Sagittarius Home Horoscope 2017

This has become a troubling area these past few years and has required much of your attention and focus. This trend is continued in the year ahead, but becomes less severe than in the past two years. By the end of the year, things at home get much happier.

A parent or parent figure in your life seems very stressed out. You and this person are having financial disagreements. Family obligations seem to be stress you financially.

Family members are much more sensitive than usual and are easily hurt. You are inherently an ‘up front’ kind of person. You know what you want to say forthrightly. You are usually bluntly honest. Nevertheless, this doesn’t sit well with family members. They can believe that this is ‘cruelty’ or gross insensitivity. From your point of view, you don’t see it this way. You’re just being forthright. However, they would watch it this way. So, start a novel of an effort to be more diplomatic in your speech and opinions.

Family’s sensitivities go deeper than just speech. They tend to react to voice tone and body language too. If, for example, you were annoyed by something that took place at work, and you came home and had a conversation, your tone of irritation would have an impact on them. (They could feel it was directed at them.) A little more care in these matters will save much heartache down the road.

Finance, as we mentioned, is one of the keys area this year. Family could feel that you care more about your business affairs than you do for them. From their perspective, you’re putting business first.

There is a Solar Eclipse on February 26 that not only occurs in your 4th house but also impacts on Neptune, the ruler of that house. Family and family relationships seem very stressed by this. There could be cheeky, life-changing dramas in their lives. Passions run high. Sometimes repairs are needed in the home. Be more patient with the family at this time.

On October 11, as Jupiter is brought to Scorpio, moves could happen. You will be there better with the family and especially with a parent or parent figure. Nevertheless, financial disagreements are not fully resolved until the end of the year.

When Jupiter moves into Scorpio the family circle will expand – usually through birth or marriage. Sometimes the circle expands through meeting people who ‘play the role’ of the family in your life.

Children and children figures in your life have been difficult to handle for many years now. They don’t respond well to the ‘authoritarian’ approach. They are more rebellious than usual. However, if they need to be done to understand the ‘why’ of your requests, things should go much better. Many children these days are addicted to the internet and high-tech gadgetry, but yours more so than others.

You are still like large, spacious homes Sagittarius, but these days (especially since 2012) waterfront homes are most attractive. If you’re planning major repairs or renovations, January 1–28, June 4 to July 20, and December 9–31 are good times. If you’re redecorating or otherwise beautifying the home, January 3 to February 3 and February 18 to March 20 seems appropriate for this.

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