique ideas and possibilities arise. Domestic projects, too, can be satisfying. However, paperwork and money matters require careful attention. When faced with problems and concerns, Metal Rabbit should proceed cautiously and draw on the support of those around him. Some of the Rooster year will challenge him, but the Metal Rabbit is adept and aware and despite the year’s trickier elements, he will do a great deal and, true to form, make the best of many a situation.

Tip for the Year

Avoid risk or haste. When making decisions, be through and ask questions. Also, look forward to receiving receiving enhancing your personal interests. These can be used as a channel for your talents and improvement in satisfying ways.

The Water Rabbit

The past few years will have been eventful for the Water Rabbit. There will have been successes but also disappointments. He may feel frustrated and consider he could have made more of definite strengths. However, he can take heart. He will have gained new insights as well as learned a great deal about himself and his capabilities, and in the Rooster year this pattern will continue. While not always an easy year for the Water Rabbit, it can nevertheless be constructive and significant.

In his work on the Water Rabbit could confront uncomfortable moments. Rooster years bristle with activity and organizational changes may take place and demanding objectives be set. However, Water Rabbit has experience and, despite misgivings, if he is willing to adapt and make the best of situations, his commitment may lead to a greater role and/or promotion. Also, if he detects recent trends in his profession or industry, he should closely monitor them. They can be opened possibilities for the near future.

Assorted Water Rabbits will make significant headway in their present place of work this year, but for those who desire change or are seeking work, new doors can open. By keeping alert for opportunities and considering further ways of using their skills, many of these Water Rabbits could take on a different position with the potential for future development. What does something year will sometimes take the Water Rabbit out of his comfort zone but will also bring the incentive he needs. March, June, August to early October could see potentially significant advances.

Despite the fact that the Water Rabbit may enjoy a rise in income this year, vigilance is needed in fiscal matters. When coming into a separate agreement or thinking a substantial purchase, he should check the details and obligations and if in doubt seek additional advice. Bureaucratic matters as well could be problematic and need close attention. By nature the Water Rabbit is thorough, but extra care is advised this year. If he lends money or is tempted by a speculation, he should exercise caution and be mindful of the implications. Water Rabbits, take note.

Some of Water Rabbit’s expenditure this year will be just home. However, here again he should exercise care, as often alterations will become more extensive than envisaged. However, his eye for style and functionality will be on excellent form and some areas of his home will be considerably enhanced over the year. Project-wise, this can be a satisfying albeit expensive time.

Amid the functional activity, there will also be exceptional occasions to enjoy. Personal successes can be particularly meaningful and the Water Rabbit will follow the advance of younger family members with sharpened interest. He will also appreciate the way many

Undertakings are shared. Support and advice can become of real value to him this year, especially during more difficult times. Domestically, this will be a full and promising year.

Water Rabbit will also enjoy the social opportunities that arise over the year. There will be a nice mix of things to do and by going out the Water Rabbit can bring balance to his lifestyle as well as have the possibility to try out unusual pursuits. April, July, October and December could see the most societal activity and it would reward Water Rabbits who are alone and/or feeling dispirited to learn more about activities available in their area and participate in them. Pleasingly, new friendships and contacts can be made.

The encouraging aspects also extend to the Water Rabbit’s interests. A new idea or way, of upgrading an existing interest can prove particularly inspiring. The enquiring mind of many a Water Rabbit will be whetted by fresh pursuits this year. Contact with other enthusiasts may be of use.

Water Rabbit should also give some consideration to his usual level of exercise and diet this year, and if he has concerns, he should find out more. To keep on superb form he needs to turn to look after himself.

If possible, he should also aim to be taken a break this year and should follow up travel ideas and invitations.

By the end of the year of the Water Rabbit may be surprised by the amount he has managed to do. Admittedly, enormous effort will have been involved and there will have been problems to surmount. Rooster years not make things easy for the Rabbit, but the Water Rabbit is blessed with tenacity and many other fine qualities and these will have enabled him to triumph over countless of the year’s frustrations. Work-wise, the talents of numerous Water Rabbits will have led to progressing being made. Nevertheless, of strategic value this year will be the Water Rabbit’s personal life, and his family, close friends and interests can all bring him joy. Overall, a demanding year, but still one of the pleasant possibility.

Tip for the Year

Enjoy time with those who are special to you and pursue your interests. Activities which highlight your talents can add an essential ingredient to your year and are worth promoting.

The Wood Rabbit

The element of wood helps to reinforce a sign’s practical abilities and this is surely evident in the Wood Rabbit. He is likes to keep himself active and is desirous to be done the most of his situation, and his qualities will serve him well in this business year.

