Sagittarius Self Horoscope 2017

Your spiritual planet, Pluto, has been in your money house for many years, as we have mentioned. For you, spirituality – your transcendent understanding of how things work – is far from ‘pie in the sky’ abstraction. It has compelling financial consequences. You’re always intuitive finances, but now even more so. Yes, you put on an exterior of logic and finance-speak for the world, but in truth your intuition is the deciding factor.

We have written about this in previous years, but the trend (and process) is always in effect. You’re going deeper into the spiritual (not so much worldly) laws of wealth. This is a huge subject. We don’t learn it in a few years. It’s not like getting a business degree. There are countless personal experiments that need to be made. There is much delving into the subconscious blockages and human learning that need to be unpicked. We cando not have the heavenly supply with only intellectual knowledge. One must practise. One must contact the ‘spirit of affluence’ itself, allow it to come in and teach us how to be affluent. Affluence knows how. There is a requirement to set aside all mortal ‘ wisdom’ on the subject and allow the pure spirit to instruct us directly.

If you do hear this, and many of you are, you will see that the economic laws taught in school are not the way they are brought up. There is a ‘spiritual economics’ which supersedes all of that. You’re getting initiated into this ‘spiritual economics’ these days.

Spiritual economics be not concerned with any material condition. A person attuned to the Spiritual Affluence could be a desert island and he or she would be more supplied with everything required in that environment. Spiritual Affluence is never about how much we have, but about how much we can receive. In many cases (this is not the case for you. But in many others) the wealth concepts – the mental containers – are not big enough to hold the spiritual supply. If one goes to the ocean with only a cup, one will only take away a cupful – though there are huge amounts of water to be performed had. If one comes with a barrel, one will take away a barrel – but that is not all there is expected to be had. The ocean doesn’t care how much you take. The thing is perhaps one must know that there IS an ocean there.

Your spiritual lessons will intensify after October 11 as Jupiter enters your 12th house. This will not only assist in finances, but in your personal growth and in your ability to handle the family.

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