At work, many Wood Rabbits will have established themselves in a definite role and will have considerable experience behind them. Over the year, employers will often be keen to harness their skills by offering them greater duties or inviting them to apply for promotion. Wood Rabbit may not have anticipated what opens up for him, but will be encouraged to move his career forward. The new responsibilities he takes on will demand a lot of him and time will be needed to settle into any new role, but over the year he will have the chance to prove himself in new ways and, in the process, help his future prospects.

Most Wood Rabbits will remain with their present employer this year, but for those who feel their prospects could be enhanced by a move elsewhere or are seeking work. The Rooster year can have surprising developments in store. By chance, some of these Wood Rabbits may be alerted to a position which is quite different from what they have done before but offers an ideal challenge. Others may seek out positions with actual employers. By keeping alert and exploring possibilities, many Wood Rabbits will secure the chance they desire this year. March, June and mid-August to the end of September could see significant developments.

Progress made at work will lead to an increase in income for numerous Wood Rabbits, but financial matters require meticulous attention. When considering larger outlays, Wood Rabbit should ideally budget ahead. Throughout the year, he should be wary of risk and be particularly vigilant if tempted by anything speculative or lending to another person. In all instances, he is necessary in order to verify the facts, exercise caution and, if necessary, seek professional advice. It is better to be cautious than sorry.

However, while Wood Rabbit will be needed to keep watch on his spending, if possible he should be anticipated travel. With the pressures of the year, a break will do him a lot of good.

Also, while often busy, he should set aside time for his interests and recreational pursuits. These will not only help to ensure that his lifestyle in balance but may give him the benefit of supplementary exercise and be an outlet for certain talents. With his sober disposition, he could have definite ideas he is desirous to improve or become enthused by original equipment or pursuits. The Rooster year is a part of fascinating possibilities.

It is a matchless exceptional year for the Wood Rabbit to network and raise his profile. April, July, October and December could see pleasing social events and other occasions. Wood Rabbits who are alone will find that by being engrossed in activities in their area and perhaps joining community groups. Notable new friendships can be achieved.

However, while the aspects are encouraging, the Wood Rabbit could find himself assisting a friend or relative in a tough situation this year. As a Rabbit, he dislikes awkwardness and will have concerns, but the support he gives can result from genuine value. Surplus people regard him highly and their opinion will be justified this year.

Wood Rabbit always attaches great importance to his home life and in view of the pressures arising this year. This can be a safe refuge. At home, he will enjoy sharing activities with his loved ones and initiating projects, including some pleasing enhancements to his home and garden (if he has one). Once again his attentiveness and input can bring stimulating experiences to his household. April, August and December could be lively and gratifying months.

Generally, the Rooster year will be a hectic one for the Wood Rabbit. While it will bring its pressures, it will also contain admirable opportunities to develop particular strengths. At work, interesting (if unanticipated) opportunities can come the Wood Rabbit’s approach and the emphasis will be given to personal and professional development. Money matters require care and the Wood Rabbit should proceed cautiously if he finds himself in a tricky situation. Nonetheless, his personal interests and social and domestic life are all well expected. A demanding but constructive year.

Tip for the Year

Enjoy quality time with your loved ones and share plans and activities. These can get you to much pleasure. Career prospects can also boost encouragingly, but, as with so much this year, it will be a case of venturing forth and making the most of emerging opportunities.

The Fire Rabbit

This will be a momentous year for the Fire Rabbit. Not only does it mark the start of a new decade in his life but its advances will have long-term value. Its importance should not be underestimated.

Of especial value to the Fire Rabbit will be the love and support of those around him. Personally and domestically, there will be exciting events in store, which can include achieving a cherished aim. Throughout the year the Fire Rabbit will enjoy sharing activities with his loved ones and his almost infectious enthusiasm will help carry a lot forward.

In addition to the pleasure shared activities will bring, many Fire Rabbits will spend time on their home, adding features, improving d├ęcor and stamping their personality on where they live. Domestically, this can be a full and satisfying time.

With purchasing decisions to make and many thoughts to think, particularly if setting up his first home, the Fire Rabbit should draw on the assistance of family members and close friends. Some of these could help in critical ways and this is very much a year for pooling together. April, August and December could be momentous times and see plans significantly advanced. However, Fire Rabbit has to be realistic in what is doable at anyone time. To spread his energies too widely cannot only be exhausting but also undermine some of what he wants do. Ideally, he should prioritize and concentrate on one thing (or maybe a few) at a time.

Loved ones will be desirous to commemorate the Fire Rabbit’s thirtieth birthday and there may be some surprises and generous treats in store. Some of this Rooster year will be very superior to the Fire Rabbit.

His social life will also see considerable activity, and while he may just have to cut back on going out because of his commitments, he will still enjoy himself when he can. Personal interests and work changes can bring him into contact with unfamiliar people, and Fire Rabbits who are alone could meet someone who quickly becomes special. Rooster years can have their fortuitous developments. April, July, October and December are sentenced to see the most shared activity.
However, with a lot to do, share and Fire Rabbit’s spending will be high and he is also likely to undertake additional commitments. He does need to keep a careful watch on this and check the terms of any additional responsibilities. Also, if tempted by anything speculative or having misgivings over any transaction, he should be circumspect and seek advice. This is not any year to be slipshod or take risks. Fire Rabbits, take note.

Despite the fact that Fire Rabbit will be kept busy this year, he should also try to maintain time for his interests and recreational pursuits. These may not be out in a reliable channel for precise ideas and talents but skills gained now may open up possibilities for the near future. Some Fire Rabbits may also regard their thirtieth year as a new chapter in their life and is asked to try something different. Again, by following through his ideas, the Fire Rabbit can ultimately gain a great deal.

This is also applicable to his work situation. For many Fire Rabbits pursuing a particular career, there will be excellent opportunities to build on their experience and move to a new level. Sometimes what opens up may be different from what the Fire Rabbit expected but enable him to learn about other aspects of his industry. What occurs this year may be (initially) be daunting, but it will mark an important stage in his ongoing development.
There will, though, be some Fire Rabbits who are desirous to make a more major change and to enhance their skills in other ways. For these Fire Rabbits, as well as those seeking work, the Rooster year can be challenging but significant. Additional openings will be hard to come by, but by widening the scope of their search and remaining persistent. Sundry of these Fire Rabbits will obtain a position which may be distinct from what they have done before but offer good prospects. March, June, August and September could see encouraging advances.

Fire Rabbit can help his situation by working closely with his colleagues and being actively involved in his place of work. If applicable, joining a professional organization could be useful to him.

With expectations high and duties demanding, the Rooster year will ask a lot of the Fire Rabbit work-wise, but in return it can offer a platform on which he can build and make his thirties a fruitful decade.

Overall, Fire Rabbit can take a lot from this Rooster year. His personal and home life in particular can see achievements celebrated, plans fulfilled and occasions enjoyed. The Rooster year favours personal progress and the Fire Rabbit has much to gain by furthering his interests or starting something new. At work extra responsibilities and additional experience can provide him with the skills necessary for future progress. This will be a hectic year, with some months a whirl of activity (and excitement), but with good use of his time and the support of others, the Fire Rabbit can give this latest decade in his life a definite start.
Tip for the Year

Pursue your arms with determination. By concentrating your efforts, you can cause a great deal. Also, value your loved ones and enjoy the exceptional occasions this year will bring. Get a lot in your favour and can really make the most of your potential.

The Earth Rabbit

One of the fundamental features of the Rooster year is its long-term effects. Regardless of the fact that it has not always been an easy one for Rabbits, what many accomplish during it can be a vital prerequisite for future success. This will especially be the case with Earth Rabbits born in 1999.

In their education, there will be much happening and many decisions to be taken. Sundry of these Earth Rabbits will have important exams to be set up should work steadily, leaving ample time for revision and coursework. Taking into consideration the fact that certain consequences can make possible will help these Earth Rabbits remain focused. Their efforts now are dedicated to their future.

Many of them will think deeply about the direction of their education and a possible vocation. In this they should be open-minded and talk to their family and to experts, but also think carefully about what they want to play. This can be a meaningful time and help shape the next few years. A few Earth Rabbits may alter their creative intentions over the course of the Rooster year, due to advice received and how they fare in specified subjects. This is a year to initiate the door to the possibility.

In view of the pressures and decisions many young Earth Rabbits will face this year, it is also important they share their thoughts with family members. The more friendly they are, the more helpfully others can respond. A definite relation could bestow the Earth Rabbit some especially pertinent advice. He has a duty to listen well.

For Earth Rabbits who start university or move to a new educational establishment during the year, this can be just an exciting yet daunting time. There will be pristine environments and routines to adjust to, diverse people to meet and much to study. Earth Rabbit likes to feel settled and secure and will find some of the year demanding, but as he recognizes, upheaval is sometimes necessary in order to achieve progress. By joining in with abundant activities, he will soon settle down and become part of his original environment.

For Earth Rabbits who choose to seek work, again the year will bring vibrant progresses. These Earth Rabbits should actively pursue any openings that interest them, and even if what they obtain is different from what they originally intended, it will not only give them worthwhile experience but also be a platform on which to build. The key this year is to have a definite start and show others their potential.

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